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Day-3: Road Trip to Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi & Kanyakumari

Third Day Journey

Kanyakumari Exploration – Back to Bengaluru
Yesterday painful departed story was echoing today also.  We all set to witness beautiful sun rise at Kanyakumari. Left the home early and reached well in advance at venue.  This is my second visit to Kanyakumari; I had very bitter experience solo travel to Kanyakumari in 2012.

The place was very crowded; people were waiting the beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately sun was not visible till 7. 30 Am; the cloud hided him. Explored the nearest place and decided to visit the famous Vivekananda Rock.

The ticket queue was very lengthy for rock visit, decided to finish the breakfast before heading towards queue. Finished breakfast at the nearest hotel and stood in the queue.  Enjoyed the shopping experience while in the queue.

We all boarded a small ferry which took us Vivekananda Rock.  Explored around places doing fun of photography.  The place is unique and most beautiful, I love this place.

Back from the rock and headed back to Nagarcoil.  Our original schedule was pushed almost 12 hours delay.  Many of us not slept properly last night, so we put two options.  The first option is take rest till early morning 2 am and then proceed; second option is take rest till 9 pm and leave in the night itself.  Most of the team members voted the second option.  We finished the lunch at hotel and retired for the day.

Woke up evening 6 pm and the packed our luggage.  We all ready to leave Bengaluru in the night.  The night journey is not recommended on the two wheelers, however considering the Monday rushing to office everyone decided to take a risk.  Promised each one of the biker not to ride above 60KM/h and take a break each 60-70 KMs.

The initial journey again indicated us about very tough journey, drizzling started within 5 minutes of our journey.  We covered our luggage to avoid any damages, continued our journey.  By the grace of god, rain stopped and our bike pace got increased.

Really it is not so easy to ride the bikes on highway in the night, taking multiple breaks reached midnight Madurai.  Few of members wanted to take a long break; parked bikes near Dhaba had chitchat till 3 am.  Again continued our journey to Bengaluru.  The time was around 4.30 am, many of us fully tiered and wanted to take small nap somewhere.  Found a good village Bus stop shelter, parked bikes and slept almost two hours.

The sun rays were itched us, we all opened our eyes.  A small nap gave us more energy and refreshment.  Finished morning core job and continued our journey.  Now the stop for breakfast, the food was really yummy.

When we reached the Salem, the clock was ticked to 11 am.  We all sent SMS for extension of a day leave.  There was no chance to reach Bengaluru before afternoon.  Enjoying the ride, taking multiple breaks reached Krishnagiri around 1.30 pm.  Finished the lunch roadside restaurant and continued journey.

The last stretch again the rain welcomed us with it shower, removed our jackets and continued journey in the rain.  I got down at Hosur to proceeded Kolar; however the day was leave for me in the office.  Night journey without sleep made me tiered; luckily I got a seat in the bus.  I reached the Kolar evening around 4 pm and thankful to god and team reached home safely.

The journey will be remembered forever, the team, the trail, the long ride, departing from the team, beautiful beaches, historical places, overall a long and long night ride without sleep.


Day-3: Road Trip to Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi & Kanyakumari Day-3: Road Trip to Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi & Kanyakumari Reviewed by Vidya S on October 04, 2015 Rating: 5

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