Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day Picnic to Kuduremukha with Family

Sindhu, my daughter back to home on midterm vacation for a week from Hostel. Decided all to go a day picnic in Maruti 800 to Kuduremukha which is around 80 KMs from home Muniyalu on 27th November 2016. Leave early morning after finishing breakfast at home and back by evening.

Called Arun about our arrival for lunch. He is well known after the Kuduremukha trek in July of this year.

Finished the breakfast and headed to Kuduremukha. After reaching Balegal, called Arun to understand the road condition. In monsoon except Jeep no any vehicles could reach the Mullodi. He said to drive till his home since road is manageable. With panic I started the ride.

I was witnessed the mud tough road in the monsoon of Kuduremukha around . Now the CC road is built till 4 KMs out of 6 KMs. Enjoyed the ride till CC road end. Now the real challenge started. 

My Maruti 800 is started struggling in the mud road. One point it got struck in boulder, my son started crying. He was more panic, by great struggle car came out.

Thought not take risk, the Arun home was another one KM. Found little place for parking. Started one KM trek, now son is more happy.

Reached Arun home and confirmed about joining for Lunch. Spent good time exploration surrounding area and had spontaneous lunch. 

Now the time to back home, reached safely at 7.30 pm.

Indeed it was great experience to my kids and better half too.

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