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Long Weekend – Long Drive to Goa on Royal Enfield

Long weekend always tempt me to go away from Bengaluru and enjoye the travel.  I love more travel than being idol at home.  The long weekend holiday 1 – 3rd May 2015 was really made me confuse to choose the place. Finally decided to go long drive somewhere on Sudhakar's Royal Enfield.  My ever best friend Sudhakar was not confirmed about his availability, since he was busy in his office important task.  I made my mind set to go solo, if he could not join with me.  I had couple of route plans in my mind and at last moment we thought why not Goa!!!!

I surfed many blogs, travels, planning and other information on Google.  Plan was ready; however my friend not yet confirmed.  At any point of time, I was not ready to vain three days holiday.  The green signal came from Sudhakar on 29th April 2015; I was sure he will not miss this.  We had very less time for preparation; he gave the Bullet for servicing; contacted his friend about route map and arrangement.  We had a plus point that; Sudhakar’s one of good friend is from Goa.  He will be taken care about our stay, route map, local sightseeing etc.  It was not so easy to convince at home about long drive on bike, however I assured about our safety.  The day is arrived!!

Itinerary as below:

1st Day:
Bengaluru – Tumakuru – Sira – Chitradurga – Davanagere – Haveri – Bankapura – Mundagodu – Yellapura – Ankola – Karawara – Mandgaon [Margao] – Night Halt at Benalium Beach

2nd Day
Mandgaon – Old Goa Churches – Panaji – Latin Quarters – Aguda Fort – Baga Beach – Vagator Beach – Chapora Fort [Sun Set] – Saturday Night Bazar – Baga Beach [Night Halt]

3rd Day
Baga Beach – Panaji – Mulem – Dharawad – Hubli – Haveri – Davanagere – Chithradurga – Tumukur – Bengaluru

Morning was very shocking, the alarm did not ring and our sleep was extended till 3.00 am.  The plan was to leave around 2.30 am, we got refreshed and left the home around 3.40 am.  We were running almost an hour from our planned schedule.  The cool breeze and little early morning traffic made slow of our pace.  We took our first small break near Sira toll.

Taking multiple breaks reached the Bankapura around 9 am.  We have to take a diversion from NH 4 and move towards Karwar high way.  The country side road was beautiful however our pace become slow.

Passing through Mundgodu soon we reached to Yellapur by 10.30 am.  We are very ahead time as per our previous plan.  Searched a good hotel and finished breakfast, we spent almost 45 minutes.  From Yellapura the road is very scenic, now we got the traffic heat.  Since it is major connectivity road to Karawara and Mangaluru, the road was full of big trucks.  The ghat drive was beautiful, after the forest stretch reached to Ankola.

Sudhakar called to his friend Ravi and took the detailed on the way journey.  Again taking multiple stops reached the Karawara around 12.30.  The coastal heat was making little tiered, spent little time on the nearby beach.  Crossing the Kali river bridge soon entered into the Goa territory.  Now the road becomes again scenic.  We entered the Goa from south side which is more greenery and the Ghats.

We landed on Goa Palolium Beach around 2.40 pm.  The beach was not much crowded by tourist.  Really it is one of the best beaches in the Goa.  We spent almost two hours on this beach and headed towards Mandgao [Margao].

Ravi has given detailed direction to reach his place.  We met him and had evening snacks in one of the Kamath Hotel.  I could able to see only one Kamath Hotel in the entire my stay in the Goa.  After the break we went to Benalium beach which is very close to Mandgao.  The beach side hotels made more beautiful to this beach.

Now the time to search for night stay; Ravi took us to the nearest Lodge who charged us Rs.600/- for a day.  Understand that now it is off season, whereas the same room will be charged not less than Rs.2000/-.  The room was very neat and clean and had double cot.  Dumped our luggage and got refreshed.

We backed to beach again.  Ravi gave detailed route map and places to visit for tomorrow.  He is a professional photographer, good writer and a motivator.  He gave many tips about the photography.  We relaxed on the beach and witnessed the beautiful sunset.  Now the time to adieu Ravi, we are very thankful to him.

We again headed towards the Benalium beach.  Spent some time and decided to finish the dinner.  I can say it is one of the more romantic dinners on seashore.  They put the dining table on the edge where waves touch our feet.  The candle light dinner was very beautiful one.  We were on beach till night 11.30pm.

We woke up around 5 am and again back to beach.  Tiered less waves touching our feet, the beach was totally void. I spent lot of time on photography; Sudhakar showed his Yoga skills on the beach.  Back to the room at 7 am and left towards our journey.

We finished our breakfast in the Kamath Hotel and headed towards Old Goa.  The old Goa is famous for its beautiful ancient Churches.  One by one we visited five beautiful Churches.

Next destination is Panaji, the capital city of Goa.  We found more traffic on the way.  Visited the old ancient Church and Latin colony.  After spending some time we headed towards Aguda fort.  Before that we visited many beaches.

Aguda fort is a beautiful view on top of the hill.  We can see the far away small ships and cruiser.  Spending some more time headed towards our home stay Baga Beach.

Ravi, well in advance informed to the owner of the home stay who is a friend of him.  Dumped our luggage and got refreshed, next point is Baga beach. I personally not recommend anyone to visit this most crowded beach.  After dipping in the sea spent more time relaxing on the beach.

Our next destination was Vagator beach and Chapora Fort.  Loved the Chapora Fort where we witnessed beautiful sunset.  It is very popular place where Dil Chahata Hai movie is pictured. After sunset also we spent more time on the walls.

Back to homestay and got refreshed.  There was a Saturday Night Bazar which was very close to our stay.  Took a small Jolly ride into the market, there was performing Orchestra as a cultural event. Spending little more time back to the room and relaxed.  The day was end around 11.30 pm

The day is come to return back to Bengaluru.  Left the Baga beach around 5.30 am, through Panaji hit to the Belagavi Goa highway.  Morning ride is always cool and pleasant.  Our first break was at Mullem, which is very close place for Dudhsagar.

From Mullem to Alnavar road is very scenic. The Ghat section ride is more adventurous and beautiful.  Taking multiple breaks reached Dharawad very soon.  Till Hubli bypass  we did not counter any good hotels.

Took breakfast on roadside petty shop, the breakfast was spontaneous.  We decided not to take multiple breaks on the way and set the target to reach by 4 pm Bengaluru.  Every stretch was minimum 120 kms and soon reached to Sira at 2 pm.  Finished the lunch and headed towards Bengaluru.  

We were very happy about the journey, suddenly twist in the way.  After crossing the Tumukur toll, started to pour heavy rain.  We had very less time to save our valuables, stopped the road side shop and packed our all items in the bag.  The wind was more and rain with thunder and storm.

The journey become challenging, though not to stop more started our journey in the rain.  The rain was more surprise, after few kilometers not even single drop.  We reached back safely to home around 7.00 pm.

It was three days most memorable journey which becomes history in our life.  Thanks to god and bike we returned back safely.  Mine twisting again to our next destination…………

Long Weekend – Long Drive to Goa on Royal Enfield Long Weekend – Long Drive to Goa on Royal Enfield Reviewed by Vidya S on May 01, 2015 Rating: 5


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