Saturday, July 28, 2018

Family Visit to Jomlu Theertha Falls [Near Hebri]

Gorgeous Jomlu Thirtha
Jomlu Falls is long time pending must visit place around Hebri. It is very less explored place compare to other falls. This falls is inside the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary and formed by Sita river.

Information about Jomlu Thirtha
One fine monsoon day, planned to visit this place with family. It quite common always, local people caution for lonely place about safety. This is also in the same list. We decided to take risk and visit this falls.

Enter into the Forest
My son is always more cautious about safety, whereas daughter always wants to take challenge. Both are opposite in direction thoughts.

Rain is pouring non-stop since morning. We left the home around 2 pm to Jomlu Falls. Enjoying the cool weather headed towards Santekatte. In between, missed the route, luckily got direction by locals.

Relax in the water
The range was completely silent except the nature whisper. Valley was really scary, it was drizzling. Avoiding any later consequences, parked the car little inside safe place.

Only we four ventured in the forest. Everywhere small streams are flowing, continued our nature walk. My son was so many questions and joking us with animal threat.

On the way
After 1 - 2 KMs, we reached the Sita river. It was on its peak gorgeous and scary too. A small wrong step can sweep us to Arabian sea.

Wow expression about Falls
We have taken enough precaution, not to step in the river. There is a temple on the bank of Sita river.

On one fine day, there will be a huge festival. The falls was completely wild mode.

Chitchat Mother - Daughter
Spending couple of minutes, decided to turn back. Inner feeling was cautioning us to return back. 

Beautiful Nature Walk
The place is indeed very lonely and not advisable to go with family in monsoon. Of course, if the size is big.

Selfy - Pose


  1. thank you for the detail information about this beautiful place. Also may i know the distance from the hotel which would help us the time to from the stay... Thank you in advance..

  2. Thanks Narsimhareddy. This is close to Hebri town. You can stay this place, which is under lap of Agumbe. Or if you planned around Agumbe, can cover this falls.

  3. Fantastic as always! Don't know how do you make these many trips sir...?!

  4. Exactly, you're very kind of us about comment!. reincarnated mormon