Saturday, December 16, 2017

Winter Trek to Bandaje Arbi Falls - Re-Visit

After a long time, it was an opportunity to do real trekking with carrying the entire baggage, camping in the wild near stream, away from the civilization, starting to ending of the trek there is no any civilization, preparing the delicious food, spotting the Elephants and finally fun-filled event with lovely group of friends.

The Bandaje Arbi falls trek on 16 – 17th December 2017 with friends. I had been this place in summer, four years back in the year 2013. In my view, every trek is different, even though I visited repeatedly. I never felt bore and am very eager to visit again and again.

Bandaje trek was pending since long time. Many time we mentioned to do, but finally we ready when the Amedikallu trekking permission is denied by forest officials. The golden memories of 2013 recalled about how we survived the scary night.

At last we could able to manage the 10 members group. We enjoyed the Tempo Traveler journey. The extra vacate seats gave comfortable journey to all of us.

The early morning fresh-up at Dharmasthala is ideal place to the huge group. We got an enough time to get ourselves refresh and casually move to Ujire for breakfast. Hotel Guruprasad yummy breakfast filled our stomach before starting the trek from Bandaje village.

I completely forgot the trail, not remembered much. The reason could be, not much concentrated on the trail than enjoying the trek. Initial trail passed through small two villages and soon hit into the thick forest.

Definitely, I am disappointed by seeing the crowd, it was just like marathon. There was bumper to bumper traffic in the jungle. Not sure, may be more than 200 people. The marathon is continued with nice photography.

Trail as such not so easy, however we enjoyed the trail in shade. We came across two streams, re-filled our bottles and stomach with snacks. Journey is continued.

The grassland trail is very tough as usual. Open to sunburn, very difficult continue ascend will test our stamina. Taking many more pit stops, reached the Bandaje Arbi Falls around 3 pm.

We avoided taking lunch till to reach the falls. It's not so easy to hike with filled stomach. The falls area already occupied with many trekkers. 

Luckily our lead Santosh and Gang explored a new camping site which was another a KM far from the falls.

Chilled ICE water falls tempted us to jump in. The swatted body badly wanted to dip in the water even though mind stopped us. One by one jumped in the stream and enjoyed the ICE Water bath.

Homemade food eagerly waiting for us, not relaxing single minute, filled our hungry stomach with yummy homemade food. Yes, always first preference in the trek is homemade food.

Thanks a ton, to Santosh and team who really explored a wonderful place for camping. It was completely away from the crowd, very close to stream. 

The place is really so beautiful and ideal for camping. Already the first batch was relaxed and taking rest.

We too joined with them, arranged the campsite, prepared the tarpaulin tent. Of course, the God will not leave us so happy to enjoy this beautiful place. What to say not understanding! An OX is irritated a lot the first batch while having the lunch. 

It was still roaming around the campsite and not allowing us to do anything. A person engaged to watch the OX. Believe me, it had not allowed us to sleep proper in the night.

Our food list was big, first we prepared the Bhelpuri. Unlimited Bhelpuri filled our stomach and relaxed sometime later soup is combined the match. Few of us wanted to view the beautiful sunset. 

We had very less time, running we reached the point and enjoyed the amazing sunset.

The team was busy in preparation of dinner, PONGAL. Thanks to Manjunath and team, who voluntarily came forward and served us the delicious food. Meantime rest of the members were busy in singing around the fire-camp.

The day is over with yummy Pongal and unlimited fun of the day.

Night not went well, OX gave lot of trouble. We ourselves engaged in preparation of Avalakki breakfast and coffee. The hike was less, so relaxed we moved from campsite. 

The team were disbursed in different small groups. Myself, Chandru & Ashok were in last. We saw bunch of Elephants just very close to our camping site.

Second day is again open grassland hike, not much in the thick forest. The beautiful 360degree valley can enjoy. It will be festival to our eyes in monsoon, however not disappointed now. 

We took deviation from the normal trail, and decided to do ridge walk. Scary ridge walk added more adventure to our trek.

Ballalarayana Durga crossed and continued our journey towards Sunkasale. The day was really relaxed and reached the exit point. TT was waiting for us, boarded and continued our journey to Bengaluru.

One more memorable Bandaje tough trek added in my list.

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