Saturday, December 23, 2017

Family Treknic – Tadiandamol Coorg

Long weekends are always painful to journey across any part of the country. We always have lot of inconvenience during this period. What if, family spend a good peaceful time in the mid of forest with bunch of like minded family members! Undoubtedly, a great joy in mother nature. Yes, we had been a great time with family and friends during the Christmas long weekend of 23rd to 25th December 2017 at lap of Tadiandamol, the highest peak in Coorg [Kodagu].

I never get bored to visit again and again same places. The same I have mentioned many times in my blog. This Tadiandamol family visit is my fifth one; first one visited with friend sometimes in 2011 (Not available blog), second visit during family travel in 2013 (Not available blog); third visit with Bangalore Ascenders in 2015 and fourth visit last June 2017 during cycling around coorg. Every time, it is new experience altogether.

We expressed to spend at least two days with family and kids at Tadiandamol, during our cycling event. The location, old village home, hospitality, close to Tadiandamol peak factors made us to decide for perfect family camping. Yes, we knew, Christmas long weekend is not so easy to get accommodation, well in advance called Thammayya, the owner, a month before. Every alternate day, we kept on calling and reminded him about our arrival.

Dates are finalized on 23 -25th December 2017, beloved friends Suresh Gowda, Shanthi Prasad and Sudhakar families are enrolled. In addition to this, I have invited my cousin Vagesh; Shanthi Prasad to his cousin Bahubali. The headcount is reached to 21 members [15 Adults + 6 Kids].

Preparation went well. Assigned the responsibilities and purchases according to needs. Everyone accepted voluntarily all tasks. The moto of this family trek is, to make Women and Kids relax all days, Men have to take entire responsibilities. It involved, cooking, cleaning, purchase, arrangement etc. We wanted to experience the real trekking to family.

At last journey date arrived; traveled by our own cars (4 Nos.). There are two reasons to travel in our cars; first one is, long 3 days stay and second one is traveling from different places. I started my journey from Muniyalu, on the way picked up cousin Vagesh family from Dharmasthala. They reached Dharmasthala by overnight journey from Bengaluru. Other team started early morning from Bengaluru.

We reached the parking lot of Nalakhand Palace on 23rd December 2017 afternoon around 3 pm. We have to travel in Jeep from this place to Thammayya home, since tough terrain to normal vehicles. Hired Jeep for two round considering the luggage and members.

There was a big food list for three days stay; many are experienced cookers. Sudhakar taken the entire responsibility to list out the grocery and food menu. It was inclusive of Bhelpuri, Awalakki, Soup, Coffee, Bisibelebath, Anna – Sambar, Payasa, Uppittu, Snacks etc. Thanks to main cooks Shanthi Prasad, Suresh & Sudhakar.

The first expression of the members is wow!!! by seeing the camping place, all are very happy. Day – 1, we kept relax session to all and explore more around this beautiful home. Everyone is busy in their own world. 

The entire home is whispering by kids. Home was looking like any function. Day is ended with yummy dinner followed by camp fire.

Second day is started with yummy Awalakki breakfast. Today is the real challenge to all. We decided to hike the Tadiandamil peak. The distance is around 4 KMs from this home. 

Briefed about the trail to the team. Asked them to retire wherever they feel difficult. The journey started by paying forest entry fees. 

It is quite surprising to see the spirit and stamina of the team. Women and Kids are more charged than us. it is not so easy to trek the difficult trail around 2KMs steep ascend. 

They have proved us wrong; we thought somewhat the half of the team may stop in mid; but the entire team hiked the Tadiandamol peak.

It was quite surprise and proud to kids – women, who hiked and enjoyed the trek. The main disappoint thing is, the crowd is unbelievable. The entire trail was looking like hill marathon.

Spending some good time on the peak, started back to the base camp. The valley was so beautiful except the heavy crowd. Taking multiple small breaks reached home. Team wanted to relax for sometimes. 

Evening prepared yummy Bhelpuri followed by coffee. Team members were engaged in their own world. Kids and men are busy in play, women had their own fun and exploration. Night we prepared the Payasa and Anna – Sambar.

We not knew how soon we passed two days. Men were completely engaged in the preparation of food and arrangements. The last day is about to pack-up. Team is busy in preparation in back-up. Prepared the Uppittu and coffee. 

The photo session went long way. Now the time to say goodbye to all friend and family.

The dream family camping in the wild is over. We have put lot of efforts and time to make it success. A good new experience to family. We were so relaxed in all these three days. Thanks to each one of guys who helped to make it success. Hoping to meet again soon at some other wilder place.

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