Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Solo Bike Ride to Mullayyanagiri

After Corona bad effect to entire globe, I am personally missing lot of adventurous activities. I had a practice to do on and average 2 events every month either Trekking, Cycling, Long Ride and Travel. This virus made me lot of frustration.

However, as and when I get the opportunity, tried to utilize maximum. This time while going home MUNIYALU, decided on Bike and visit Mullayyanagiri.

Mullayyanagiri is one of my favorite visiting place. I had been this place many times with different group and friends. The most memorable "Mullayyanagiri Trek" where we lost the path and by great difficulty reached civilization. We all lost a hope for a while. 

Second most memorable and dangerous is "Bike Trip" with friends. We had lot of fear journey to climb the Mullayyanagiri Ghat. The most and most dangerous thing is, it was about to dark, and heavy rain plus fog. We took almost 1.5 hours to reach the main road with help of local people.

So, I love Mullayanagiri always. This time decided to go solo bike ride on Republic Day. It was already fixed two days back and even informed the family about my arrival on bike. They also got frustrated to advice me..hahahaha

Route Chosen:

Bengaluru - Magadi - Kunigal - Hasana - Beluru - Chikkamagaluru - Mullayyanagiri - Baalehonnuru - Jayapuru - Hariharapura - Agumbe - Someshwara - Mudradi - Muniyalu

Now a days Bengaluru is very chilled and sun take leisure time to show face at 10 am in our part. So, I decided to leave home little late, accordingly left at 6.45 am.

Always my decision make me trouble. Instead of Nelamangala highway, decided to explore from Magadi to Kunigal. The road is worst, due to major civil work all the way. I could not able to drive beyond 30 kms/ph. After crossing Magadi, the road is somewhat OK till Kunigal highway.

I hit the Kunigal highway around 8 am, and decided to give a first break at Yadiyuru. Always take break near Yadiyuru which is descent 90 kms ride from home.

The journey is continued towards Hasana. Highway is little busy, however, I could manage on and average 50 KMs, reached Hasana at 10.15 am.

My initial plan was to take breakfast at Chikkamagaluru popular Town Canteen. But my stomach was very hungry, decided to take a break for breakfast at Hasana. 

The Hotel was looking descent, but I realized when started getting vomit sensation after few kilometers. I made wrong decision to have Masala Dosa. May some oil content was bad, health was upset and severe headache, took one National Table Dolo 650.

Very soon crossed, Belur and reached Chickmagaluru. I am little familiar with town, without taking anyone help, continued journey towards Mullayanagiri.

I was little worried about Covid restrictions, but luckily nothing was as such. Paid Rs.10 two wheeler as vehicle entry fees and continued journey towards peak. 

Noticed many places the traffic police catching the vehicles, fortunately no one is stopped me.

There was drastically change in Ghat. May be, some three years back was my last visit in Car with friends. The road condition was 50-50, but now complete 100% pakka. All the way tar and Cement Road with barricade and sign boards.

Vehicle moment was more due to Republic Day holiday. Taking a break for photography, reached Sitalayyanagiri temple.

Spent some good time in photography and continued journey. The road beauty was breaking me again and again, took many stops and reached the parking lot of Mullayyanagiri at 12.30 Noon.

Parking lot was packed with tourist vehicles. The entrance part, you will get many shops with snacks and cool drinks.

Relaxed my bike in the parking lot, taking risk to keep luggage on the bike. Just started ascending the peak.

Here also I noticed lot of changes. Now the steps are well built, but in my last visit it was just raw. Enjoying the valley and taking multiple breaks for photo, reached the peak.

Peak entrance was very crowded with young generation. Making path, entered the temple premises. 

Inside the crowd was less, just had one complete round took the blessings of Mullayya.

Considering my continue journey towards Muniyalu home, decided to take abide to peak. My journey remaining was almost 180 kms and which is completely in curve ghat road.

Descending was much easy, very soon enjoying valley, reached to bike. Dolo 650 was worked well, and my health in normal mode, enjoyed the Ice Cream.

The time is almost 2.30 pm and lunch time. Decided to finish the lunch at Town Canteen and continue journey. Luckily I got Anna - Sambar and filled the hungry stomach.

Now my target is to reach home before dark with minimum breaks. The time was almost 3.15 pm, just continued my journey towards Baalehonnuru.

As I committed myself, journey is continued till Jayapuru and took a small break. My pace was good and maintaining the timing. My journey was continued and soon reached Agumbe Ghat.

The Ghat was filled with tourist and continued journey towards Muniyalu. This time I did not get a single call from home, as I was on time as committed to them. Reached home safely at 6.20 pm.

Overall journey was around 418 Kms with 11 hours ride. This will be just normal since I did not come across any hurdles.