Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Half a Day Trek to Savanadurga

On the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi, 2nd October, decided to hike around Bengaluru. Finally, shortlisted the Savanadurga. I had been here couple of times, however, it is ideal place to hike half a day trek close to namma Bengaluru.

We did not keep limit of team size, count ended by 15 members.  Car pooling is the best option. Considering the team size, lined up 3 cars.

Weather threaten in the early morning. Post monsoon also pouring heavily in Bengaluru. In the previous night too had good amount of rain. It disappointed early morning drizzle to our plan.

Our initial plan was to witness the sunrise on Savandurga hill. Due to weather condition, postponed two hours. Morning at 4 am, drizzling continued. We were little more upset, however decided to assemble common point at RR Nagar by 5 am.

All 3 vehicle friends gathered at the common point, and continued our journey towards Magadi. As the journey continued, sky is little bright and drizzling gradually stopped. Not taking much time, reached the Magadi. Surprise thing, there was no rain at all.

We have dual opinion about breakfast point, few are said to at Magadi and other at Savanadurga. Decided to have breakfast at second option.

When we reached the Savanadurga, already parking lot getting filled. The climate was perfect to begin the trek at the earliest.

Found a very good hotel near temple. Filled our stomach with yummy variety breakfast viz., Idli, Vade, Chitranna & Poori.

After, heavy breakfast, our trek begin. The entire trail looking like marathon. People were more, climate was cool.

There were many pit stop for photography. Pictures will talk more about our trail.

Very soon reached the peak. We took group photography. Spent some good time on the top.

It is very easy hike for all of us. Now the time to descend towards Bengaluru. Taking multiple break reached the base point.

We had prasad at Veerabhadreshwara Temple, at Savanadurga. While coming back, taken the other route of Doddaladamara.

This one day trek is most economy, just Rs.181/- each including the transportation.