Saturday, March 18, 2017

Summer Trek to Kumara Parvatha [KP]

A person when he loses his confidence in which he loves a lot; a sportsman or any sector individual believes to carry his hobby till last breath and suddenly some obstacle make him worry; the same thoughts passed through my mind when I was struggling to finish Kuduremukha trek last year.  After this trek I could not able go for any hardcore trekking. I wanted to test myself and bring back my confidence. I tried to gain my confidence through some of long cycling rides, however still I had doubt about my fitness. The summer is not ideal to go for any trekking but despite I have chosen Kumara Parvatha which is very tough in this season.
Kumara Parvatha Valley View
I had been to Kumara Parvatha twice before this, the first one was turned Full Moon Night Trek into pre-monsoon and second one with my daughter.  Both the treks, I did from Somavarapete to Kukke Subramanya.  Intentionally decided to do this time in summer from Kukke Subramanya to back. Considering the toughness, I decided to go with very small group, called Shanthi Prasad & Sudhakar. Finally, Shanthi Prasad was agreed to join with me, later Mallikarjun added to our team.
Valley View
The journey started on 17th March 2017 at 9.30 pm in ordinary red KSRTC normal bus. Reached around 5 am to Kukke and got refreshed in the public toilet.  The plan was to cover maximum trail before sun rise.  Both good soul brought home made food for breakfast & lunch, not waiting much time the trek was begun in the pitch dark at 5.25 am.
Selfy before start of the trek at 5 am
Always pleasant to trek in the early morning, the humidity was more, taking a small break reached the open grassland soon.  Spent some good time at view point, continued the journey to Girigadde, Bhattaramane. 
Mid of the way
When we reached the Bhattaramane was around 7.40 am. Unloaded our extra luggage, carried the essential food, water, energy drinks & fruits.

Items of Breakfast
Before the forest office we stopped for breakfast at view point.  Yummy homemade Dosa filled our stomach followed by buttermilk. Thanks to Shanthi Prasad for bringing homemade food.

Breakfast Time
The trek was continued towards KP, finished the forest permission formalities and paid Rs.200/- individual entry fee.  I was very happy and enjoying the trek, the reason was there were any other soul than three of us.  
On the way to Shesha Parvatha
I witnessed KP twice in different conditions. The first one was completely fog & rain where I could not able to see the valley.  The second one was heavy crowd, it was just like some marathon and litter everywhere. 
Now forest department taken strict initiate action not allowing the camping on the peak and taking deposit amount for all plastic stuff.  It is really appreciated to the department efforts to keep nature clean & steady.
Kallu Mantapa
Our journey was continued towards Kallu Mantapa, the valley was dry but two days back rain brought some greenery across the hills.  The sun was slowly itching with his rays, spent some time at Kallu Mantapa and continued our journey.
Towards Kumara Parvatha
Kukke to Kukke definitely a tough trek trail. The entire 13 KMs is ascending and we may get very less flat surface.  Gradual continuous hike will make anyone so tiered. 
Taking small breaks very comfortably reached the Shesha Parvatha around 11.30 am.  Considering the time fact and our pace, decided to take a long break.  Had a Nandini Pista milkshake and relaxed for some time.
Break Time
Shesha Parvatha to KP peak is just one kilometer distance, reached the KP peak by 12.40 noon.  The entire peak was very calm, three souls rested for an hour.  
On the top of Kumara Parvatha
Considering water scarcity, decided to have lunch in between stream of KP & Shesha Parvatha.

Mallikarjun brought dozens of Chapathi & curries.  Filled our hungry stomach and relaxed for quite some time at stream.  Now we met couple of trekkers who were from different trekking groups.  Distributed the additional food them.
Relax near Stream
After long relax decided to head towards the Bhattaramane.  Again, we met one more group who were heading towards KP peak.  

Taking multiple breaks for photograph reached forest check post at 5.30 pm.  Requested the forest official to provide the place for night stay, happily they agreed.
Beautiful Sunset near Forest Checkpost - KP
We witnessed beautiful sunset near checkpost, now the trekker count was increased.  Many of trekkers gathered the place who wanted to complete the trek on next day.

Bhattara house was crowded by trekkers for dinner.  The approximate crowd around 120+, finished the dinner and adieu for the day.

Morning woke up at 6 am, quickly got refreshed and continued our journey to Kukke.  On the way spent some time for morning snacks of Cake.  The descending journey pace much faster, reached the base point at 8.00 am. The one more challenging trek was added in my experience.
Now I am more confident about my fitness and very happy to complete the difficult trek so easily.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Evening Sunset at Mattu Beach

I have mentioned many times in my blog about exploration new places around Udupi District after shifting family to Muniyalu (Tq. Karkala, Dist. Udupi). My family is always interested and enjoyed the entire journey.  We went to Udupi on 11th March 2017 for some work and had lot of time.  I decided to explore the Mattu beach which I read in of the blog.

Mattu beach is unknown to many people which is just 8KMs from Udupi town.  You have to take 3KMs deviation from the highway of Udupi & Mangaluru. The dead end road will take you to the seashore. We must cross a narrow bridge of Paapinashini river.  Only small four-wheeler & auto can cross the bridge.

We reached the beach around 5pm in my car.  The beach looks little deep compare to other normal one.  It was completely lonely except few of local fishermen, later local a family joined on the beach.  

Mattu beach is very clean and neat since not known to the crowd.  

We spent some good time and witnessed beautiful sunset.