Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day-2: Road Trip to Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi & Kanyakumari

Second Day Journey

Dhanushkodi - Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari
Second day was very interesting & painful day; the team separated on the way even though having the latest technology gadget viz., Google Map, Mobile etc.
The day is started early; we have to cover many places.  

The plan & route was chalked out:
Rameshwaram – Dhanushkodi – Rameshwaram – Witness Sunset at Kanyakumari

Got up very early around 5 am, got refreshed and had tea nearby lodge.  Loaded our luggage to bikes and headed towards Dhanushkodi.  The distance is hardly 15 KMs, the beauty of trail is awesome.  On the way the sun raised; reached the Dhanushkodi around 8 am.

Parked our bikes near a pity shop where we had fruits and juice.  Some places I love very much even though it is completely abounded. In practically nothing we can find except haunted Dhanushkodi village, shattered buildings & beautiful beach.  However I loved this place very much like Hampi.  I got to know very surprise about the sea; one side the waves are very high and another side it was very calm like a river.  I personally don’t know the scientific fact behind this, loved this place.

Regular local tempo carries the travelers to Dhanushkodi haunted village on regular basis.  They charged us around Rs.150/- each.  Journey on beach in Tempo was new experience in my life; took enough of pics.  Tempo mainly stops two places; one where we can see haunted church, school, railway station and second one near Ramasethu, Srilanka border.  The cab driver said, Srilanka is hardly 22KMs away from this point. 

At each place gave us half an hour time to explore the place. We spent well enough of time taking photographs.  Photos speak the beauty of this place.

Back from the beautiful beach visit of Dhanushkodi, further moved towards Rameshwaram.  Whenever Rameshwaram touch my ear, remember the great visionary & beloved our President APJ Abdul Kalam home town.  We visited the Kalam sir home.  

In the first floor, we can find his great achievement history with beautiful photographs.  They are maintained very well.  The painful part is on the same building at 2nd floor, stalled a commercial women stationery shop which is irrelevant to his residence.

We were already late by half a day; the original plan was to reach Kanyakumari before noon. Finished our lunch at hotel and headed towards Kanyakumari.  The bikes were on its pace, the twisting breaking point was at Ramanathpuram.

At some point of time, we got departed from Vijay & Kiran bikes; we chased few kilometers could not find them.  They tried to call us; however the mobile were in the bag so could not able to contact each other till 5.30 pm.  We were in the dilemma that they were ahead of us.  When we reached Tirunelveli the time was 6.00 pm.  It was almost getting dark.  Understood they are very far behind us around 80 KMs.  After conversation with them; they asked us to move towards Nagarcoil where night halt was decided.

We stopped a while at Tirunelveli for tea break.  Asked few of locals about Kanyakumari way, they suggested taking some internal route Sathankulam which was short route.  We about to take that route; suddenly got in my mind why not to check once in the google map.  When we checked in google, it was suggested to take highway route where we can move fast and safe.  Ignored the person suggestion and moved with google map.

On the way I was keep on updating our movement status to rest of the team.  Alas! they did the mistake taking the internal route which we ignored.  When I called they already missed highway route of Nagarcoil; now the distance between us was more.

Chandrkanth cousin Dr. Praveen is staying in Nagarcoil where he arranged our dinner and stay for night.  They asked us to move and reach the Nagarcoil and wait for them.  I and Sudhakar reached comfortably to Praveen home at round 9.30 pm.  Got refreshed taking bath and had yummy hot dinner.

When we called the team, they were almost 120 KMs away from Nagarcoil.  We decided to retire for the day and wait for them.  The day was very painful all of them losing a good trail.  The team is rejoined us at midnight 1.00 am.  There words and face were indicated us that they really disappointed on us.  A small turn departed us almost 10 hours.
                                                                                        Day-3 Journey

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