Saturday, September 22, 2018

Bicycle Tour: Tirthalli to Malpe through Agumbe Ghat

Two beloved friends; unplanned trail; lesser distance; most difficult climb of Kundadri; crossing Malati river in boat; enjoying the Agumbe descend; first time reaching home Muniyalu before dark; these are the happiest glimpse of Bicycle tour from Thirthalli to Malpe with Sudhakar on 22nd September 2018.
Hanging Bridge
Monsoon always tempt me to peddle more and more. I had been to home Muniyalu in August 2018 on bicycle i.e., Horanadu - Malpe ride, but feeling one month gap is too much. This time decided to peddle less, but explore more surrounding Tirthalli and Agumbe.
Sudhakar, my friend always demanded me to keep less distance during bicycle tour. Finally I chalked down the draft of trail to start from Tirthalli and day end at Muniyalu.


Bengaluru to Tirthalli - By Volvo

Thirthalli - Bheemanakatte -  Alageri - Kammaradi - Malathi River - Kundadri - Agumbe - Someshwara - Mudradi - Muniyalu

Muniyalu - Perduru - Malpe - Udupi - Manipal

Manipal to Bengaluru - By Volvo


We reached Majestic around 10 pm, bus is scheduled at 11 pm. Ahead of departure, waited for Bus to reach platform. Crews are friendly and co-operative, loaded our bikes in luggage compartment and boarded the bus. Journey went well.
Before Leaving to Tirthalli

Reached Tirthalli around 6 am. Finished our morning core job at Bus stand. Bus crews suggested us to have breakfast on the roadside a small hotel. Breakfast was really tasteful and more economy.
Beautiful Landscape outskirt of Tirthalli
This was totally unplanned trail except visit to Kundadri and home Muniyalu. After heavy breakfast, chalked down the trail to visit Bheemanakatte. We had been this beautiful place couple of time. First time visited during our Narasimha Parvatha trek in 2014.
Journey begin
On the down trail, journey headed towards Bheemanakatte. This is aroud 8 - 10 KMs from Tirthalli. We did not find much difficult to trace the trail. Very interesting fact is, we met Mr. Ananth very interesting friend. He was so impressed by our tour and promised to join with us in future events.
Holy Tunga river flowing so calmly. Spent some good time around the place. Now, we have no clue what is next? Asked the local villagers to guide us to reach Kundadri through village trail. Most of them suggested to take tar road since it is short cut, but on our repeated request, guided us to cross the bridge and continue towards Kammaradi.
Crossing Tunga River
Crossing on hanging bridge is always fun. We had crossed many such bridges in our bicycle tour. Village roads are most favorite trails to all cyclists.
Beautiful Trail
Enjoying the trail, weather, nature and taking multiple breaks reached Karibailu.

We stopped here for tea break after long peddling. People are more curious to know our journey and purpose. Almost stopped 30 minutes in the small town.
When we asked the trail to Kundadri, they suggested to cross the Malati river by taking the boat whee we can have more beautiful trail. They were not sure about the operation of boat, since heavy monsoon of this season. However, they suggested us to go and check it our luck.
Journey Continued
This is around 3 - 4 KMs ride to reach the Malati river. We decided to take a chance and check our destiny. After peddling 4 KMs, reached the Malati river. We are enough lucky, boat is operating.
Malati River
Distance is not much, may be 10 meters, but in one place water is more depth. We boarded our bikes on boat and had a new experience crossing river.
River Crossing

Our journey is continued towards Kundadri. Now sun is on top, journey become 
little difficult now. Taking inner forest route reached the Kundadri base point.
Forest Trail
We had been Kundadri many times, but this is maiden journey on bicycle. From base point to peak is around 3 KMs.
Kundadri - Faraway
 My friend initially denied to join with me for climb. He was not confident to peddle. I convinced and promised to take many more breaks.
Kundadri Calling
As on today, this was one of the toughest climb for me. There were no counts about our breaks. Hot weather made us to cry. This three KM indeed exhausted our energy. In between we relaxed for sometime.
Relaxxxxx on the way to Kundadri
 Taking many more breaks reached the peak. Joy of reaching on the top is just amazing.
Joy of Reaching Peak
Homemade yummy lunch was waiting for us. Intentionally skipped early lunch to avoid more tiredness of this climb. Now we are more happy to fill our hungry stomach.
Panorama view of Kundadri
Spent lot of time on peak and relaxed under tree for sometime. We become hero to one of tourist family. They appreciated our stamina and bicycle tours.

After a long break, now the time to reach home before sunset. Downward journey took very little time, continued our journey towards Agumbe.
Descending Kundadri
A small photo session in front of Doddamane and break for cool drink. Sun was still sharp and day one camping distance was less.
Doddamane - Agumbe
After small refreshment, continued our journey towards Agumbe Ghat. This is my 5th cycling trip to this beautiful Agumbe Ghat, 1. Kalasa to Sringer; 2. Shivamogga to Udupi; 3. Chickmagalur to Manipal; 4.Horanadu to Malpe. We should be more careful to descend the ghat due to heavy traffic.
Agumbe Ghat
Our journey was going as per schedule. Hope this is the first time I am reaching home as per intimation to wife. Taking small breaks passing through Someshwara, Mudradi, Varanga reached Muniyalu.
Journey towards Muniyalu
Day journey went well, received a warm welcome by family. 

We decided to keep next day peddle covering Malpe - Udupi and Manipal. I had been on regular peddle on this route. Considering the previous experience, decided to leave home around 2 pm.


Mutlapadi - Kuduremukha Range
My son is more energetic and eager to join us for sunrise glimpse at Mutlapadi [Son favorite place]. Got up early, went to capture the beautiful sunrise.
Beautiful Stream
Raising sun with beloved son across Kuduremukha valley is always precious and joyful for me. We had very good glimpse and fun-filled moments.
Kuduremukha Range
Explored the surrounding area very casually. This is my son one of the favorite place. We have no count how many times visited this heaven.
Thieves Plucked the Coconut
Got a call from home about readiness of breakfast. Finished breakfast and chitchat some time. Since the peddling is less, we decided to leave after lunch.
Mutlapadi Forest
Heavy yummy lunch made us little lazy, but the destination and pre-booked bus was waiting at Manipal. With heavy heart son adieu us for further journey. My son wanted have a round on my bike, enjoyed ride.
Son Ride
This time decided to explore one more new route which connect to Perdur. The trail is almost flat, soon crossed Perdur and continued towards Malpe.
Journey towards Malpe
We decided to witness the beautiful sunset at Malpe beach. Passing through village internal road, reached Mangaluru - Karwara highway.
Mangaluru - Karwara Highway
None of cyclist love to ride on busy highway, we too. The view of Suvarna river from Bridge is awesome.
Suvarna River
Continued our journey towards Malpe. Crossed the highway again entered internal road. Now, the sun is little cool and coconut trees shade gave relax to our bodies.
Continued journey towards Malpe
Finally we reached the official end point Malpe. The time was more to set the sun on west.
Ride on Beach
The only option is to have long chitchat on beach.Crowd was not much, settle on the peace place.
Relax on beach
Now the atmosphere is become very cool and sun setting down. The most happiest moment to any nature lover.
Sunset - Malpe
Now the entire Malpe completely dark, headed towards Udupi city. Malpe - Udupi road is always busy. After reaching the Udupi had dinner and headed towards Manipal.

Bus was scheduled at 9 pm, we were ahead of time. Remembering our two days long ride waited for bus. As per scheduled, bus reached to platform, boarded our bikes, and relaxed in our seats. Overall it was wonderful and thrilling tour since the most difficult Kundadri trail.