Saturday, January 11, 2020

MG Trek around Western Ghat

MG Peak
Half murder is more dangerous, similarly the incomplete / shortlisted trek also itch you to attempt it soon. 

Distance was not much, shade walk was very less, open to sky in grassland is 90% trail, no flat surface since beginning, no water source on entire trail, consumed water like a medicine, lips were dry, packed lunch brought back to base camp due to non-availability of water, a lesson to carry enough water / fruits, motivate to conquer one more time.

Beautiful Valley
This is life time experience during MG Western Ghat trek on 11th January 2020. We wanted to hike this peak last year during our VG trek, but due to guide issue it got cancelled. 

Grand opening of 2020 trek is one of the toughest trail me as on today. In my view, description of the toughness is, not the trail difficulty, it is about overconfidence of preparation/precaution. It taught a good lesson and realized the water essential during trek.

Once again thankful to Lokesh who organized and executed so well this trek. He taken care entire responsibilities and experienced us wonderful trek.

Beautiful View
This time again, decided to keep team size by max 5, travel by public transport. Lokesh and Chandru confirmed to join at base camp, myself, Sudhakar and Nagesh left from Bengaluru.

Journey begin

Early morning around 4.30 am reached the base camp forest guest house. Chandru & Loki were ahead of us, taking rest. We too joined them and had short nap.

Our Camping Palace
Guide, the young and energetic the same Tatha ready at 7.30 am who took us last year VG trek. 

Young & Energetic Guide
We all finished the breakfast nearby hotel and carried packed lunch. Breakfast is yummy.

Breakfast filling Station
Guide warned us to carry enough water since there is no water source. Moreover it is January month. After selfy of the group begin our journey

Team is ready
To begin the trek, we have to walk on highway tar road about 500 meters. It is always irritation to any nature lover, but there is no option. 

Initial trail on tar road
Took deviation from highway, entered in to real adventure path. Cool to our eyes and body.

Entered into Forest
After couple of yard, forest dense become thick. absolutely there is no path, just we have to follow guide. Making path our journey continued.

Thick Vegetation
Only initial trail around 2 KMs will provide you shade, rest is grassland with open sky. Making way in forest reached a small rock.

Break time
We decided to take a small break for snacks. Friends were brought cucumber, carrot and other eatable things. Shared the snacks each other, continued our journey.

Journey continued
The gradual ascend took us to open area of grassland. This was the last place of shade. Almost all western ghat trails are similar.  

Monkey Man - snatching Amla
On the way, we found plenty of Amla trees. Our rambo boy Sudhakar snatched enough of Amla and also filled our bags.

Destination far away
Now the peak is just in front of us, however it will test our stamina a lot. We all felt it is so easy to reach that place, but the reality was totally different.

Tough trail
When we reached the open area, cool breeze made us relax. It tempted us to take more and more photographs. We can see many more popular peaks of Western Ghat.

Pic Time
After spending some good time, continued towards the peak. Each step become very heavy to us. Sun was harsh on us merciless, water bottles getting empty, the trail and peak much ahead.

Many more popular peaks
Since the guide tatha is old, we asked him to take rest in mid of trail. He warned us not to take any deviation which may lead to adverse trek. Shared couple previous experience where trekkers wanted adventure exploration and ended in mystery treks.

Tough trail
The forest is habitats for many wild animals. We have noticed the Elephant dung and Tiger / Leopard shit on the way.

Elephant Dung
We assured him and continued our journey towards peak. The misery of this trail is, peak looks in-front of you, but it take more and more time reach to hug it.

Far Away
Water completely getting empty, we had no enough water to have food. I had never experienced and realized, a drop of water how so important to human life. To beat the thirsty consumed all Fruits and cucumber. Kept quarter bottle water for extreme emergency.

Journey continued
Now we are just 500 meters away from the final hike. But it was almost 70 degree altitude. I have lost the battle, mind and body was not ready to move ahead a single step. This is my first trek where I completely exhausted. The reason is not because of trail, it is non-availability of water.

Final stretch
Myself decided to stay back and not to take risk, along with me Nagesh and Chandru too expressed the same. Appreciate Sudhakar & Lokesh taking challenge with half bottle water to finish the final stretch.

Relax on peak
We found a rock with little shadow to relax our tiered body till both of come back. Food was waiting for us, but no water. Considering scarcity of water, decided to take it back.

After half an hour they both returned with load of golden memories. They briefed about adventurous trail. "The visible one is not the final peak, there are two more which need to cross to reach the final one".

Countless peaks
First time in life wanted to descend fast and drink enough of water. Obviously our steps become fast, taking small breaks reached the base point.

Had multiple tender coconut to beat our thirst, after sometime we become normal. Reached guest house and refreshed our body.

Victory Joy
This trek is unique in many aspects for me. I decided to take one more challenge in October 2020 to hike with well preparation.

Tiered soul