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Half a Day Rainy Ride to Horsley Hills [Mallammana Konda]

The cyclone effect was since almost a week, the clouds are pouring like anything. Not able to ride bicycle entire a week. Suddenly thought why not to go somewhere one day ride on my Splendor in the rain. Initially I planned to go solo ride to Yelagiri, considering the weather condition and distance switched to Horsley Hills at last moment.

Route Chosen:
Kolar - Srinivasapura - Madanapalli - Horsley Hills - B Kothakota - Srinivasapura - Kolar

Horsley Hills is a small hill near Madanapalli, Chittor District in Andhra Pradesh.  It is around 100 kms away from Kolar.  It is very difficult to convince anyone to go a long ride in the rain.  Informed at home that, going for photography to Antaragange Betta which is within a city limits.

I left the home around 6.45 am with rain gears.  The journey is passed through Kolar - Sreenivasapura – Madanapalli – Horsley Hills.  The weather was very cold and rain was on its non-stop job.  Taking small breaks reached the Horsley hills around 9.30 am.  

After Madanapalli, you have to take Ananthapuram highway road.  The distance from Madanapalli to Horsley Hills is around 30kms.  The beautiful ascend of ghat is around 9 KMs.  You have to pay Rs.10/- entry fees for two wheeler and Rs.25/- for four wheeler. I enjoyed the ghat ride.

On the top of the Horsley Hills, there is a small town.  Roads are pretty well maintained.  There is a Resort which runs by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh and also find many petty shops. Finished my Breakfast in the resort hotel with paying Rs.103/-.  Roamed the entire hill and spent well enough of time.  It is very perfect one day outing place with family and kids.

The rain was still on it job, decided to turn back.  While coming back, I took a route Horsley Hills – B Kotthakota – Gownipalli – Sreenivasapura – Kolar.  The road condition is not so good compare to Madanapalli route.  Two wheeler can manage this stretch, however recommend Madanapalli route for four wheeler.

Enjoying the rain reached the home by 1.15 pm.  Unfortunately I could not able to capture photographs in my DSLR.  The overall solo ride in rain was memorable one.

Total KMs: 208

Half a Day Rainy Ride to Horsley Hills [Mallammana Konda] Half a Day Rainy Ride to Horsley Hills [Mallammana Konda] Reviewed by Vidya S on November 15, 2015 Rating: 5

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