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Revisit to Nishani Motte exit at Kurudi Kerala

Nishani Peak
In my travel diary few places are visited repeatedly, the reason is mother nature and beauty of the place. Nature will never disappoint you, the season make you difference of the experience of that particular place. Yes!!! Nishani Motte is the one where revisited on 12 – 13th March 2015 with like minded trek friends.
Beautiful Valley from Camp Site
In the last visit of Nishani trek we wanted to cover Kurudi, however it was not successful since the peak monsoon.  We dropped the plan considering two facts; the first one was long stretch around 20+ KMs in the dense leeches infected area and secondly we need to cross few streams which was very challenging one. 
Valley View
This time especially wanted to cover Kurudi and exit at Kerala.  The forest permission and other formalities done by my best buddy Shanthi Prasad and the team ready to conquer Nishani Motte.  The team was ready with 12 friends and booked Tempo Travel [TT].

Bengaluru – Bhagamandala – Talakaveri – Nishani Motte [Night Halt]
Nishani Motte – Kurudi – Bhagamandala – Bengaluru


Reached very early morning to Bhagamandala, finished the morning core job at public toilet.  Many of us brought homemade food for breakfast & lunch.  We all sat roundly in the forest office premises finished yummy breakfast.
Bhagamandala Sangama
The forest official were reached around 8.30 am, paid the fees and completed other formalities.  Trek starting point is Talakaveri which is around 8 KMs from Bhagamandala.  We all again boarded to our TT and reached Talakaveri.  

Many of the friends were first time visit to this place, given 10 minutes time to finish the Kaveri darshana.  The brought grocery items were equally distributed among all of us.  Team was ready to conquer the Nishani Motte.  This time very friendly and cool guard Jayakumar joined with us.
Initial Jeep Track of the Trek
Initial path on jeep track, soon we entered in the forest range.  On the way we had fund of photography.
Busy in Photography
Fun on the way

The March summer sun was hitting hard to us, enjoying the valley reached the lunch point.  Finished our lunch and relaxed sometime in the shade.
Relax in the Jungle
I was recalling memories of the previous trek, where we all struggled lot with monsoon rain, leeches and wind.  This time except the sun itch nothing was challenging, the best part was the valley visible.  Enjoying the trail we soon reached the most difficult stretch.
The Final Difficult Stretch
Nishani trek the last stretch will squeeze our energy.  We were enough lucky, when reached this point sun was completely hided in clouds.  The atmosphere got completely change, now the cool breeze welcomed us.  Taking multiple breaks we all reached the Nishani peak.
On the Way to the Peak
The joy of reaching the top was not explained in the words.  Clouds were passing through us, cool wind kissing our bodies, we all busy in photography.  Who can imagine, having a yummy Bhelpuri on the top of the Nishani, it was unbelievable.  We prepared the Bhelpuri and enjoyed it with beautiful weather.
Bhelpuri preparation on the Peak
Group Pic on Peak
After spending good time, moved towards the Nishani Anti Poaching Camp [APC] for night halt.  Descending was not took more time.

Nishani APC
Smiling two Forest Guards welcomed us. Unloaded our luggage, hot water ready for refreshment.  One by one all took hot water bath, the dinner preparation team was busy.  This time Chandru was lead, we all assisted him.  Finished the yummy dinner and spent some good time in chitchat.  Few of us slept outside the APC.


The morning was pleasant, I slept outside the APC.  Everyone was busy in photography and morning core job.  Breakfast preparation team was engage in their work.  We had lot of fun during the breakfast.  Packed our luggage and ready to venture a long and long journey of Kurudi.
Breakfast Preparation
Guide was suggested to leave as early possible else it was tough to cover up.  The time was 8 am, we started our journey.  
On the way to Kurudi
The valley was so beautiful in the morning, taking many photographs continued our journey.  The Nishani peak is visible again from other side.  Soon we entered in the dense forest.
Beautiful Valley
Indeed, the journey is not so easy in the monsoon.  Sun rays struggling to reach the earth in this range, we can imagine about the dense of forest.  Taking multiple breaks reached a small stream.  
Relax Time!!!!
The humidity was more, we all were sweating very badly.  Got refreshed in the stream and decided to take a break for Lunch.  Finished the packed lunch and relaxed for some time.
Cool Relax after difficult trek
The journey again it was continued, there was no end.  Walking on the shattered leaf is really difficult one, soon we entered Kerala.  Taking multiple breaks reached the last stretch.  
Fun time
We found so beautiful stream which was very essential for the tiered bodies.  One by one jumped into water.  Spent good time in playing and photography.
Enjoying the Stream
After the cool refreshment continued journey.  Reached the small village where we hired a TT to drop us at Kerala – Karnataka border.  
Exit at Kurudi - Kerala
Considering the cost effectiveness, decided to hire the Kerala TT to drop us at border.  We all boarded the TT continued our journey towards Border.  Our TT was waiting on the border, board the vehicle headed towards Bengaluru.

Finished the dinner at Madikeri and reached namma Bengaluru around 4am.  The trek was really memorable one for long stretch. Overall trek was around 36KMs in two days.

Entire Team

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