Saturday, February 7, 2015

Trek to Four Peaks – Around Charmadi Ghat

The valley was full of ash; across it was dried grass land; sun was on his beat; hardly we got a shade to cover; had enough of Watermelon entire the trek, this is the situation of Four Peaks [Naalku Gudda] trek in Charmadi Ghat.  We have covered Kodekallu Gudda, Baalekallu Gudda, Jenukallu Gudda and Yerikallu Gudda. Many times we ourselves repeated “We could have visited this place in Monsoon”!! Indeed the nature will always it glory time in the Monsoon; however it was not disappointed us to enjoy the whole trek.

Charmadi range is heaven for trekkers.  I had been last year Bandajje Arbi Falls. It was casual two days trek around Charmadi Ghat on 7 – 8th February 2015 organized by Pratap Sikadar.  No words to repeat again his organization skills, already did couple of treks with him! simply super.  Great friendly and fun team enjoyed two days.

This time team was like minded trek friends with my all-time favorite Sudhakar & Shanthi Prasad.  We left in Tempo Traveler [TT] on Friday night around 10 pm from Bengaluru.  The distance was around 400 KMs, I comfortably settled on the vehicle floor.  Friends were busy in talking entire journey and I was happily slept the whole night.


When TT was stopped it was around 5 am.  Enquired about Hussan Baba hotel where we about to meet our Guide Yousuf [Isupa].  Reaching early is also a punishment to pass the time.  We had enough of time till 8 am to get refresh and relax. Finished our breakfast and ready for the trek.

Until we carry our full backpack in the trek trail, not realize a real trek one.  The plus point is we carried enough of Watermelon to trek.  The trek become Watermelon trek!!! Yousuf explained about today itinerary;

Charmadi Village – Kode Kallu – Baale kallu – Jenu Kallu – Charmadi Village

Started our journey around 9 am from Charmadi village.  TT dropped us near the trek point somewhere in the Ghat section.  Anyone planning need to hire Auto / Taxi to reach the trek point.  The trek initial trail was steep ascend and soon entered in the forest.  After few meters of trek we reached to open grass land.  Since the beginning of the summer, there was not enough greenery across the valley.  Very soon we reached the Kode Kallu gudda.  This gudda is formed in the shape of Umbrella.

Relaxed some time, took many photographs and had watermelon.  Now the time to move Balekallu Gudda; it is visible from Kode Kallu.  

The grassland was full of ash; the forest personnel put intentionally fire to prevent any major adverse in summer.  The path was completely steep and reached the peak. 

It’s again the time to have Watermelon.  Spent some time with relax mood and chitchat.  The team was consisting hardcore trekkers; the journey was not so tough to anyone.  

Guide got surprised and expressed “In my tenure, yours the one team who completed the trek very fast”.  From Balekallu Gudda the view is almost 360 degree.  The entire valley was visible and witnessed for the hard summer.

Jenukallu Gudda seen from far away since the summer it was very hot day.  While returning back we asked the guide to take us some long route into the jungle.

All reached the Charmadi highway around 2.30 pm.  Pratap & Madhu went to Kottigehara to call TT guy who was taking rest.  Rest of the friends slowly started March-fast towards Charmadi village.

Soon we got into the TT and reached the village.  Everyone was feeling hungry, finished the lunch in the nearby hotel.  The humidity was more in the region, wanted badly to relax in the water.  All reached nearby stream and jumped into the water.  Enjoyed almost an hour in the stream.

Night camp we choose the “Panchalingeshwara Temple” which is ideal place for anyone.  Shanthi Prasad and I decided to prepare the Bhelpuri for evening snacks.

Purchased the required groceries from nearest shop.  Prepare yummy Bhelpuri and again relaxed sometime in the temple premises. We were enough lucky, got spontaneous dinner from Temple management.  Again relax some time till 10 pm and retired for the day.

Got up in the early morning 5 am; got refreshed in the temple premises. Prepared the Lemon tea for morning drinks.  

Again we had morning breakfast in the same Hotel.  Guide joined us and given option to trek the Yerikallu Gudda.

The peak is visible from the village; again we have to travel 4 – 5 kms to reach the trek starting point.  The trek trail took us into deep forest; trail was better than yesterday.  Taking multiple breaks reached the open grassland.

Relaxed again sometime with multiple photographs session.  The trail was really challenging one; however very soon reached the Yerikallu Gudda peak.  Again Watermelon party time; fun food relax made the day more memorable.

Started the descending around 12.30 Noon, reached the Charmadi village by 2 pm.  Thanked and Adieu to Guide Yousuf. We had very less time to dip in the stream.  Badly everyone was sweated; wanted to dip into the stream.  Everyone finished the bath soon and left the journey towards Bengaluru.

On the way had lunch at Belur.  Reached Bengaluru around 9 pm.

The fun filled event with Watermelon

Want to re-visit in the Monsoon