Saturday, April 18, 2015

Swimmer Paradise - Nagala Trek (West)

Crystal clear natural water pools, countless small water falls, endless dives in the pools, wild night camping in the deep jungle, yummy Bhelpuri - Puliyogare - Coffee - Soup, no bond of enjoyment from kids to adult, unforgettable and most memorable trek with family to Nagala West on 18 – 19th April 2015.

It was one of the long pending to do trek in my list.  Many times got a call from friends to join, the time at last came in this year.  My best friend Shanthi Prasad and I got a final call to organize trek in April third week.  We had lot of obstacles before initiating the plan.  We were not sure till completion of this trek.  Firstly, the unexpected pre-monsoon in mid of summer pouring every day; secondly 20 persons shot dead smugglers by Andhra Police in the same region of forest. Constantly engaged with local people about the situation and decided to leave on 17th April 2015 night.

Nagala or Nagalapuram is a small village in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.  For more details you may check out to this link Nagalapuram.

Bengaluru – Nagalapuram – Nagala West – Nagalapuram - Bengaluru

The team size we stick to 12 members, there was a drop out at the last moment due to some emergency. Little masters Rohit [Sudhakar Son] and Samrudh [Shanthi Prasad son] joined with us in the trek.  It was my first trek where I will be boarded last and get down first! The journey passes through Kolar which is great advantage for me.  I have accompanied the journey with my lovely daughter Sindhu and my cousin Nagaraj.  I motivated him to join with us and enjoyed the nature.

The day was again with evening rain shower in Bengaluru which made delayed to cross the city.  The TT reached to our place in the mid night 1 am.  The journey was good for me, whereas Shanthi Prasad was watcher entire the journey giving company to driver.

The driver took lot of time to cover 250 km stretch.  We reached the Nagalapuram village around 6.30 am.  The village about to wake up; witnessed beautiful sunrise and roamed on the small dam.  

Well in advance we have ordered the breakfast to Hotel guy.  Finished our breakfast and just headed towards the starting point.

We have to travel another 10 – 12 km from the Nagalapuram village.  The sun was slowly taking his pace.  Vehicle dropped us to the starting point and asked him to pick up next day around 2 pm.  The place was surrounded by hills and back water.  

After group pic we all marched towards Nagala crystal clear water pools.  Shanthi Prasad’s third visit to this place, he was our unofficial guide.  He briefed about the terrain, pools and the place.  We all tempted by his explanation about pools.

In the Nagala West majorly we come across three pools where we can enjoy from beginners to perfect swimmers.  The pools are very clean and natural; however human habitat polluted the entire region by their shit of bottles.

We started our journey from back water of the river.  The stretch is almost 2 – 3 km without any shade.  Since it was morning we had not felt much tiered.  Soon we reached the stream and just got refreshed all.

Now we entered in the deep forest and the path continued in the tree shade.  The children were more curious to dive into the water; keep on asking about “when we will reach to the pool?”  Soon we reached the Pool – 1.  

The pool was covered by a big tree shade; water was very cool.  One by one all jumped into the water.  Life jackets made more comfort to beginners and children.  We were enough lucky; there were no any other people.  Almost an hour enjoyed the pool and left towards Pool – 2.

Shanthi explained the beauty and glory of the pools; we all were eager to see soon.  Second pool is very beautiful and crystal clear water.  There was no delay to dive into pools; we all enjoyed a lot.  We decided to have lunch and proceed further.

The trail keep you ascend up and up.  We can witness entire beautiful valley on the way.  There were countless small water falls which cherish the trekkers.  Taking multiple breaks reached the Third pool.

Third pool was awesome for the expert divers.  God has made in a way of natural pool.  There were couple of foreign travelers occupied the place. Unloaded our backpack and one by one jumped into the water.  There were no words to explain about this place.  Such beautiful pool is surrounded by ridge; from all direction we can dive in; the pool is in round shape; spectator can enjoy the swimming.

We all started to dive in from various directions.  There were no counts at all of dives, the pool was awesome, and everyone jumped and dived.  This is the pool where we spent maximum of time.  Luckily we had enough of time to swim.

After long two hours spending in this pool, headed to arrange the camp site.  We camped hardly 20 meters away from third pool.  Cleaned the place and arranged the temporary tent with tarpaulin.  

Team was getting ready prepare the Bhelpuri which is favorite snacks in our all treks.

After finishing the snacks we relaxed in the camp site.  Now the most interesting part of the trek to introduce our self to the team is begun.  By this time we all were very well known to each other.  Only Chandra Mohan [CM] is new face to me.

Few of the team members were relaxed; we left to collect the wood for fire camp and preparation of dinner.  It was not so easy to get the dry woods however we could able to succeed to gather it.  Prepared the soup and enjoyed with chill weather.

Dinner preparation took more time since the wood was wet.  By great difficult we finished the preparation by 9.30 pm.  Most of the members were in deep sleep.  We rang the bell of dinner; all were hungry.  We had yummy Puliyogare with chips; finished the lunch and adieu to night. The temporary tent protected us by chilled night.  There were many small falls very close to our campsite which was natural music entire night.

Morning atmosphere was more pleasant; birds whispering made more beautiful. First instance we prepared the hot coffee, after that Awalakki.  We decided to take left out night Puliyogare as breakfast, the prepared Awalakki for lunch.  We all decided to avoid lunch at the hotel.  Soon we prepared the Awalakki and finished the breakfast.

The third pool swim desire not fulfilled yesterday, again we all headed towards the pool.  We played different water games and dives, many more photographs of dives.  Children enjoyed more than us.  My daughter made her mind to dive from 10 feet and succeeded.  We all had a great enjoyment.

The clock was ticked to 11 am, Shanthi Prasad was given alarm to vacate the place and head back to the Pool – 2.  On the same way we have to come back.  Soon we reached the second pool.

Again diving, swimming and enjoying the water pool.  Soon Sunday crowd started to gather in the pools.  We decided to vacate the place, on the way we finished lunch.

TT was waiting for us; the open area stretch was most difficult.  The sun was hashing merciless, soon we all boarded the vehicle.  Return to Bengaluru journey was good.  On the way stopped near Chittoor for evening snacks and coffee.  We adieu team to meet again in the next journey at 9.30 pm.

Overall the most memorable journey; there is no doubt Nagala is swimmer paradise.  Definitely I would love to visit again and again without fail.  The pain full thing is, the crowd is littering all the beautiful pools by their evil desires of Drinks.  Nobody is there to control the crowd.  Request the people please stop littering such a wonderful natural crystal clear pools.

Thank you to each one of friends and family making the event successful.
 Team: (L-R) Manjunath, Sudhakar, Nagaraj, Me, Chandramohan, Chandrakanth, Sindhu, Sowmya, Smitha, Kiran, Shanthi Prasad, Master Samrudh & Rohit

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Splendor Solo Ride to Seven Hills – Tirumala Tirupathi

Kolar to Tirupathi is hardly 200 KMs, many times thought to go on bike.  Always it keeps on postponed one or other reasons.  At last it fulfilled on 4th April 2015.  Asked my cousin to join with me, however due to time constrain he could not.  I decided to venture ever maiden solo ride to seven hills on my lovely splendor.

Every individual has their own choice of bike, many says riding splendor is very boring.  They always prefer high end bikes; however Splendor is best for me.  Of course I had no any other choice too.

Kolar – Mudalabagilu – Palamner – Chittoor – Tirupathi – Tirumala – Back with same way

I woke up very early morning around 4 am.  Got refreshed and adieu home at 5 am.  The cool morning riding is thrilling one, however it is little tough to ride in low light focus.  I faced little difficulty to ride on highway on my bike.  The first break was at Mudalabagilu [Mulabagilu].  Spent little more time since waiting to bright up the sky.

Continued my journey on NH – 4, very soon reached Palamner.  I witnessed beautiful sun rise on the way nearby Palamner.  Now the splendor on it speed keeping average 60KMs/hour.  The time is around 8 am reached Chittoor.

Took a break for tea and snacks.  At home they were more worried about my solo long journey.  Called and informed about the journey.  Continued the last stretch journey towards Tirupathi.

Reached the Tirupathi around 9.30 am comfortably, next destination is Tirumala.  There was a long queue for security checkup and entry fees.  It took almost 15 minutes to get through and continue my journey.  Two wheeler they charges Rs.2/- per bike.

I have very slowed my pace and taking multiple breaks headed towards Tirumala.  The valley is very panoramic and solo ride made me more comfort and happy.  Neither had I had restriction for number breaks nor time limit, reached the Tirumala at 11 am.

This is my fourth visit to Tirumala.  I am not comfort always with the crowd at any place; however this time it was not differ from previous one.  Since today is Solar Eclipse, there was no Venkateshwara Darshana.  Devotees were relaxing around the temple.

I was not much concern about darshana, touched the temple outside and prayed.  Spent good amount of time on Tirumala and decided to turn back to home.  

Taking the same route with multiple breaks reached home comfortably evening around 4.30 pm.

The first solo journey went very smooth and got more confidence to attempt in future.
Total Kms.: 418