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VG Trek around Western Ghat & Visit to Jamalabad Fort

There was long gap of trek. After Kyatanamakki, did not venture any place. Wanted to do some hardcore trek, but the place is an issue.

Now, most of the core trekking places are banned for one or other reason. No camping allowed on any of the peak. The beauty of the treks loosing slowly.

In search of new place, friend, Lokesh [Mysuru] come-up with new place around Western Ghat. Due to permission and other issues, insisted to keep the team size maximum 4 members.

Myself, Sudhakar, Punit and Lokesh were the final participants. We decided to travel in unreserved normal bus. Lokesh is assured to join us at base camp.

We met at Majestic bus stop around 10.30 pm. Boarded the bus and journey is begin towards beautiful Western Ghat.


We reached the trek point in the early morning around 4 am. Lokesh already arranged stay. In the pitch dark finally found the forest guest house and relaxed for sometime. Later Lokesh joined us.

The camping place is really awesome. It is Forest department guest house. Since there is no proper maintenance it looking ruined. The atmosphere is unbelievable. 

An old young man arrived at 8 am. without slipper, Lokesh introduced him as a guide for us. We all a bit in doubt, how can this old man can lead us to a difficult peak. But always perception won't be true. Decided to finish the lunch and take the parcel lunch.

Quickly finished our breakfast nearby hotel and taken parcel lunch. Post monsoon, weather is cool and greenery around the valley. Begin our trek towards VG peak.

After a KMs initial path on the jeep track, entered into deep forest. It was not a regular trek path, difficult to find out the trail towards peak.

Making the way, continued our journey in the forest. Post monsoon guest, lovely leeches were ready welcome us with sucking blood. Very surprise to see, the young guide without slipper leading us great.

Thick forest walk is very cool, continued our journey. Shola forest treks are always surprise for trekkers. It gives surprise once we reach the open grassland.

Hike was not so easy, gradual ascend made us little tiered. Inside thick forest humidity was more and making us thirsty. Reaching grassland cool breeze welcomed us.  

The real trek started from this point. We never thought, grassland will have such a challenging trail. The grass was very height, it itching a lot. Unfortunately most of us wearing short and half shirts.

Open grassland valley view is awesome, we can see 360 degree view. There are many popular peaks visible i.e., Kumara Parvatha, Aramane Gudda, Ettinabhuja, Ombattu Gudda.

Elephant grass completely damaged our body. Badly bleeding our legs, burning sensation on entire damaged part. Finally reached on the peak.

Relaxed on the peak, now its time to fill our hungry stomach. Parcel lunch is very tasty, finished lunch and taken a long relax on the peak.

Now it is time to turn back. Filled the mother nature in our mind and camera, started descending to the base point.

Very soon reached to forest guest house. We had enough time rest for the day. Decided to visit Kukke Subramanya. Quickly got refreshed and caught public bus to Kukke.

After darshana and prasad headed back to our base camp. Reached the guest house around 9 pm, day went well.


Today's plan to hike one more adjacent peak MG. It was looking more tougher than yesterday. Unfortunately, Guide was engaged with family commitment and unable to guide us.

Appreciate Lokesh effort to find out one more guide. Time was not with us, it was almost 11 am, but we failed to arrange the guide.

With heavy heart dropped the hike and decided to go Jamalabad Fort. All are agree and boarded bus to Dharmasthala in Rajahamsa.

We caught a local bus to Ujire, Jamalabad Fort is near Ujire. Purchased the snacks and watermelon. Sun was itching more, boarded one more bus to Gadaikallu.

This fort is also called Gadaikallu & Narsimha Ghad. Lokesh had been this place last year. He was well aware about travel.

After long walk on the tar road, reached the base point of fort. We paid the entrance fees, stored fruit and water, continued our journey.

I was very disappoint delayed visiting this beautiful peak. Humidity was more, body sweating badly, continued our journey. 

After initial open area, reached the shadow place. We had enough of time, decided to relax sometime on the way.

Taking multiple breaks and photography reached peak. It is amazing place to spend some good time in cool breeze. 

You can see 360 degree view. Many more popular peaks and valley can view from the top.

Watermelon was waiting for us. Crowd was not much, found some good place to fill our stomach. 

After long break on top, decided to descend and head towards Dharmasthala. It was easy descend to the base point, on the way took small breaks.

Leisure walk towards the bus stand was fun-filled. We got a auto drop us to main road of Dharmasthala - Ujire.

Soon reached the Dharmsthala. Spent sometime around temple and had the prasada in temple.

Two days unplanned hike/travel gave lot of joy and motivated us to do treks in public transport. This trek was unique in many aspects. We covered two peaks i.e., VG & Jamalabad Fort and two popular holy place i.e., Kukke Subramanya and Dharmasthala.

VG Trek around Western Ghat & Visit to Jamalabad Fort VG Trek around Western Ghat & Visit to Jamalabad Fort Reviewed by on October 06, 2018 Rating: 5


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