Saturday, July 28, 2018

Family Visit to Jomlu Theertha Falls [Near Hebri]

Gorgeous Jomlu Thirtha
Jomlu Falls is long time pending must visit place around Hebri. It is very less explored place compare to other falls. This falls is inside the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary and formed by Sita river.

Information about Jomlu Thirtha
One fine monsoon day, planned to visit this place with family. It quite common always, local people caution for lonely place about safety. This is also in the same list. We decided to take risk and visit this falls.

Enter into the Forest
My son is always more cautious about safety, whereas daughter always wants to take challenge. Both are opposite in direction thoughts.

Rain is pouring non-stop since morning. We left the home around 2 pm to Jomlu Falls. Enjoying the cool weather headed towards Santekatte. In between, missed the route, luckily got direction by locals.

Relax in the water
The range was completely silent except the nature whisper. Valley was really scary, it was drizzling. Avoiding any later consequences, parked the car little inside safe place.

Only we four ventured in the forest. Everywhere small streams are flowing, continued our nature walk. My son was so many questions and joking us with animal threat.

On the way
After 1 - 2 KMs, we reached the Sita river. It was on its peak gorgeous and scary too. A small wrong step can sweep us to Arabian sea.

Wow expression about Falls
We have taken enough precaution, not to step in the river. There is a temple on the bank of Sita river.

On one fine day, there will be a huge festival. The falls was completely wild mode.

Chitchat Mother - Daughter
Spending couple of minutes, decided to turn back. Inner feeling was cautioning us to return back. 

Beautiful Nature Walk
The place is indeed very lonely and not advisable to go with family in monsoon. Of course, if the size is big.

Selfy - Pose

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Exploration around Kabbinale [Kuduremukha Range]

Beautiful Hamlets - inside the Kabbinale Forest
Monsoon is always heaven around Western Ghat. Indeed, it is great time for nature lover. Of course, it is great moment for my son - daughter & me. 

Natural Monsoon Waterfalls
Around Muniyal [My home] is great view during monsoon. Nothing much need effort to enjoy the glory of nature.

Inside the deep forest - Kabbinale
A fine day in the evening, left in the car to enjoy the beauty. Rain was on its peak, passing through Kabbinale - Mudradi enjoyed the scary forest trail in peak monsoon. Picture will speak more than my words.

These all locations are just 20 KMs radius of my home. The nature and streams were on best time.

Exploration - Kabbinale
Kabbinale is thick forest in the range of Kuduremukha. It connect inner road to Someshwar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Relax Chat
This is not public road, just connectivity to the inner villages. Monsoon time it is very scary lonely road. Night is very risky to travel due to wild animals movement.

On the way, will find many natural monsoon waterfalls. Children enjoyed the falls.

We are lucky to migrate such beautiful place to enjoy the nature.

Water Enjoyment

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Daughter Bicycle Ride to Agumbe

Monsoon was on peak, everywhere the nature was on glory, rain festival across the valley. Non-stop rain around Muniyalu was made heaven on the earth.

Sindhu, my daughter back from two years boarding school. She insisted me to take her bike ride around Agumbe. We had option of ONLY ONE bicycle. I was not sure about her peddle, since she is totally away from adventure activities. However she made me confident to ride whatever it is.

As usual, home minister was not ready to permit in this peak monsoon. But we succeed to convince and venture for a ride. I decided to follow her on scooty.

We started early morning ride from Muniyalu. Rain was pouring continuously. I just followed her on scooty.

The rain was tempting me to bicycle ride, but I was helpless. Scooty ride was not disappointed, just enjoyed the ride.

First we visited the Varanga, a famous Kere Basadi. Spent sometime for photography and continued the journey.

Passing through Mudradi, entered into Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. This stretch around 4-5 KMs is very dense forest. I had little worried about the wind which may cause falling the tree branch.

Very soon we hit the highway of Shivamogga - Udupi. Due to lack of practice, she felt little tiered. The Agumbe was another 4 KMs. Decided to park the Bicycle near Sitanadi Restaurant and continue the Scooty ride to Agumbe.

Daughter agreed, placed the bicycle near hotel and continued the ride in the rain. The atmosphere was very scary, but mean time it was green festival to eyes. Everywhere the streams are on full zhoom.

The Agumbe Ghat was fully misty and fog. Enjoying the Ghat reached the sunset point. Spent some good time and returned journey.

I was not quite sure about peddling back to Muniyalu. She is fine by the time, started the return journey towards home.

Taking multiple breaks, reached the Muniyalu. She was quite happy and confident about this ride.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunrise Trek to Skandagiri

Always sunrise and sunset are unique to trekkers/nature lovers. Many of our treks, literally ran to view this glorious nature moments. It may not be so great to others, but sure it is one of the most precious moments to trekkers.

I did very rare ONE day treks around namma Bengaluru. We Prakruti Payana guys decided to witness the sunrise on the Skandagiri. There was a restriction to venture this hill, now the forest department is offering with permission. Either you can book online or can get the permission at venue. Permission at venue is subject to condition of the crowd.

We finalized the date on 1st July 2018 with 16 members team size. Booked online not to taking the risk. Decided to vehicle pooling is the only option to manage the time.

In three cars we left the Bengaluru midnight around 2 am, reached the base point by 3.30 am. Our perception was wrong, there was huge crowd welcomed us. Not sure, may be around 200 – 300 people were gathered to venture the Skandagiri.

Certainly, it was disappointment to the nature lovers, however we have to through this crowd to reach the peak. Finished the forest permission formalities, team is ready to start the trek.

It is easy trail marked by people foot print. Overtaking the crowd, making our own way continued the hike. The day was near full moon, we not needed the torch.

Cool wind was making chilled on the top of Skandagiri. Slowly mist was covering the valley. We settled down to witness the beautiful sunrise. Crowd slowly getting to mount, the entire range become fish market.

Clouds were not much, sun rise was not so beautiful as we expected. However we not let down to enjoy the nature. Spent some good time with photography. Now the time to head back, very quickly descended and said adieu to the team.