Thursday, January 25, 2018

Day 1: Biking round trip to Pollachi - Valparai – Athirapally – Ooty – Bandipura – BR Hills – Bengaluru

Pollachi – Aliyar Dam – Valparai – Sholyar Dam –  Kerala Border – Day 2

Kerala Border – Atirapally – Palakkad – Coimbatore – Ooty – Day 3

Ooty – Madumalai – Bandipura – BRHills – Kollegala – Bengaluru - Day 4 

Day - 1 Journey

Sometime a wonderful blog which has attractive photographs can change the mindset. We plan for something and it end up with different. Unplanned journey can make you more happier with lot of unexpected things. 

Two bikes; three mads; 1222 KMs ride; 3.5 days across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu & Kerala; riding through hairpin bend curves of Dimbam, Valparai, Ooty; enjoying the silent wildlife trails of five Tiger Reserve forest viz., Annamalai, Satyamangalam, Madumalai, Bandipura, Biligiri Rangana Betta (BR Hills); endless TEA estates; passing through Athirapally dense forest; visiting beautiful Aliyar & Sholyar Dam; endless fun – masti with beloved friends Santosh Gupta & Sudhakar H.

New year! 2018 started with long ride biking of four days. Initial plan was to ride towards Dudhsagar – Dandeli range. We had been this place multiple times. I came across wonderful blog journey to Valparai of Lokesh Shah. The trail, scenic view, wonderful journey changed our thoughts, trail, team and finally duration.

Long weekend of 26th January 2018 ‘Republic Day’ holiday, planned for on Sudhakar Bullet. Due to Karnataka Bandh on 25.01.18, pre-poned our schedule. We decided, not to pre-book any accommodation, let us take a decision depends upon the day end point.

I googled little to finalize the trail. Thank you to friends Sreeharsha Aithal & Mohd. Rafi for guiding the route plan.

Route Taken
Bengaluru – Kollegala – Satyamangala – Bannari – Pollachi  - Day 1

Pollachi – Aliyar Dam – Valparai – Sholyar Dam –  Kerala Border – Day 2

Kerala Border – Atirapally – Palakkad – Coimbatore – Ooty – Day 3

Ooty – Madumalai – Bandipura – BRHills – Kollegala – Bengaluru - Day 4

The Bandh was declared well in advance. I was not sure about my company declaring holiday. Finally, the message reach to my mail box by evening. Immediately called to Sudhakar about prepone the schedule, he said ‘YES’. Our journey is extended from 3 dyas to 4 days. We felt happy for extending a day journey and decided to explore more locations.


We did not do much preparation, hit on the road 25th January early morning around 6 am. Winter session, still the sky was dark. Traffic was not much, enjoying the ride reached Kollegal at 9 am. Thought to fill the stomach with breakfast. The Bandh effect was clearly appeared; none of the hotel opened. Decided to continue our journey till get some descent opened hotel.

Outskirt of the Kollegala, Hotel Manjunatheshwara was crowded. Waited for sometimes; finished the breakfast; food was really tasty. Journey is continued towards Chamaraja Nagar.

Posted couple of photographs in our Trekking group. Team members bullet comments were hitting hardly. The reason is, many of friends wanted to join with us which we were not informed about long ride.

Soon we passed the Chamaraja Nagar, landscape got changed. Two sided big trees gave more shades to our ride. Decided to take a small break, stopped at Tamil Nadu Border. Filled our stomach with fruits and snacks, journey is continued towards Satyamangalam.

We entered into Satyamangalam Tiger Reserve Forest. Kept our pace very slow to get a chance to have glance of wild animals. All tiger reserve forest looks similar dry one; we were very unfortunate, except Wild Boar and Deer, nothing cited.

Reached Dimbam 27 hairpin bend curve point. We were more exited to ride on this Ghat. The traffic was normal, the Ghat is really scary one. Stopped couple of times in between to take photographs.

On the highway we can find Bannari Mariamman famous temple. The temple was filled with devotees, decided to skip and continued our journey.

Now the trail become completely dry and humidity got increased, soon we reached to Satyamangalam town. We felt little dehydrated by heat, relaxed for sometimes at Petrol Bunk.

Got a call from Santosh Gupta, a friend who expressed his interest to join with us. Just joking, we offered him to join with us at day end at Pollachi. We continued our journey towards Pollachi. 

The time is around 2pm, badly needed lunch. Sometimes we will be luckier to get delicious food in a small hotel. Stopped our journey at Annur for lunch. Found very descent a small hotel, served yummy lunch.

After lunch we felt drowsier to ride further, decided to take a short nap under tree. After the Annur village, found decent place to relax for sometimes. Santosh called again and confirmed about his departure from Bengaluru and joining us at Pollachi. We got shock, also appreciated his adventurous journey to join with us in Pollachi.

We are very close distance of 70+ KMs to Pollachi, the day one camping place. There was enough time to reach comfortably. Taking multiple breaks, reached Pollachi.

Pollachi is a small town, we not struggled much to get a decent SS Lodge for night stay. It is in the centre of the town. Bargained the room for Rs.1000/-, it is well maintained and secured. Dumped our luggage and went a small walk around the town.

Finally, Santosh joined us at 8.45 pm., great ride by him. Finished our dinner nearby hotel and relaxed for the day.

Highlights of Day-1

Distance: Rode around 385 KMs
Covered: Satyamangalam Tiger Reserve Forest, Dimbam 27 hairpin bend curves
Camping at Pollachi

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