Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day Picnic to Kuduremukha with Family

Sindhu, my daughter back to home on midterm vacation for a week from Hostel. Decided all to go a day picnic in Maruti 800 to Kuduremukha which is around 80 KMs from home Muniyalu on 27th November 2016. Leave early morning after finishing breakfast at home and back by evening.

Called Arun about our arrival for lunch. He is well known after the Kuduremukha trek in July of this year.

Finished the breakfast and headed to Kuduremukha. After reaching Balegal, called Arun to understand the road condition. In monsoon except Jeep no any vehicles could reach the Mullodi. He said to drive till his home since road is manageable. With panic I started the ride.

I was witnessed the mud tough road in the monsoon of Kuduremukha around . Now the CC road is built till 4 KMs out of 6 KMs. Enjoyed the ride till CC road end. Now the real challenge started. 

My Maruti 800 is started struggling in the mud road. One point it got struck in boulder, my son started crying. He was more panic, by great struggle car came out.

Thought not take risk, the Arun home was another one KM. Found little place for parking. Started one KM trek, now son is more happy.

Reached Arun home and confirmed about joining for Lunch. Spent good time exploration surrounding area and had spontaneous lunch. 

Now the time to back home, reached safely at 7.30 pm.

Indeed it was great experience to my kids and better half too.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bike Trip: Round Trip around Male Mahadeshwara Betta [MM Hills]

The long pending road trip of Male Mahadeshwara Betta [MM Hills] successfully completed on Sunday of 20th November 2016.  This was our first journey where we come back to home on the same day riding 500 KMs.  A small hike of Rayakottai on the way added one more event list in our journey.

Bengaluru – Kanakapura – Shivana Samudra – Kollegala – MM Hills – Mettur – Rayakottai – Bengaluru

We started the early morning journey around 5.30 am from Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bengaluru.  The weather was very chilled, roads were empty, and morning ride was cool one.  
On the Way
Soon crossing the Kanakapura reached the deviation of Shivana Samudra at 7.30 am.  Many times we passed through this cross, this time we had enough time, so that decided to visit taking 6 KMs deviation from the main road.  We were not enough lucky to view the Bharachukki, the visiting time was mentioned 9 AM to 5 PM.  With heavy heart back towards the main road, on the way spent little time on Wesly Bridge of Kaveri River.
Kaveri River
Journey continued towards Kollegala, reached the town around 8.30 am.  Thought to finish the breakfast, got some descent Shetty Hotel near bus stand. We found very interesting display board in the hotel.
Very Interesting Notice in Kollegala Hotel
Filled our stomach with Puri – Saagu, continued the journey towards MM Hills.  The road conditions will make you tough till the beginning of the MM Hills ghat.  
On the Way to MM Hills
Taking small breaks reached the base of MM Hills.  The entrance of the Ghat was filled with traffic, many people were performing some Pooja.  Thought not to stop, continued our journey to Madeswara betta.  Enjoying the valley, taking small stops in the curves reached the temple by 10.45 am.
Madeshwara Temple
The temple premises was filled with devotees, parked our vehicle near tree shade. The temple premises was filled with crowd since there was a film was shooting.  
Movie Shooting
Not spending much time, we entered in the queue to take bless of Madeshwara.  Hardly took half an hour to finish the darshana and come out from the temple premises.  This was my third visit to this place, every time the surrounding place got completely change.  
Inside the Temple
Always I love to see the old structure and monuments and non-commercial surrounding area.  Perhaps when the word development interfere automatically vanish the old atmosphere.  I have noticed the entire temple premises put the concrete surface and it got completely change.

We thought to take a lunch somewhere in the mid of forest.  Continued our round trip journey towards Mettur.  
On the Way to Mettur
Thankful to Sudhakar for bringing home delicious food of Chapati, curry & veg salad.  Stopped in the mid of forest and finished the lunch.  
Home made yummy food
Spent good time chitchat and continued our journey.  Very soon we passed the Mettur.  Last month we witnessed less water in Krishnaraja Sagara dam and Mettur was also in the same condition.
MM Hills for away view
Reached very soon to Dharmapuri, relaxed sometimes on the road side Hotel.  Asked the Sudhakar about the two route option; first one which you take through highway Krishnagiri – Hosur, the second one is inner route through Rayakottai – Hosur.  He voted for second option, so continued our journey towards Rayakottai.
Mettur Dam
The sudden decision of hiking to Rayakottai taken before 7KMs away from the place.  I did Rayakottai one day trek in 2013 with my daughter.  I was not sure about Sudhakar acceptance, however he agreed to hike.   
Rayakottai Peak
When we reached the base point of the hill was 4.15pm, started our hike.  Taking small breaks reached the top by 5 pm.  We were only two souls in entire top hill.  
On the top of Hill
Cool breeze relaxed our mind and body, spent sometimes and started to descend.  Without break reached the base point at 5.30pm.
Beautiful view from Rayakottai
We thought to fill our hungry stomach, unfortunately did not get any good hotel till Hosur.  Badly required the fuel to our body, filled with yummy Masala Dose continued sailing the Bengaluru traffic.  The epic journey come to an end when we reached the home around 7.50pm.  The overall journey was cool and enjoyed lot.