Monday, August 15, 2016

Day - 3: Monsoon Cycling Around Sahyadri [Amboli to Goa]

Night was very tough to us; woke up early morning and finished the core job. The sound of falls in whole night, was still hitting to our ears. Spent little relaxed time for photography. 

Rain was pouring non-stop; in between it was giving a small break.  All tents were become dirty, struggled little to fold them properly.  Packed our luggage and continued our journey towards Amboli.  Rafi explained about today terrain.  We were happier that, the terrain was rolling down till the Sawantwadi. Started the ride around 7.30 am.

Rolling down terrain, we reached a deviation point where we wanted to visit the KAVALESAD. Rafi explained about the place where we can witness the beautiful water falls.  Asking the villagers continued our journey.  After 3 – 4 KMs from the main road, reached so beautiful place.

It is similar kind of Swapnavel view point, however this valley also very beautiful.  There were countless water falls across the valley.  Spent good time for photography.

We all badly feeling hungry, most of us not had the dinner last night.  Filled our stomach with VADA-PAAV, Corn & Tea.  Now we got good energy to survive till the lunch hour.  After spending good time, adieu to beautiful heaven and continued our journey towards Amboli Falls.

I personally feel, Kavalesad to Amboli village trail is most beautiful of four days cycling journey.  It is open grassland with small villages, both the side paddy fields, light drizzling, sometimes the entire range filled with fog, rolling terrain, countless water small streams.  

I just loved this trail, spending good time for photography reached the Amboli Falls.

As we expected, the crowd was more at falls.  I felt, the crowd was little less compare to last year.

We had not enough space to spend the time, so we continued our journey.  This trail was completely new for me, last year we turned back to Belagavi from Amboli Falls.  There were enough numbers of falls across the valley.  It is similar like our Charmadi Ghat.

Rolling down terrain so soon we hit to Sawantwadi.  It is a Taluk of Sindhudurg district.

According to Vegetarian & Non-Veg, we split into two groups.  Asked the local people about to suggest some good hotel, they recommended to visit SADHALE MESS.  We four continued in search of the mess, there was a shocking!! Many people already waiting outside.  Enrolled our names and waited for our turn, at last we got entry into Mess, had yummy lunch.  Really the food was very tasty.

Rafi & Deepak were waiting us at Sawantwadi Bus Stand.  Soon we also joined with them and discussed about the next trail.  Rafi suggested to take a local bus from Sawantwadi to Assonora (Goa State) which is around 45KMs.  The reason behind this was, first thing it is flat terrain on highway and secondly we have to cover the 4th day trail almost 90+ KMs.  Considering the facts we all agreed to sail in bus. Luckily we got a bus, initially conductor refused to take us, Driver asked us to load the bikes on top.

We all took out our luggage and loaded the bikes on top of the bus.  Suddenly heavy rain started to pouring, by great difficulty Rafi & Arun could manage to load the 4 bikes on top.  Two of the bikes allowed us to take inside the bus.  Quickly removed the front wheels and boarded the bus.  We were little lucky that the bus half portion was completely empty.  Continued our journey towards Assonora, Goa.  Our happy was very short of half empty bus, soon passengers boarded one of the town and it was full pack.  Now we more worried about taking out the bikes through the passengers.  I and Deepak had very humorous incident. We decided to say public that “THUKU NAKA” (In Marathi – Don’t Split) and take out our bikes.  This slogan was written inside the bus for Tobacco chewer.

We were lucky, the bus was completely got empty at Assonora.  Very quickly we took out our luggage, Deepak & Rafi unloaded our Bikes from the top.  We all set ready to continue our journey towards Sanquelim, the night halt destination.

The distance was around 20 KMs, we all decided to pedal fast and reach the camping site.  The terrain was mix of ups & down, the drizzling added cool to our ride.  On the way Rafi bike got puncture, replaced the tube and continued our journey.  

Soon we reached Harvale Sree Rudreshwara Temple.  We can find a beautiful waterfalls beside the temple.

We parked our bikes and taken out the luggage.  Explored the surrounding place of water falls.

Decided to night camp at this beautiful holy place, the challenge is getting the permission from the Temple authorities.  Since Shravana Monday, some special Pooja was held at the premises.  

I, Shanthi Prasad & Rafi went to approach the authorities.  We succeeded to convince then not litter the place and keep calm.  Also they informed about the Prasad [Dinner] at 10pm after the Maha Mangalarati.

Now the time to get refreshed in the cold water.  There was a beautiful natural pushkarani formed by the falls.  We all set to take a holy dip, washed our cloths and got refreshed.  Spent some good time for Bhajan and had yummy Prasad in the night.  We all set into our sleeping bag around 11pm.

The day was cool, comparatively last two days.  Not much terrain, we enjoyed the day.
Day - 4 Journey

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