Saturday, October 28, 2017

Winter Beach Trek : Gokarna to Kumta

Trekking is always joyful for me either is a new trail of repeated one. Yes, I have done couple of treks repetitive in the same trail but still enjoyed, and wants to go again and again. This time, we choose Gokarna Beach trek. This trail we did last year sometime in December 2016.

We scheduled this year on October 28 – 29th, 2017. The trail and team size finalized the same of last year. This time, my younger brother Mahadev (from Kalaburgi) and Sudhakar Son Rohit joined. The entire trek went well as expected. We have to forcibly stop at Kumta because of time constrain.

The trek is started from Gokarna beach at 10 am. Last year it was from Kudle because delayed in reaching the Gokarna.

Fun filled journey started with form of groups. Unknowingly forming group, chatting, enjoying reached the Kudle beach.

Team is decided to have the lunch. The Paradise beach was ideal and found drinking water too. After good dip in the sea, team finished the lunch.

After lunch we continued our journey. Now the interesting part to cross the Agnashini river. Enjoying the boat ride crossed the river and continued our journey.

Few of friends were tiered, thought to board them a bus. Luckily we got and asked them to initiate the dinner preparation after reaching the campsite of temple.

We continued our evening trek in longest beach. Enjoying the beautiful sunset. Reached the temple around 7.45 pm.

The team was engaged in the preparation of dinner. We also joined with them and helped to prepare yummy Palav, Bajji etc.

After heavy yummy dinner, body badly wanted to retire for the day.


The day started early, we involved in preparation of breakfast Upama. Team was busy in getting ready. 

We finished the breakfast and ready venture second day.

This day was specially photography. We came across many beautiful landscapes. Team was enjoyed lot.

After many beaches, we reached the Kumta. Like last year, we could not able to get the small boat to cross the river. Considering team interest, decided to stop the trek.

We luckily got the public transport to reach the Kumta highway. Called the TT to take us to Honnavara Beach. Soon the we all boarded the cab and reached the beach.

Finished the lunch before dipping in the sea. Mean time we had short music entertainment by Mahadev & team.

The real fun is started when we all enjoyed the beach volley ball. 

Spent some good time and headed to Apsarakonda falls.

This time crowd was less and water flow was more. We all enjoyed a lot and headed back to Bengaluru.

Mahadev booked ticket from Honnavara back to Kalaburgi. We dropped near bus stop and back to Bengaluru.

Indeed, it was one more memorable beach trek to all of us.

PC: Vijayanand SB

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