Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day - 4: Monsoon Cycling Around Sahyadri [Goa to Belgaum]

We all knew the day will be very tough definitely.  Morning birds whisper made us to wake up very early around 5 am.  Quickly finished our morning core job, packed the luggage, and all set to continue the final day journey.  One more round we had photography session and continued towards Sanquileum.  On the way we come across historical caves which are preserved well.

Now the time is to fill our stomach of Breakfast.  Found a descent small “Hotel Manisha Restaurant” at Sanquelim. The breakfast was really tasty; we filled with Vada-Paav, Buns, Samosa, and Tea. Heavy breakfast made us little lazy, however the day stretch a long and long steep ascend to Belagavi was not so easy through Mahadayee & Chorla Ghat.

Arun bus departure was early than all of us, so he decided to move fast departing from the group.  He adieu us from the group and left early.  Now our group become five members, continued our journey towards Chorla Ghat.

Soon we crossed Sanquelim, the steep Ghat welcomed us.  Nothing much experience today except the steep ascend in the Ghat.  We reached on the way a small “ANJUNEM DAM”, Kerim, Sattari - Goa.  The security personnel not allowed us to visit the Dam, continued our journey.

Depends upon our capabilities, we all become solo riders.  Certainly I was the last person, I was enjoying the ride like a solo.  We soon entered into Madei Wild Life Sanctuary.  The roads were lonely except wind; in between the vehicle movement; light drizzling and scarier silent of valley.

Whenever I was feeling tiered, parking the bike side and enjoying the nature.  Lonely roads leaded towards the Belagavi.  Slowly we getting a good hike; the valley become deeper and deeper.  The spectacular view of entire valley was more beautiful.

As beginning said, the stretch was really more challenging for all of us.  I was asking the opposite traveler “Aur kitna door hai ye chadai hai” (for far this steep ascend)? The answer was come down from 25KMs to 2 KMs. 

We ourselves talking each other that, people does not the distance.  Taking multiple breaks at last we reached the Karnataka border by 12 Noon.

Someone said the border is the ending of steep ascend; no it was not.  Continued the journey towards Belagavi.  From the border Belagavi is around 60+ KMs.  Rafi was motivating us showing the GPS about the steep ascend distance and asked us to push further.

Now the time to have the Lunch.  We got a good roadside Dhaba “Hotel Tulasi”.  The hotel was empty and we were the customer.  Ordered Thali to all of us, hot food gave relax to our stomach. Very soon two buses reached the hotel, and it was filled with people.

The next destination was Surla falls.  I had been this place last year too, decided not to visit the falls if it is more than 4KMs.  Luckily the distance from the main road to falls is around 3KMs, so decided to venture it again on bike.

Three KMs stretch again the challenging one, 70% of the stretch is again steep ascend.  Spent some good time, enjoyed the view of Sural falls, and continued our journey towards Belagavi.

At one point of time decided to pool the goods vehicle to drop the Belagavi if time not permit to reach on time.  Considering our short breaks and good ride, Rafi confirmed that we all will reach Belagavi on time.  Few of us made a mind to take a drop in vehicle and finish the journey.  Even I was too tiered and decided to stop the riding and get into some vehicle. BUT my mind was completely ready to accept this!!! I decided myself to stretch where the situation go beyond my control. So I decided to continue the journey.  Shanthi Prasad & Deepak decided to stop the ride and take some vehicle drop.

Rafi again motivated me to finish the trail at Belagavi.  I continued the journey, now the trail is rolling one.  Soon we crossed Khanapur reserved forest, now Belagavi was not away.  Rafi bike got puncture again when we were 11KMs away from Belagavi.  Quickly he changed the tube and continued our journey.

At last we reached the ending point Belagavi Bus stand around 7.40pm.  I and Rafi celebrated the victory to complete the trail from Belagavi Bus Stand to Belagavi Bus Stand.  Got refreshed in the Yaatri Nivas with cold water. Arun was the first person to reach around 3.30 pm. Wonderful speed riding by him.

The bus was scheduled around 10pm, did small shopping around bus stand and finished the dinner.  The bus is arrived on time to stand, loaded our bikes and relaxed in the seat. The body was badly wanted relax, not talking much and taking more time slip in to the sleep.

The over all journey around 300 KMs in four days

Morning reached the Majestic around 7.30 am, unloaded our bikes and re-assembled the front wheels.  Now the time to depart with team; said good bye everyone and assured meet in the next event.  The most memorable epic four days journey ended.

Thanks each one of the member for supporting and accompanying the journey. A special thanks to Mohd Rafi for wonderful organizing the event and giving an opportunity to be part of this expedition.

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