Friday, March 25, 2016

Unsuccessful Journey to Kadalibana (Srisailam)

Sometime unsuccessful journeys also remembered long time; the effort we put to get success whereas it turned opposite, which makes you more frustrate; later the failure make you to remember more and more the attempted moments; motivate you again to accept challenges to venture again. Yes this fruitless – unsuccessful journey to Kadalibana trek which is near Srisailam, Andhra Pradesh between 25 – 27th March 2016.

Kadalibana is a divine place of AKKAMAHADEVI saint which you need to travel in Krishne river around 16 KMs from Srisailam, trek around 6 – 7 KMs in dense forest.  For more details you can google it.

The initiative begun by myself and Sudhakar to have a Bullet Bike ride to Srisailam.  Later we decided to cover the Kadalibana trek.  I googled the information and got the contact details of boat rider who take us across the river.  It comes to know that, now the Government of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana made a strict rule not allow any private boats and not to venture without proper permission.  The minimum count for permission is not less than 20 members.

Then we changed the plan, invited my younger brother Mahadev & cousin Veeresh.  Briefed about our journey; happily they agreed and taken the ownership to get the forest permission and make team size 20.  Parallel spoke to my friends at Bengaluru, the team was ready with 7 members from here & rest from Bidar and Hyderabad.


We started our journey in Sudhakar Alto Maruti Car from Kolar at 5.00 am.  Suresh, Shanthi Prasad & Sudhakar reached my home in the previous night from Bengaluru. Later Sreeharsha and team joined us at Madanapalli.  The morning weather was pleasant soon we hit to Raichoti.

Decided to finish the breakfast nearby roadside hotel.  Delicious Poori-Idli-Wade filled our stomach and continued the journey. We did not feel tiered much, comfortably reached the Srisailam around 3pm.  

I had been in constant touch with Bidar-Hyderabad team about journey. Finished our lunch in the hotel and relaxed for sometimes.

We were not sure about our camping tonight, depended on the Bidar team. It knew they started late from native, so expected to arrive not before 10pm.  We decided to finish the Sri Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga darshana.  Queue was not much, it took hardly one hour to finish the Darshana.  Parked our cars in the lot, had relaxed round around temple premises.

The team reached the 10pm to Srisailam. Happy to see many old close friends in the team.  I was so happy to meet all of them. Eranath, Pradeep Zanjeere, Anil Swamy whom I met very long time back. Now the challenge to get the night halt place, they also blank about the stay. We found accommodation in Dattagiri Ashrama, booked two rooms.  They brought home made food, we all had the dinner and discussed about tomorrow journey.

There was a challenge for us, it is clearly understood that without forest permission we can’t attempt to proceed Kadalibana.  We have to reach Achampet forest office and get the permission paying the government fees.  The Achampet is around 100+ KMs away from Srisailam, again it was challenging to cover 200+ KMs up and down.  Decided to go 4 members in Car in the early morning and get the permission at the earliest.

Few of us slept outside the warranda and other inside two rooms.  Night was chilled, mind was rolling down about tomorrow consequences.


I could not sleep properly, woke up so early at 5 am.  Finished the morning core job and hurry other to get ready.  I, Sudhakar, Pradeep, Mahadev & Veeresh left to Achampet around 6 am.  We reached around 8 am, the office gate was still close.  Parked our car and enquired about the timings.  One of the staff said, the officials will reach at 10 – 10.30 am post that only the things will move.  Searched a descent hotel for breakfast.  I feel, this was one of the most delicious homemade breakfast had in my life.  Jolada Rotti, different curry, Malt Liquid, pickle etc.

The official one by one reaching to office.  I ever had such a worst experience with Forest Office yet, there was no manner and curtsy to attend the visitors.  One of the Attender acting as if an Officer, there was openly demanding the bribe.  By great difficulty and begging for the permission to the Officials, paying Rs.2000/- bribe and fees got permission for the trek.

The team at Srisailam constant touch with us about the status, we asked them to be ready to start the journey.  There was one more challenge for us, the last boat to Kadalibana will leave at 2.30 pm, and we have to reach before that to start the trek.  When we received the permission the time was 1.30pm.  It was not so easy us to cover 100+ in an hour.

Reached the Srisailam at 3.30pm, again we have to undergo some formalities.  Again the time to beg the officials, by great difficulties they agreed to take us.  We have to go through cable car to down near the river where we have to board the boats.

When the time is very bad, the things always go wrong!!!! We were very unlucky and destiny was decided not to allow the trek. When we boarded the cable car suddenly stopped the engine.  The engine broke down, they tried and tried, it could not get start.  We all were very upset and complained to our destiny. The officials asked us to vacate the place since it was non-repairable condition.

No one was happy, our all efforts in vain. Very upset and sad moments to all of us.  With pain hearted all gathered near by garden.  We had fun filled activities, my friend Eranath sung Folk songs. 

I and other went to official to requesting allow us tomorrow early morning so that same day we can come back to Srisailam. Initial they refused, however agreed and asked us to come at 8 am.  We were happy for that moment, shared the updates to all friends.

The tomorrow hope made us little joy on our face.  We decided to camp in somewhere remote place and enjoy the night out.  Got a wonderful place nearby and dumped our luggage. 

The evening was pleasant, all were happy, had a small walk inside the forest.  Homemade snacks with masti spent good fun time.

We prepared the Puliyogare for the dinner, everyone finished the dinner and relaxed for sometimes.  The camping place was really awesome till midnight. 

Suddenly we heard a big shout, the monkeys were ready to attack on us.  Surprise to see Monkeys were active in the midnight, few of us awoke to protect our luggage and other things.  The night was painful indeed.


We gave strict instruction all of them to be ready by 7.30 am.  Finished our breakfast and rushed towards the cable car departure venue.  The one more disappointment message was ready!!! Idiot officer mentioned “We asked you all to be present here at 7.00 am and you are late.  We can’t take you now”.  The god & destiny again was not in our favor, we argued, requested, begged!! Nothing was changed their mind and intention.  With pain heart we all decided to turn back to our destination.

I was completely disturbed and sad, after so much effort the venture was unsuccessful. We all decided to do this trek again sometime.  We were ready for alternate plan to visit the Akkamahadevi caves.  The journey is similar the Kadalibana, except further trek of 6KMs in dense forest.  We paid the ferry fees and boarded for memorable journey.

The 16KMs long journey in the Krishne river was thrilling, both the side the cliff make you more scary.  

The ferry was filled with people, after an hour reached the Akkamahadevi caves.  Journey was really worthy, spent good time with photograph and turned back to Srisailam.

Now the time was adieu to team and head towards namma Bengaluru.  The target to reach Bengaluru max by 11pm, continued our journey.  Back journey decided to go through Karnool, where we can enjoy the highway ride and also reach soon to Bengaluru.  

Till the Karnool road condition was very bad, the ghat narrow road made our journey slow.  Reached the Karnool at 7pm, decided to finish the early dinner and continue.  We found descend Punjabi Daba where we had yummy dinner.  The highway journey leaded to Bengaluru, reached in the midnight 1 am.

Of course, the Kadalibana trek was fruitless, however the epic journey, place, fun, effort to get permission, meeting with new and old friends, three long days road trip all are precious and memorable one.  I definitely once again arrange the Kadalibana trek and venture without fail.

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