Thursday, August 28, 2014

Long Drive to My Native in Maruti 800 – Bidar

Now a days am more passion about four wheeler drive since borrowed Maruti 800 from my Brother.  Already I drove maximum 200+ in a day whereas it was challenging for me to ride 700+ in a day.  It was one of the most memorable journey with my sweet daughter & son & my half shirt [wife].

Since a long weekend [4 days] for Ganesha Festival decided to take family in Maruti 800 to my native Bidar.  It is northern tip of Karnataka [Crown of Karnataka] and it is covered one side by Maharashtra and another side Andhra Pradesh boundaries.  We can reach Bidar in two routes, the one is within Karnataka via Tumkur – Hiriyuru – Bellary – Gulbarga  - Bidar [Around 800 kms] and the other one is Andhra Pradesh via Ananthapuram – Kurnool – Hyderabad – Bidar [Around 705kms].  People prefer to go by second route since you will get complete National Highway and distance also around 100km less.

Woke up early morning 3.00 am and finished the morning duties.  Loaded the luggage and left the Kolar by 4.45 am.  The weather was very cool and drizzling across the journey.

The Kolar – Chikkaballapur stretch of the journey is around 55km and very difficult to drive in the single road.  Road was pretty busy with heavy vehicles, however reached the NH 7 around 6.15 am.  The sun was not in mood to come out.  Weather was pleasant and traffic was very less.

First break took at near Kurnool.  Brought Chapatis from home and enjoyed the delicious lunch.  My son & daughter enjoyed the leisure time at lunch break.

The next stop was near Zaheerabad for tea break.  The Hyderabad to Bidar road was worst and rain was pouring heavily.  This stretch took little more time.  Reached to the home comfortably by 4 pm.

It was very special to my son since this is the first time who visiting the Bidar for long two days stay. Enjoyed the two days and celebrated Ganesh Festival grandly.

Again decided to leave early in the morning back to Kolar, due to some work it pushed to 8.00 am.  Left the home little late and our first stop was after almost 5 ½ hour [350 km] journey.  The weather was cool in the morning and its become hot in noon.  As usual roads were empty.

Finished the lunch at road side farm house and left for the remaining journey.  Given two tea breaks since feeling sleepy after heavy mother made lunch.  Reached safely home at 7.00pm

The entire journey is enjoyed by all.  Am so happy and feeling confident that further I can take more challenges for long drives.  Thanks to Maruti 800 taking back us safely without any hurdles.  The total drive is 1,486KMs!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Family & Kids Trek to Dudhsagar

Dudhsagar from far away
Visiting the same place repetitively get bored, however I never get a bore to visit again and again same place where nature welcomes you by its glory.  Yes, this is my third visit within a year to the glorious Dudhsagar with friend’s family & lovely kids.  The first visit was sometime in 2013 peak Monsoon, second was within 3 months to Tambdi Surla through Dudhsagar.  This treknic decided on 2 & 3rd August 2014.  It was in unique where the participants are mix-up in the age group.  The planning and execution went very smooth and it was most memorable to kids and family members.  The total team size was around 17 members.
Dudhsagar on its glory
The planning went well in advance for booking the train ticket for 17 members.  Indeed the worry about to managing the kids and family.  I had witnessed twice about the crowd at Dudhsagar, it was not so easy take family and kids without proper plan.  The group consist my friend’s family of Shanthi Prasad, Sudhakar, Chandrakanth, Kiran and my beloved daughter.

Rani Chennamma express was the train to and from for Dudhsagar.  While going, booked the tickets Bengaluru to Hubballi and back is from Londa to Bengaluru.  The reason is; not able get the tickets of direct train Chennai Vasco Express.  Everyone was eagerly waiting for date of departure.


Bengaluru – Hubballi – Dudhasagar – Sonalium – Kulem – Londa – Bengaluru

Hubballi to Dudhsagar by Vasco Chennai Express. Journey in General Compartments

Kulem to Londa by Nizamuddin Express. Journey in General Compartments

The 17 member team divided into four groups and assigned one person as a group leader.  The tickets were booked accordingly; the boarding points were also group wise.  Sudhakar & Shanthi group boarded at City Railway Station and Chandrakanth & Mine from Yeshwanthapura.

Happy Journey
We all were in-time to board the train and started our journey towards Hubballi.  It was instructed to all to avoid the outside food, however there was very less option to opt the hotel.  Everyone had brought enough of food to survive three days during the trek.  Took little more time settle down at our respective bogies and seats.  We had the dinner in the train and retired for the day.

The train reached the Hubballi on time around 6 am. The next catchup train Vasco express is around 8 am.  We had enough of two hours’ time.  We all finished our morning core job at railway station and finished our morning breakfast Idli & Wada.

Connectivity Train - Vasco Chennai Express
The connectivity train to Dudhsagar is Vasco express and journey is in general compartment. Hubballi to Dudhsagar journey is around 2 to 2 ½ hours.  We all were expected tough two hours journey.  Luckily, we all could able to board in the same compartment.  Train reached the Hubballi on time, luckily we all could able to board and get comfortable seat in single compartment.  As usual the train was full of passengers and continued our journey.

Running Track
As the train move towards the Dudhsagar, at each and every station train got filled by travelers.  The decision of boarding from Hubballi is worked out else it was very tough to board from Londa junction.  The enthuse passengers filled the train there was no place to breath.

Reached Dudhsagar
Reached the Dudhsagar around 11.30 am, the station was full of travelers.  It was looking like the whole train got empty at this station.  We all geared up the rain jackets and ready to venture the falls.  I have explained about our today’s journey and do’s and don’ts on the track.

Team is ready!!!
The journey is begun with rain; the pic will talk about our golden memories.

Enjoying kids in stream

We continued our journey towards Sonalium

Beautiful Tunnel
We reached the temple around 4 pm. We have requested the authorities to allow night camping in the premises since the small kids and women.  By grace of the God allowed us and instructed to keep clean and tidy the entire premises.

Dumped our luggage and relaxed for some time. The location of the camping is like a heaven.  All were busy in their own activities.

We prepared the Awalakki for the evening snacks.

Dinner Preparation
Night dinner was awesome homemade.

Whole night was it raining heavily.

Beautiful Landscape on the way
We woke up early morning at 5 am.  The rain was pouring non-stop.  The nature and monsoon was its on glory. We finished our breakfast and coffee and packed up to proceed further to Kulem.

Continued our journey

Long 12 KMs Track Companion
On the way to Kulem, we have enjoyed lot in the stream.
Crossing Streams

Team final dip into stream!!
Reached the Kulem at 3.30 pm.  Spent enough good time at station. 
Kulem Railway Station
The train is reached by 5 pm and we all decided to board in the reserve compartments. The train was already full, however we all settled wherever we get the seats.
Huge crowd at Dudhsagar Railway Station
Train reached to Dudhsagar station.  The place is like an ocean of crowd.  I had been witnessed twice the same crowd here, however this time it was more.  By great difficulty we reached the Londa.  

Finished our dinner on the station and boarded the Rani Chennamma express at 8 pm.  We all settled our respective bogies and seats and reviewed our two days journey.

Reached early morning to Bengaluru and adieu all to meet sometime again in some other journey.  Indeed it was most memorable family trek to Dudhsagar.


PC: Shanthi Prasad & Kiran