Sunday, November 26, 2017

Family Trip Around Agumbe - Thirthahalli

Age is not barrier for any interest, non-religious place can also be their curiosity. They also have passion to know about the science and technology. This is proved by my beloved mother. At the age of 85, she is more interested to know the place, fact, fictions and history. 
Beloved Mother
Past six month, I have taken her almost all popular places of Western Ghat around Dakshina Kannada, Chickmagaluru, Udupi, Shivamogga. Neither she got tiered nor bored. I am so shocked to know her interest and stamina.

Extensively traveled all Ghats which lead to coastal many times. Shiradi Ghat, Charmadi Ghat, Agumbe Ghat, Kollur Ghat. Now she is confident to identify the place & ghat names. For a curiosity asked her "Amma, do you like to see the non-religious Places?", very next moments she said big YES.

Curiously looking Malabar Viper at ARRS
The journey is started on 26th November 2017 late morning. Reason of leaving delayed is home food. This time we made mind, not to have outside food. Finished the breakfast at home, packed the lunch. The first drive is to Agumbe Ghat.

ARRS Campus
I remember, three years back incident, when I was 'L-Board' of driving. In spirit, I drove from Agumbe to Someshwara, however, I was not confident drive back. To avoid this 12 KMs Ghat, I drove almost 265 KMs to comeback Agumbe. Thank God, now I am little confident in driving.

Drove through Ghat, shown the famous Doddamane of Malgudi Days serial. Even now she remembered the most popular serial characters. Next place of visit is Agumbe Rain Research Station [ARRS].

Maruti 800 little struggled to reach the ARRS in off road. Thank God, we could able to drive till the centre, tough in monsoon. Ajay, Centre i/c. welcomed us. He took us a walk inside the station and explained about their research. 

Centre I/c. Explaining about Station Projects
We were shocked to see the Malabar Viper on the wall. Ajay explained about it's character, movement and attitude. 

After spending some good time continued our journey towards Kuppalli.

Kuppalli - KUVEMPU Home
When I explained about Kuppalli & Kuvempu, mother expression was "White hair gentleman (Bilitale Bariyoru)"!. Soon we reached the Kuppalli. We are lucky, crowd was very less. Its second visit to my Son, Daughter & better-half. Explored the entire home and relaxed for sometime.

Pose to Kuvempu Home
Headed towards Kavishaila. Mother was so happy to see this beautiful place. 

Walk towards Kavishaila
She was asking more and more questions about Kuvempu and this place. I shown her the place where great poems born and samadhi of Kuvempu.

Inspiration Place of Kuvempu
Spent good time on photography and continued our next destination Kavaledurga.

It was around 3pm, hungry stomach badly wanted the lunch. Son demand is to stop near stream so that he can enjoy the water. After couple of KM found a descent place for break.

Home Food - Lunch near Stream
Homemade food is always spontaneous in the nature. Son was busy enjoying the stream, we had yummy food.

Fun in stream
We running short time to visit Kavaledurga Fort. Wanted to skip this place, but daughter demand is to must visit. Decided to cover up the distance fast, passing through Thirthahalli reached the Kavaledurga at 5.40 pm.

The son was about to down in west. I briefed about the trail and time, literally we have to run to cover this place, she is agreed. Asked the better-half, son and mother to stay back at base point.

On the way to Kavaledurga
Continued our express hike to Kavaledurga. Non-stop we reached within 25 minutes. The fort was completely lonely, no-one was present. 

Relaxed just five minutes to gain the energy. It was getting dark, decided not to spend more time, started return journey.

Entire Team
It was completely dark when we reached the base point. Now the time to start back to Home. I can see happy on the phase of mother. I got self-satisfaction to taking mother such a wonderful place.

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