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Chibbalagudde - Tunga River


Chibbala Gudde is holy place near Thirthalli. This is very known popular for many things. Firstly, this is declared as Matsya Dhaama [Fish Sanctuary] by Karnataka Government. Secondly, Siddhi Vinayaka temple which known saint tapasya land. Thirdly, inspiration to our Rashtrakavi Kuvempu.

This is one of visit list around Thirthalli, finally we decided to visit on 26th December 2021 Sunday. The place is around 70 kms away from home Muniyalu. Myself and betterhalf wanted to go in Nexon, however, son Sumkh wanted by Scooty. At last we agreed his choice and left the home at 11.30 am.

Indeed it was bit late, however planned to comeback home after dark. We chosen the route as below:

Muniyalu - Agumbe - Thirthalli - Chibbalagudde - Kuppalli - Koppa - Hariharapura - Agumbe - Muniyalu

It is a circle trip to Agumbe and journey is begun. Passing through Someshwara, entered Agumbe Ghat. The Ghat was not much traffic, enjoying the ride reached the view point.

The crowd was little more due to long weekend. Spent some few minutes and continued our journey towards Thirthalli.

After crossing the Thirthalli, taken route of Koppa. Few kilometers journey, required to take a left deviation which leads towards Chibbalagudde.

You can find the board all the way, and reached the destination of Chibblagudde. The temple board welcomed us. There is a small parking lot with one small shop where you get all types of snacks and cool drinks.

We came to know that, this Siddivinayaka temple is under Government of Karnataka Mujarayee department.

Left our slippers near gate, entered Vinayaka temple. This is a small temple but maintained very neatly. Took the Vinayaka darshana and prayed for good health.

Behind the temple Garbhagudi, you can find steps which leads down towards Tunga river.

Crowd was very less, we got down to river bank. Still here and there people thrown plastic bottles and chips packets, overall the cleans is 50-50.

The Tunga river is flowing so calmly and big big fishes are enjoying in the water. Traveler feeding the Mandakki to fishes.

Spent some good time and enjoyed the nature. Indeed it is a very holy and amazing place if you around Thirthalli trip.

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