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Makutta – Toughest Trek in Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Makutta – it’s sound very scary to my mind.  It is most memorable and never forgettable trek.  In a single day we did almost 22 - 24KMs tough trail; all of us dam tiered; no one was interested to have lunch; five kilometer steep ascend without water squeezed our energy; the double of joy after reaching the peak.

Makutta is in the range of Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary which comes under Virajapete Taluk, Kodagu.  The place is unknown to many of us; it is very close to Kerala border.  In the Brahmagiri range, it is second trek.  The first one is Kutiyala.

The intimation message sent to our Trek Group, very soon got the 13 confirmed members. I have been in touch with Rajkumar, the in-charge official of Makutta Forest Office.  We are really thankful to him for guiding and allowing us to do this trek.

Bengaluru – Mysuru – Virajapete – Bittangala – Perumbadi Road – Tarambadi Check Post - Makutta

The most of the friends around Banashankari, decided not to make the Majestic pickup point.  We kept first pickup point is Kathriguppe and second one is Rajarajeshwari Nagar.  The journey started in Tempo Travel very late around 11.30 pm; however the Makutta distance is very near around 260 KMs from Bengaluru.

The team is mix up of few new faces along with our regular trek friends.  Journey continued with our introduction part and soon we reached to Mandya.  Took a small break for tea and snacks and continued the journey.

The fog was covered entire range and driver was struggling to go ahead.  When stopped the TT, one by one get downed for tea break.  The time was 4.15 am and we were in Virajapete.  Reaching so early is however waste, need to wait on the road side.  Decided to take a long break and continued our journey towards Makutta.

Reached the Makutta around 6.00 am.  The Forest office is just one kilometer before the border check post.  The in-charge officer quarter is within the forest office compound, so there will not be any issue to get the officials in-time. A call to Rajkumar, happily with smiling face welcomed us.  I should appreciate these personnel; the entire forest officials are very friendly, calm and good guides.

Unloaded our luggage and one by one got refreshed in the Forest campus.   Decided to finish the breakfast, all were brough home made the yummy breakfast.

Rajkumar explained about entire trails in this range.  There are two main trails, the first one is Makutta peak [Solle Kolli] and other one is Barpole Hanging bridge.  Inside the forest, there is another Anti-Poaching Camp [APC] Solle Kolli. We have to unload our luggage in APC and conquer the peak.

There are two routes to reach Solle Kolli APC; one is jeep trail which approximate 4 KMs.  Another one is, inside the forest which take little hike and join to the APC, which is around 5 – 6 KMs.  On the majority of the friends opinion, started our journey through forest trail.

We finished the official formalities of permission and started our journey, two guards accompanied with us.  After few yard, we entered into the forest.  The forest was very thick and there are many huge trees.  We have continued our journey on the bank of stream.  

Taking multiple photographs and breaks, reached the APC.

The APC location is very perfect for camping.  In the mid of forest, the flowing stream is just in front of APC.  There are two built room with solar lighting system.  We welcomed by another five smiling face of APC personnel.

Dumped our luggage and quickly set ready to depart to Makutta peak Patti Malai.  Carried required lunch, water and other snacks and started the journey.  The initial two KMs are on the jeep track with tree shade.  

Now the total forest personnel become seven with one GUN.  Since the range is elephant corridor, for safety reason they have the practice to carry.  Now we reached the real trek trail, the steep ascend started.

The forest officials are very co-operative and friendly.  Exchanging our thoughts and listening their experience in the APC, continued our journey.  The happiest part of this trail is, we will get almost 95% shades and only last stretch is open to sky and the saddest part is we will not get the water till reach to the peak.  The 13 members group is split into four groups depend on their ability.  We are enough lucky to have more forest officials who guided each of the group.

The journey was not so easy, ascend was very steep.  In the morning already we had 5 KMs tough trail, and again this squeezed our energy.  Forest guards pushed us very hardly to each one of us; taking multiple breaks we reached the peak Patti Malai.

Literally each one of us was tiered.  After reaching the peak, the joy becomes double.  We can see entire 360 degree view from the top.  The river Barpole flow in the valley is made it so beautiful.  The tiered souls one by one reached the peak.

No one is ready to take a lunch; the stretch was made everyone dam tiered. Still we had little snacks and carried lunch. 

There is a watch tower which adds more panorama view of the valley.  Friends were busy in good photography.  There is a watch tower on the top. We spent fun of time and now the time to turn back.

Return journey was also not so easy.  The slippery way took more time to come down.  Taking many breaks and at last reached back to APC is around 7 pm.

There was a surprise waiting for us.  Manjunath was holding the Axe and sitting alone.  In our group we were three.  Someone from outside people drawn the Maata-Mantra drawing, kept two iron nails, some old shirts, two lemons and performed pooja.  It made all of us little scared, however the forest guards were braver.  One of the forest personnel poured the water on it and thrown all the items away from the camp.

Now the time is preparation of evening Bhelpoori.  Few friends engaged cutting the vegetables, and few are busy lighting the fire.  We had hot soup along with the Bhelpuri. The yummy Bhelpoori is ready and had along with the hot soup.

The dinner is again the Bisibelebath.  Our great friend Shanthi Prasad brought the home made paste and just prepared the rice.  The hot delicious dinner filled our stomach.  We wanted to have the fire camp, the tiered soul were not ready for this.  After dinner we all settled down in two rooms, the night just took away without knowing us.


Bird whispering and melody music of water flow made morning so beautiful to all of us.  The atmosphere is very pleasant; finished the morning duties.  The tiredness still existing on all our face, however the night deep sleep made refresh.

We started the morning breakfast preparation, Awalakki is in the menu.  Finished the yummy breakfast with coffee.  

Really we have to appreciate the entire team, everyone voluntarily taken the job and finished it. Packed our luggage and kept ready.

Second day was treknic, no one is ready to trek anymore.  We all went to enjoy the Barpole river.  It was around 3km away from the APC.  There is a beautiful hanging bridge and it is fun to cross on it.  

Crossing the bridge is really funny.  One by one we crossed the bridge.

We spent good fun time with photography.  Very few of us dipped into water and rests were enjoyed the nature.

After spending good time we decided to turn back to Bengaluru.  We had group photographs with lovely forest personnel and adieu to beautiful Makutta.  

This time we took the jeep track to reach the main forest office.  The TT is ready to board us, boarded towards Bengaluru.

On the way, we had lunch at Virajapete.  The feedback session again remembered our tough Makutta journey.  Reached back safely to Bengaluru around 9.00 pm and good bye to team meeting in another trek.


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