Saturday, July 14, 2018

Exploration around Kabbinale [Kuduremukha Range]

Beautiful Hamlets - inside the Kabbinale Forest
Monsoon is always heaven around Western Ghat. Indeed, it is great time for nature lover. Of course, it is great moment for my son - daughter & me. 

Natural Monsoon Waterfalls
Around Muniyal [My home] is great view during monsoon. Nothing much need effort to enjoy the glory of nature.

Inside the deep forest - Kabbinale
A fine day in the evening, left in the car to enjoy the beauty. Rain was on its peak, passing through Kabbinale - Mudradi enjoyed the scary forest trail in peak monsoon. Picture will speak more than my words.

These all locations are just 20 KMs radius of my home. The nature and streams were on best time.

Exploration - Kabbinale
Kabbinale is thick forest in the range of Kuduremukha. It connect inner road to Someshwar Wildlife Sanctuary.

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This is not public road, just connectivity to the inner villages. Monsoon time it is very scary lonely road. Night is very risky to travel due to wild animals movement.

On the way, will find many natural monsoon waterfalls. Children enjoyed the falls.

We are lucky to migrate such beautiful place to enjoy the nature.

Water Enjoyment