Saturday, August 12, 2017

Bicycle Tour: Home Ride from Chikkamagaluru to Muniyalu [Hebri]

It’s always pleasure to ride home on bicycle from different places.  This time decided to do solo ride from Chikkamagaluru to Muniyalu on 12th August 2017. Long weekend of Independence Day, I did not get reservation of any regular buses to Muniyalu. Thought sparked in the mind to take a solo ride challenge from Chikkamagaluru to home, which is around 150+ KMs. Luckily, I got the bus reservation for this location.  One of friend Adarsh expressed his desire to join with me, I gave him a green signal to accompany with me.

The journey chalked out, day one ride is from Chikkamagaluru to Muniyalu. Second day Adarsh will continue solo ride till Udupi – Malpe. I will be stay back at home considering long weekend.

Route Taken
Bengaluru – Chikkamagaluru by Volvo

Chikkamagaluru – Aldur – Baalehonnur – Sringeri – Agumbe – Someshwara – Muniyalu

We reached late in the morning to Chikkamagaluru around 6.30 am. Bus was late, departure was delayed from Bengaluru since the heavy traffic. It is my second visit within a month to Chikkamagaluru, previous one is Bisle Ghat ride. Quickly refreshed in the bus stand and begun our journey towards Sringeri.

I met one more interesting cyclist Vasishta in Chikkamagaluru Bus stand. They were two persons and journey was towards Horanadu. He suggested couple of routes towards Sringeri. Considering the time fact, decided to take call later.

The journey is started in slow pace, very soon we passed the city and entered into beautiful trail. Adarsh bike started giving trouble, the chain was completely dry and he could not able ride fast. We put coconut oil and did some mechanism continued our journey.

Lonely roads welcomed us with cool breeze, the traffic was much less till to reach Aldur. We reached the Aldur around 9 am, wanted to fill our stomach with breakfast.  Found decent Hotel Amantrana and had yummy breakfast.

We continued our journey, rolling trail passed through many paddy fields and beautiful landscape. Reached the Balehonnur by lunch time. Finished the lunch and continued our journey. The heat was more, there was no rain. 

Adarsh had serious health issue, he could not able ride. It was steep rolling trail, decided to take lift till Sringeri or Agumbe. We waited on the highway for any good soul, luckily, we got a good jeep which was carrying the road repair material. Requested to take him till their destination.

Now I am on solo ride, pace got speed up. The forest solo ride was awesome. It motivated me to do more and more solo ride. Even I feel better and comfort to do solo. Very soon I reached the Sringeri, called Adarsh and he was at same place.

The truck good soul asked him to stay till completion of his work to drop him near Agumbe. I continued my solo journey to catch him somewhere on the way.

Last year I did Sringeri - Agumbe trail in reverse order [Agumbe – Sringeri]. It is completely rolling terrain, continued my journey towards Agumbe. Good to know that Adarsh is peddled till Agumbe after getting a drop. He was waiting in the Agumbe circle. The time was around 5 pm, had Bhelpuri in the circle and relaxed for sometimes.

Quick refreshment, continued our journey towards Agumbe Ghat. The crowd was more at sunset point, not to spend much time continued our journey to descend the Ghat.

The 12 KMS Ghat ride should be very careful, the traffic was more. The atmosphere become dark, sun was set in West, we need to cover another 20 KMs Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary forest trail. The situation was very scary, the single torch battery was down. By great difficulty somewhat I made to give us some light. Really we took an risk, the dense forest trail was made us to fear.

This forest trail is very well known to me, frequently I have been traveling with family for different location. Yes, the forest is really dense. After couple of KM ride, we reached a small village where a shop was opened. Buy new battery and continued our journey.

It was surprise visit to home, I did not inform about my arrival on bicycle. Rolling trail at finally reached Muniyalu at 9 pm. As usual they scolded me taking the long journey risk.

The memories are unforgettable, yes indeed 150+ KMs is the longest one day journey ever. I really appreciate Adarsh to completing this journey and mean time I would advise please take care about your bike.

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