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Trek Around Horanadu and Sringeri - Western Ghat

We are in search of a new trekking place around Western Ghat. My friend, Suresh suggested to explore around Sringeri and Horanadu. They had been to this place couple of week back. Monsoon was just took a break, decided to go on trek.

Initially the participant list went long, but final count turned up only seven friends. First time, we booked the Tata Sumo considering the team size.

Kyatanamakki - Valley
Left Bengaluru on 7th September 2018 around 10 pm. Very soon passed the city, journey is continued towards Sringeri. It was quite uneasy to long drive in Sumo, but like minded company will always thrill us.

On the way - Break
Route Chosen

Bengaluru - Hasana - Chikkamagaluru - Huligaradi Road - Arehalla


Mr. Vasanth, care taker of the trek already waiting us at Huligaradi road. Further we followed him around 8 - 10 kms to reach his house.

Beautiful Village Trail
Soon the landscape and atmosphere got change. Everywhere post monsoon beautiful landscape decorated with green carpet. We all felt happy to visit this place on right time.

Palace - Our Camping
Vasanth home is located in a remote hamlet called Arehalla. Love at first sight about this beautiful village. We unloaded our luggage and settle on 1st Floor [Atta]. This is typical Malenadu Atta, very attractive.

Palace - Arehalla
Discussed in detail itinerary for the day with Vasanth. He advised us to go Kyatanamakki, which is very close to Horanadu. 

Guide was dropped out on last minute due to some emergency work. However, Vasanth briefed about the trail.

Kyatanamakki Peak Other side
Informed the friends to get ready at the earliest so that we can explore more. Very soon finished the morning core job and ready for breakfast.

Yummy delicious breakfast filled our stomach, packed Chitranna for lunch. Took a group photograph in the compound. 

Kyatanamakki Gang
We all more excited to explore the surrounding area. Asked the driver to bring vehicle to nearest village of junction.

Nature Walk
It is more thrill to walk in the nature. Took many more photographs with many more stunts. 

Fun - Masthi
By the time vehicle reached our place, all boarded and continued our journey towards Kyatanamakki.

In between, we got little confuse about the trail and base point of trek. Taking the local villager help, reached Kyatanamakki.

We are very surprise to see the route which more scenic. Recently, we did bicycle touring "Horanadu to Malpe" on this trail just last month. Unfortunately, I could not able to identify this peak. I never get bore to visit same place again and again.

Initial Trail
Vehicle dropped us near the stream. We asked driver to relax till we come back, may be around 4 - 5 hours.

There are many more people around the valley. Understood from the crowd, surrounding home stay arrange visit to all tourist to this peak.

Kyatanamakki Ascend
It is very easy trail to reach the peak. Entire range is completely greenish and weather was awesome. Cool breeze, beautiful valley, fun-filled team, added more joy on our face.

Explored around the valley, there was no count for photographs, it went on till tiered us. 

Now the time to fill our stomach, decided to have lunch.  Finished the parcel Chitranna, indeed it was very tasty.

Lunch Time
We are not satisfied with this small hike. Saw a beautiful stream far away from the peak in valley. However, it was little tough to come back since it almost 60 degree latitude. Anyway, team decided to explore this valley.

Kyatanamakki Other Side Tough Descend
Steep descend valley is not so easy since there are many boulders hidden in the grass. But, the most adventure friend Sudhakar shown thrilling stunt about descending on fast pace (Please watch video).

It was almost 60 degree angle, enjoyed the trail. There is a beautiful stream flowing across valley. From long distance, stream looks small, but it is good enough to enjoy.

Could you point out Trekkers
Stream was looking small from far, but it was more enough to have more enjoyment. 

Majestic Falls
We all one by one jumped into water. Had lot of fun and photography and spent good time around. Now its time to head back. The clouds were forming to pour heavily.

Water Masthi
Back journey was not so easy, need to hike the entire stretch. It is steep ascend almost a KM. Taking multiple break reached Kyatanamakki peak. 

Could you spot the trekker back side
Not spending much time, headed towards the base point where our vehicle was waiting. On the way took a small tea break to relax tiered bodies. Journey went well, reached the Vasanth home before dark.

Break time
Evening snacks served with hot coffee. Now time to leisure chit-chat. We all started playing the card. Sudhakar shared us memories of recent visit to Thailand.

Extra Activity - Playing Card
Hope, this was one of the best Malenadu dinner ever I had. Really it is more appreciate the hospitality of Vasanth & his wife. Couple have taken care much and served yummy dinner with love and affection.

Without fire camp how any trek will get complete. We arranged fire camp inside the premises and spent some good time.

Fire Camp
Rain was pouring heavily, we all felt lucky to reach safely to campsite. Now the time adieu for the day and say good night to all.


Morning Glimpse
There was no hope getting beautiful sunrise since the cloudy morning. Very leisure morning fresh-up to all. However, we decided to witness the sunrise across the valley.

Sunrise Walk
Morning walk is always boost your energy. We went nearby point to welcome the sun. Unfortunately, clouds did not allow him to say good morning us. If not sunrise, we played cricket nearby ground. After spending some good time, we are back to home.

Cricket during sunrise time
Vasanth is arranged a guide who will take us a beautiful hidden falls post breakfast. We have to come back home for lunch time. Post lunch start return journey to Bengaluru.

We all finished the breakfast and ready to join with Guide. He is little aged but fit and fine. Started our journey to explore the water falls.

Walk towards Sringeri View
After 2 KMs walk on the tar road, entered into forest range. The old friendly guide giving us many more information about this place.

Dense Forest
The trail continued into dense forest, took small breaks for photography. Soon we reached a point where we can see Sringeri and other places.

Beautiful View from top (Sringeri is visible far)
After a small break, continued our journey and again hit back to village road. Passing through many coffee estate, reached one of the scenic place. It was just amazing view.

Valley View
Now we have to descend to reach the falls. It was challenging since there is no trail at all. 

Waterfalls - Unknown
Indeed it is so pristine and beautiful waterfalls in the private estate. There are couple of local guys enjoying it. We also joined with them.

Waterfalls - Unknown
Spending some good amount of time, now the time to turn back. The guys who were enjoying the falls, invited to their home. Due to Deepavali festival, offered us hot chakkali & coffee. Really so kind of heart villagers.

Kind heart home who offered Coffee & Chakli
We reached home and lunch was ready. Need to get ready so fast to reach Bengaluru at least by mid-night. Finished the lunch, took group photograph with Vasanth family.

Adieu to beautiful soul and started journey towards namma Bengaluru with sweet memories of two days which spent in nature lap.

The overall trek / tour was awesome and refreshed our mind.

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