Saturday, November 22, 2014

Surprise Trek to Narasimha Parvatha – King Cobra Kingdom Agumbe

Guest Write-up from Sindhu HV [My Daughter]

After two weeks of my most memorable trek to Kodachadri, a new surprise was waiting for me. It was a chance to trek Narasimha Parvatha [NP] which is the highest peak around Agumbe.  This is my second visit to Agumbe within two months.  I enjoyed three days in the Agumbe with parents.  I am in love with this small village and more inspired by Malgudi Days serial.

It was very surprise invitation from my father; called me on Thursday [20.11.14] night while he returning from the office and asked me to get ready for trek.  I was puzzled a moment and felt so happy and enough lucky.  The preparation is started and was tenderly dreaming about NP.

We started our adventure journey on 21.11.2014 night from Majestic.  The organizers of course Shanthi uncle and my father.  Most of the trekkers become known to me from my Dad; now they all my favorite trekkers too.  Well in advance we reached the pickup point and waited others to join with us.  We all boarded the Tempo Traveler [TT] and left the Bengaluru around 10 pm.  Later Kiran Uncle and his wife Smitha aunt joined us at Rajaji Nagar.

We reached Shivamogga at 3 am, Vijay uncle joined us from his native place.  Now our team size become 14 members.  Reached Agumbe around 6.30 am.

We got down and freshen in Bus stand.  Finished our breakfast in the Mayura Hotel which is in Agumbe Bus Stand.  When I was with parents trip, we had many times breakfast and snacks in this Hotel.

We met our guide Thimmappa who is lead for us to NP.  He instructed us to reach Malandur village, which is starting point of the trek. We come to know, Malandur is Thimmappa village.  

He made us to wait long time, at last he came with another big team who came from Mysuru.  After his arrival, we started to pack up our luggage and get ready to start the trek.  Started the journey with group photograph.

The initial path was flat and almost it’s a jeep track.  After a kilometer in the track, we entered into dense forest.  I heard and seen documentary about King Cobra in National Geographic channel; very eagerly waiting for it.  Thimmappa shared his experience as a voluntary during the studies by famous Whitaker Who was studying about the King Cobra.

We came across many small streams, ascend and descend at last we reached little big stream.  This stream will fall from very high point and it named as Barkhana Falls. 

We reached top point of Barkhana Falls.  The entire valley was dense forest and it was scary to stand at the tip.  Water gushing through rocks and it made a small pool.  We all enjoyed the falls for half an hour.

Finished our lunch and relaxed sometime.  Mysore team was left for the next journey.

Slowly we started our further journey.  Now the path become steep, the lunch was made few of Uncles very difficult.  I was ahead with my favorite trekkers Malli and Vijay uncles.  Reached a big rock after that the grassland begins.  Slowly one by one joined us.  Shanthi and other uncles shared the snacks and after few minutes relaxation we moved further.

The grassland was very beautiful and the entire dense forest valley was looking glorious.  Many were busy in taking multiple photographs with different style.  Now again we reached the difficult part of the trek.  The ascend was again steep and everyone struggling to reach the peak.  Malli uncle was enough in spirit and he was helping to others.

We reached the NP peak around 4.30 pm.  Assigned the works to each one of us.  The camp site was open grassland and enough of flat surface to pitch the tent.  NP was very calm; by our luck there were only three teams.  

Since the work is distributed among the team, we all took ownership.  I, Vijay and Bharat uncle went to fetch the water nearby stream.

Sudhakar maama and team engaged to bring the wood for fire camp.  Malli uncle and others busy in preparation of tent.  Manju & Shanthi uncle busy in preparation of Bhelpuri.  The entire team work was really wonderful.

We had Bhelpuri and got ready to watch the beautiful sunset from NP.  The sunset point need to climb a small hill.  The sun was about to leave for the day. It was one of the most beautiful sunset. 

This is my third beautiful sunset view during my treks.  We all took many photographs with different pose and came back to camp site.

We had a plan to prepare soup, so our master chef Shanthi uncle prepared hot tomato soup.  Really it was very tasty and perfect for chilled weather. 

They continued to prepare the dinner Puliyogare.  With the help of Sudhakar Mama, Malli and Shanthi uncle prepared the food.  My father and Sudhakar mama were busy singing some old Hindi songs around campfire.

Food was ready and everyone feeling hungry.  We all had very hot and tasty puliyogare with chips.  We had lot of fun around the campfire.  The night came to an end; few of us settled in Tent, few are in open sky.  Just closed my eyes remembering the memorable journey of NP.


Next day morning we all got up by 4 am and were ready for the Sunrise.  We all went nearby opposite side hill where we have camped.  Waiting for sun to come up.  

The valley was looking like; somebody thrown the cotton across the mountains.  Slowly sun came up and the valley becomes so bright.  Now the scene is like mountains were filled with clouds in and around.  We are enough happy to witness the most beautiful sunrise.  I was recalled my moments at Kumara Parvatha last year.

Returned back to our camp site, Shanthi uncle served hot coffee to all.  Later they prepared the Maggie.  All were busy to packup and move towards Kigga.  Breakfast was ready; we had yummy Maggie along with Vijay uncle Chapatis.

Took many group photographs and started the journey towards Kigga.

The path was complete descend.  The entire valley was super, the far away villages were looking very small.  Taking multiple breaks reached the Kigga.

Our TT was waiting for us.  We all got in and left towards the next destination. Second day was not planned anything; whatever possible on the way thought to visit.  

Later we went to Kundadri, again the same place which disappointed the sunrise during my last visit.  Spent good enough time and next journey is towards Tunga river Bank.

The Tunga river bank is looking like a beach.  It was very silent valley, the river flowing calmly.  Enjoyed a lot in the river and headed towards Bengaluru.

On the way again Vijay uncle got down in Shivamogga and we left to Bengaluru.  Out skirt of Shivamogga finished our dinner in Dhaba.  Along the journey we all shared our experiences and had great time enjoying with Jokes and commentary on our trek.

I am extremely happier with this trek and disappointed not sighting the King Cobra.  Reached the Bengaluru by 3 am and we all said good bye.  We boarded the Bus to Kolar.

Surprise trek made me happier and motivated to do more and more treks in the coming days.

Keep loving the nature………..


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