Thursday, November 1, 2018

Rajyotsava Solo Bike Ride to Muniyal [Through Bhadra Forest]

After upgrade bike from Hero Honda Splendor to Honda Hornet itching me to do maiden solo journey. Decided to take a ride to home Muniyalu and give a surprise to family.

Taking long weekend benefit, planned to leave on 1st November 2018. I did not discuss my ride to anyone to avoid the negative feedback.

Route Taken

Bengaluru - Tumakur - Tarikere - Bhadra Wildlife - Umblebylu - Thirthalli - Agumbe - Mudradi - Muniyalu

Thrilling journey begin early morning around 4.30 am. Cool weather, empty roads, very soon exited from Bengaluru city.

I am not a good rider in dark, the pace was normal. It is quite difficult me to ride on NH 4 till take a deviation at Tumkur.

Soon passed the Tumkur city, sun was about to shine the sky. When the sun raised crossed the Gubbi town.

After a small break, journey is continued towards Tarikere. Stomach was hungry, badly needed the breakfast.

Decided to have a breakfast at Kaudur. I had visited couple of times to this popular hotel. Yummy breakfast made me more cheerful to continue the journey.

Very soon landscape getting change, hit the inner road towards Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. At far, we can see the Bhadra Dam. The stretch is so beautiful with paddy field.

After Bhadra Dam towards Mandagadde trail is so beautiful. This is Bhadra Tiger Reserve forest which take you curving trail with dense forest. Movement of vehicle in this range little less.

Very soon reached the Mandagadde. Tunga After a small break continued towards Agumbe passing through Thirthalli.

Sun rays getting sharp, bike seat getting more hot. Decided not to take more breaks, continued towards Agumbe Sunset point.

Took a small break for photography, journey is continued towards Muniyalu. Reached home by 2.30 noon, family is surprised about my bike visit.

One more solo bike ride ended with beautiful glimpse and unforgettable memories.