Saturday, June 4, 2016

BIDAR (Native) Round with Friend

After a long gap, decided to visit my home town Bidar for some personal work. Going alone is always painful in the train journey; however I just pinged to my friend Shanthi Prasad to join along with me.  He never refused my request, agreed to give a company. We decided to go on 3rd June 2016 and back on 6th June 2016 early morning.
Ashtoor Tomb
Booked the train tickets a week ahead; very sad; both the ways it was RAC. Started our journey on Friday 3rd June by Yeshvanthapura – Bidar express at 7.10 pm.  Luckily our RAC got confirmed by seat, the journey was good.

We reached Bidar around 9.45 am. as per train on-time. Quickly got refreshed and headed in car as per plan.
Honnikery - Siddeshwara Temple
First we went to Honnikery where is a popular Siddeshwara cave temple.  Siddeshwara is our home god [Manedevru], paid our tribute and explored the surrounding areas.
Mailara - Mallanna Temple
Next we moved to Mailara which is just 5 – 6 KMs from Honnikery.  A popular Mailara Mallanna temple is beside in this village.  After darshana we moved to Gaymukh where a water flow from Nandi mouth.  Since the Amuvasya the places are very crowd.
Shaneshwara Temple
Taken a rest while in the afternoon, evening went to our Farm Land at Chitta around 6 pm.  Explored the area and back to home.  Evening decided to visit couple of places, however the heavy rain disturbed our plan.
My Farmland
Woke very early morning around 5.30 am and left the home by 6 am.  Today we have decided to explore the maximum place by afternoon since the evening train booked for return journey.
Narasimha Jhira Temple
First we visited the Narasimha Jhira. We can find unique Narasimha Temple where you have to go 300 meters underwater in cave.  Due to peak summer and lack of last year monsoon, the spring got completely dry.  The authorities were not allowing anyone to enter in the cave.  Paid our darshana at entrance. While coming back visited underground cave temple Sri Shanthalingeshwara, Mangalapeth, Bidar.  
Madiwaleshwara Temple Cave - Mangalapeth
It is not known to many people, however I spent almost my childhood summer days in this cave temple, simply I love this place. Now the next destination is Ashtoor.
Ashtoor Tomb
At Ashtoor we can find many unknow tombs & darghas around Bidar city.  Decided to visit few popular one, visited few tombs at Ashtoor village.
Ashtoor Tomb
Next we moved towards old city, on the way visited Choubara & very historical Mohammed Gavan Madarasa [University].
Mohd. Gawan University - Madarasa
After these headed towards Bidar Fort.  Morning weather was very pleasant, sometimes it was light drizzling which is additional flavor to the climate.  
Bidar Fort
My two niece joined with us all the way.  Explored the fort and headed towards Gurudwara Sri Nanak Jhira Saheb.
Inside Fort
We all were very hungry; the time was 9.45 am; decided to finish the breakfast.  Had yummy breakfast at Gurudwara premises hotel.
Sri Nanak Jhira Saheb - Gurudwara

I have a special attachment with Gurudwara; loves to visit frequently.  I am very proud myself serving a long 10 years’ service in Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College at different level of functions.  I am very well versed with customs and traditions of Sikh.
Paid our darshana at Gurudwara, explored the surrounding area and headed towards Papanash.
At Papanash you can find a Shivalinga.  In puranas it is mentioned that; Rama while returning from Lanka to vanish his papa performed a special Pooja and established Shivalinga.

The time was around 2.00 pm, decided to head towards home.  The return train departure timing was 6 pm.  Finished the lunch spent good time with family and reached station in-time. Our RAC were not confirmed in seats, traveled with difficulties entire night.

The overall trip was fruitful to me and hope my friend enjoyed lot.

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