Friday, December 8, 2017

Family Trek – Ettina Bhuja

The joy is double when kids start showing interest towards nature; when they start to cultivate hobby like me about trek; they braver to walk with me in the forest; they love to enjoy the silent wilder valley; they get motivated to do more and more treks with me. Indeed, a wonderful family trek to Ettina Bhuja on 8th December 2017 which ended a quote with my little son "Which is the next trek, APPA?"

A special request from my little prince and princes to take them someplace for trek. I was just shuffling my mind to source a good place. Last month, I had been at Jenukallu& Deepadakallu Gudda trek, flashed my mind to get the family once to this beautiful valley. The time was not so far, within a month, I got an opportunity to travel with family from Muniyalu to Kolar. 

Always wanted to take an extra advantage travelling by car. Never traveled the same route except some urgent task. This time I took an opportunity to take family back through Sakaleshpura – Moodigere interior routes.

My main intention to postpone a day return journey to explore the Ettina Bhuja. Planned to start early morning from Bengaluru and cover so comfortably the trek. My son was more eager to start the trek, all the way he not spared me know the distance every minute. 

The innocent questions just made us laugh. As per plan, reached the Ettina Bhuja base point Sri Nanya Bhaireshwara Temple around 2.15 pm.

When we reached the temple, few devotees were present. The Ettina Bhuja is clearly visible from this place. One of the elder informed about the distance, trail and level of difficulty. He suggested us not to venture, since it is forest and steep hike. I am very thankful to Blogger Friend ‘Ananth’ who cleared my all queries over mail.

Ready for Trek
Quickly we are ready to start journey to hike Ettina Bhuja. There were two bikes parked; heard some noise from the peak; we ourselves satisfied about people present on the peak. The initial trail is jeep track, which drive through forest. 

Hope in the peak monsoon bit tough to trek on this trail. My son and daughter started enjoying the trail. 

Passing through the deep forest entered the grassland. 

We came across few travelers who were going back. They advised us to come back soon and warned about the lonely peak.

We found Elephant dung all the way, it's witness the presence of big mammal. Just, I was helpless to reply when my son asked so innocently “Appa, can you get me the real Elephant? It will help us our routine daily work. When you will buy for me? Where we can get it?........etc.”. Not to disappoint his innocent queries, replied in the same manner.

Taking two small breaks, we reached the Ettina Bhuja. The entire valley is so beautiful. I have introduced the different peaks to all. We can see far away Jenukallu & Deepadakallu, Amedikallu, Ombattu Gudda range.

The final stretch of hike is around 100 mtrs which is completely 70 degrees angle. We should be very careful while ascending. I asked the son and better-half to enjoy the valley sitting at lap of the Ettina Bhuja, myself and daughter decided to hike the peak. 

My son stopped us to venture, considering the steep and lonely peak, however we assured him about taking extra care.

I and daughter continued the journey and very soon we are on the peak. The cool breeze, the valley, lonely peak is more beautiful. The joy of reaching the peak is unforgettable. 

Spent some good time for photography, started the return journey. Descending is very typical, taken extra care.

Son is happier about our arrival, we had some snacks on peak. Homemade food was waiting in our backpack, considering the water issue and time constrain, decided to have at temple premises. Relaxed for sometimes. 

The time was around 4.15 pm. We spent some good time, decided to descend quickly not to take breaks.

Very soon, safely reached back to the temple. Filled the home food to our hungry stomach. The time adieu to Ettina Bhuja. Started the journey towards Muniyalu.

This trek will be remembered for long a time for two reasons. First, the valley and trail is so beautiful. Secondly, the lonely peak with clean and steady. My son question was “Which is the next trek…Appa?”


  1. Wonderful!. I am planning next week. I just wanted know is it a good time of the year to hike there?

    1. You just check once about the rain. If the gap is 2 - 3 days, you can hike easily. Wishing you all the best. Don't pollute the nature...

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    1. Sir, am planning a trek with my 6 year old around a month from now. Any tips for us - we are also planning on an afternoon trek