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Bicycle Tour – Chikamagalur to Dharmasthala through Bisle Ghat

The day was long, journey was long, rain was non-stop entire journey, first day camping in a small DG Set room, homemade yummy food, breakage of two bicycle, loading them on jeep, sensational photo session and finally a wonderful memorable two days bicycle tour from Chikkamagaluru to Dharmasthala through Bisle Ghat and Kukke Subramanya covering 196 KMs in two days.

We had a plan to do with a small team, later added few more lovely friends and the team size become six members. To avoid any luggage issue of six bikes, split the team into two groups.  Accordingly, we booked the bus tickets in different bus.  The dates were finalized i.e., 15-16th July 2017. Our last journey was in Kodagu [Coorg].

Route Taken

Bengaluru – Chikkamagaluru : By Volvo

Chikkamagaluru – Moodigere – Sakaleshapura – Koodu raste : Day1 Halt

Koodu Raste – Bisle Ghat – Kukke Subramanya – Dharmasthala : Day 2 trail

Dharmasthala – Bengaluru : By Volvo

Reached very early morning to Chikkamagaluru around 4.15 am. First batch was ahead of us, got refreshed in the public place. We all set ready to start the journey by 5 am. The drizzling rain was welcomed us to this beautiful place. Our team leader Shanthi Prasad was our GPS, we just followed him.

Initial Trail
The town was still in dark, our journey was started before sun rise. Intentionally we made a trail, go through inner village route, where we can enjoy the beauty of the nature. The kudos goes to our team leader, Shanthi Prasad.

Rolling terrain, mid through coffee plantation reached the Gendehalli. The team was hungry, decided to fill stomach with breakfast. Found a descent small hotel, had Dose and Idli, relaxed sometimes. After a long break, the team is continued towards Moodigere.

Breakfast Point
The entire trail is so beautiful. Rolling terrain, enjoying with team, monsoon rain continued the journey. Team was in spirit, around 2 pm stopped for lunch at temple.

Lunch Point
After the lunch, continued our journey towards Sakaleshapura.  Very soon we hit the Bengaluru – Mangaluru NH. After  2 – 3 KMs ride took a deviation towards Bisle Ghat. The lonely roads with beautiful landscape added more pleasure to our ride.

It was almost dark, we reached the Kooduraste. Shanthi Prasad was called one of known Hotel person to arrange dinner. We all very thankful again to our beloved friend for arranging hot and yummy dinner. The tiered body got energy with hot dinner.

Monsoon Glory
The rain was pouring non-stop, we were not in mood to get wet again. But we have to travel another 3 KMs to reach the night camping place.  Waited for a while, continued our journey.  The entire range was fully dark, only one torch leaded us i.e., again Shanthi Prasad.  At one of the village, dogs were attacked on us, luckily, we escaped.

We were badly tiered after riding 110 KMs long way, reached the night camping place. Our captain already arranged for our stay, kind heart souls spared their DG room for our night camping. We loved the place, our moto is to camp in different place, always we avoid the luxury amenities. Hot water bath added more refresh to tiered body.

Entire night, rain was pouring heavily. Morning was not much varied. We all set our luggage and ready to continue the second day journey. Thanked to the lovely home soul and abide from the beautiful place.

Camping Place
The atmosphere was foggy, the entire range was looking so beautiful. We were in search of morning tea, stopped a pity shop and asked for tea, the reply was “Milk yet to come”. Luckily, we had lemons, asked them to prepare the Lemon Tea. After tea break continued our journey towards the main Bisle Ghat.

Bisle Ghat
Beautiful trail starts from here, the fog was more, hardly the distance was visible, peddling in beautiful valley reached the Bisle Ghat view point.

Bisle Ghat View
Homemade food preserved for today breakfast. Chapati, Paratha, Pickle, Chatney Powder added more taste to hungry stomach. spent good time photography, relaxed sometimes. We could not able to see the valley view, the fog was too much.

Breakfast @ Bisle View Point 
The forest Bisle Ghat trail start from this view point.  Almost 22 KMs we won’t get any civilization, except  thick forest with deep valley. Journey was continued towards Kukke Subramanya. 

Bisle Ghat Beautiful Monsoon
The valley was completely dark, the road was flooded, everywhere streams becomes falls. Enjoying the trail reached Kukke Subramanya by 12 Noon.

Mid of Bisle Ghat
It was challenge to ride on busy road Kukke – Dharmasthala, the vehicle movement was more. The final distance peddling left around 50+ KMs. We had enough of time to reach our destination, took a long break for lunch.

Bisle Ghat
In between the rain was pouring heavily, crossed the Bengaluru – Mangaluru highway and entered the Dharmasthala route. This trail was also busy with heavy vehicles. We about to reach Kokkada, Sudhakar bike chain got crack and Ravi bike rear brakes. Searched for any temporary solutions, but could not. Hired a jeep and loaded two bikes on top, the Dharmasthala was just 15 KMs away.

Boarded Broken Bikes on Jeep
We four members continued our journey. The rolling terrain with non-stop rain reached the temple and finished our ride.

Ending Point - Dharmasthala
Beautify of this tour is, unlimited rain, camping in DG room, homemade yummy food, memorable photography by Santosh Gupta, lovely team members. Thank you so much to all friends and special thanks to Shanthi Prasad and Santosh Kumar.


Bicycle Tour – Chikamagalur to Dharmasthala through Bisle Ghat Bicycle Tour – Chikamagalur to Dharmasthala through Bisle Ghat Reviewed by Vidya S on July 15, 2017 Rating: 5

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