Sunday, July 8, 2018

Daughter Bicycle Ride to Agumbe

Monsoon was on peak, everywhere the nature was on glory, rain festival across the valley. Non-stop rain around Muniyalu was made heaven on the earth.

Sindhu, my daughter back from two years boarding school. She insisted me to take her bike ride around Agumbe. We had option of ONLY ONE bicycle. I was not sure about her peddle, since she is totally away from adventure activities. However she made me confident to ride whatever it is.

As usual, home minister was not ready to permit in this peak monsoon. But we succeed to convince and venture for a ride. I decided to follow her on scooty.

We started early morning ride from Muniyalu. Rain was pouring continuously. I just followed her on scooty.

The rain was tempting me to bicycle ride, but I was helpless. Scooty ride was not disappointed, just enjoyed the ride.

First we visited the Varanga, a famous Kere Basadi. Spent sometime for photography and continued the journey.

Passing through Mudradi, entered into Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. This stretch around 4-5 KMs is very dense forest. I had little worried about the wind which may cause falling the tree branch.

Very soon we hit the highway of Shivamogga - Udupi. Due to lack of practice, she felt little tiered. The Agumbe was another 4 KMs. Decided to park the Bicycle near Sitanadi Restaurant and continue the Scooty ride to Agumbe.

Daughter agreed, placed the bicycle near hotel and continued the ride in the rain. The atmosphere was very scary, but mean time it was green festival to eyes. Everywhere the streams are on full zhoom.

The Agumbe Ghat was fully misty and fog. Enjoying the Ghat reached the sunset point. Spent some good time and returned journey.

I was not quite sure about peddling back to Muniyalu. She is fine by the time, started the return journey towards home.

Taking multiple breaks, reached the Muniyalu. She was quite happy and confident about this ride.