Saturday, August 15, 2015

Monsoon Road Trip to Triple Falls – Sural, Tilari & Amboli Falls

Sural, Tilari & Amboli Falls
I have been trekking and traveling around Western Ghat often, got a very good opportunity to do road trip to visit triple water falls with lovely bunch of like minded new friends.  I got invitation from Vijayanand, a very good friend whom I met in one of the trek.  The plan is visit around Sural, Tilari & Amboli Falls on 15 & 16th August 2015.  The invitation passed to my other buddies Sudhakar, Shanthi Prasad & Chandrakanth.  They all are agreed since it will be our first visit to Sahyadri range.

Vijay has sent the entire itinerary and the other details to all of us.  The WhatsApp group made us easy to know the time to time updates. We all ready to venture Sahyadri range.  The beauty of this trip was all are unknown except Vijay.


Bengaluru – Belagavi – Sural Falls – Tilari Falls – Night Camp
Tilari Falls – Amboli Falls – Hiranyakeshi Temple – Belagavi – Bengaluru


Vijay booked 21 seat bus and fixed two pickup points.  I, Shanthi Prasad & Chandrakanth boarded from Shanthala Silk.  Already there were four members inside the bus and waiting for us.  The second point was Raja Rajeshwari Nagara where most of the friends boarded the bus. We had a small introduction session inside the bus and the journey continued.


Reached early morning of Independence Day around 7 am to Belagavi.  It was decided to refresh at Parixit home, who is one of the friend in this trip.  We all got refreshed and ready to continue our further journey.  Tasty coffee served by good souls.  We started our journey to Sural falls around 10 am.  Finished yummy breakfast at one of the famous hotel Ramdev in Belagavi.
Beautiful view on the way
After the breakfast, we headed towards Sural falls.  It is around 50 kms away from Belagavi.  On the way we stopped for multiple photo session.  The weather was awesome and enjoyed everyone.  We reached the view point of Sural falls.  There is an entry fee to reach the view point, unfortunately the revenue is going to Goa state.  This year monsoon is very weak, unfortunately the falls is not in its glory, however it is not disappointed to the visitors.  Spent good time in photography and left the place.
Sural Falls
The next destination is to reach Tilari Falls.  The distance was around 100+ and it is in Maharashtra state.  We have paid the Maharashtra Entry tax after entering into the border.  The weather and awesome and entire range is green carpet. 

Around 5 pm reached the Tilari falls.  The clouds were covered entire the range and it becomes dark.  The vehicle is dropped us nearest point around a KM ahead since the road was not god for big vehicles.  However the cars and other were driving frequently.
Path towards Tilari Falls
The place is really so wonderful and best in its nature.  Everywhere we can see different sizes falls.  The valley was very scary; a wrong step will take our valuable life.  While visiting this stretch, be careful.  Again the photography session with group wise, individual and selfie.
Tilari Falls
We all felt that spent time was not enough to enjoy the nature, missed this place and headed towards our night camp. 

Beautiful Valley
Parixit already booked a Green Valley resort, near Tilari village for our night stay.  The resort location is very scenic, we all settled in the respective rooms.  Relax walk around the resort, finished the dinner and retired for the day.
Green Valley Resort- Night Camping

The morning alarm woke up around 5 am.  We all headed towards to enjoy the valley around the Tilari village.  

Indeed the fog beautiful morning filled our soul with scenic view.  Spent good time and headed back to resort.  

We finished breakfast on the way to resort.

After checkout from the resort headed towards Amboli falls.  The weather was very chilled and expected to pour any time.  The drizzling added extra joy to our trip.  The way to Amboli was very scenic valley.  Suddenly saw a huge traffic jam on the highway, understood we are close the falls.
Amboli Ghat
This year the monsoon was not much, however the falls was not disappointed to the visitors.  I got shock to see the crowd and vehicle jam on the highway.  Everywhere people were in full cheerful and more eager to enjoy the falls.  
Amboli Falls
With great difficulties got a place to park our vehicle.  Almost a KM walked towards falls and just got stunned to see the people.  It was completely filled with tourist, there was no place at all.  The rain was pouring good pace.  Couple of our friends jumped into the crowd and enjoyed the falls.
Crazy Crowd!!!!!
I was very upset to see the crowd behavior, most of them having the liquor in the public place. Most of the people put high volume loudspeakers in their vehicles and polluting entire environment.  

The police was watching all drama silently.  

Making promise myself to visit this false some other monsoon, headed back towards Belagavi.  On the way we visited the Hiranyakeshi temple.
Hiranyakeshi Temple
Reached comfortably Belagavi in the evening, had yummy paratha in the famous hotel.  The journey is continued towards Bengaluru.  Reviewing the two days wonderful road trip with lovely bunch of friends reached early morning.

I am so happy to meet many versatile talented friends in this journey.