Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Day visit to Holy Place – Mantralayam

Mantralayam visit was one of the long pending place in my list of visit.  At last a time came to visit a wonderful holy place with my Reliance friends on 18th February 2017.  Got an invitation from Reliance ex-colleague daughter marriage at Raichuru, so thought to visit Mantralayam too.

We booked the Nanded Express from & too, Bengaluru to Mantralayam Road and back from Raichuru to Bengaluru. 

Ten friends boarded the train on 17th February 2017 around 10.50 pm to Mantralayam Road.  Train was delayed by one hour, reached the station at 9.30 am.  We can get many local taxi of Auto’s and other vehicle to get a drop to Mantralayam which is around 16 KMs from Railway Station.  They have fixed fare of Rs.20/- each.  We hired an auto and headed towards holy place.
One of our friend booked the rooms online, so we did not find much difficult to get the boarding.  The Dharmashala’s maintained well, we occupied two double rooms.  Got refreshed quickly and headed towards Sri Raghavendra darshana.  
The sun was itching very sharply, luckily the crowd was not much.  Very relax finished the darshana, and headed towards Prasada Nilayam.

The empty stomach without breakfast we all badly hungry, filled with delicious prasad.  We could not able to explore much around the temple, since hot weather.
Decided to relax for some time at room and then go to visit Panchamukhi temple.  It is sacred holy place where Raghavendra Swamy did meditation and blessed with five gods.  Only mode of transportation is own vehicle or hired Auto.  We made a good deal of Rs.70/- each to and from Mantralayam to Panchamukhi temple.  The surprise thing, temple is in Karnataka and its around 21 KMs from Mantralayam.
We all had good humpy dumpy ride and reached the temple.  Could be the off season, the devotees were very less, comfortably finished the darshana and headed back to Mantralayam.
Many of us wanted to take one more time of Rayara blessing, so again finished one more round.  We boarded the bus to Raichur at 7.30 pm to attend the marriage.
The short journey was very fun filled and blessed one.  It is very painful to see the Tungabhadre river, not even single drop water was left.  It is indicative of bad rain fall of last year.  Definitely loves to visit again this place in peak monsoon to get the bless of Raghavendra Swamy and glory of Tungabhadre.