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Morning Walk in King Cobra Dynasty

Agumbe, when you hear name, two things will pass in our mind. One is heavy rain and second one is King Cobra. Indeed, Agumbe is the second highest rain falling place in our country, hence it called as South Chirapunji. Its also popular by our Kannada great director Shankarnag "Malgudi Days" teleserial.

This place was very rare before 2016 and I use to come yearly once to enjoy the nature. After relocating to Udupi district, its my routine place, just 20 kms away from my home.

Last year, Muniyalu friends had morning walk from Someshwara to Agumbe view point. This time, we decided to ascend and descend by walk on 12th March 2023.

Started 04 friends early morning at 5.45 am on bikes, reached the base point Someshwara at 6.15 am.

It was dark, to avoid the traffic and sun stroke, started early. The Ghat is having total 14 hairpin bend curves with 8 kms.

Journey went well and enjoyed through out our walk. You can find more thrilling moments in the below YouTube video.

Morning Walk in King Cobra Dynasty Morning Walk in King Cobra Dynasty Reviewed by on March 12, 2023 Rating: 5

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