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Meghane Peak – Tallest peak in Sharavathi Valley

Sharavathi valley is always special for me; my official trekking journey is started from this beautiful valley.  Beauty of this valley is, open grassland with multiple hidden small streams.  The lovely tiny villages [Only one home to each village] across the trail; very caring people with love and affection.  My first Sharavathi valley trek Dabbe to Kanoor Kote was one of the most memorable in my life.  Overall I wanted to experience newly brought Canon DSLR!!!!

Received an invitation from Bangalore Ascenders from the captain Raveendra, did not think second and registered immediately.  I dragged my ever best friend Sudhakar too. Luckily we both have been shortlisted for this trek.

We all gathered around 9.00 pm at the common pickup point Shanthala Silk, Majestic.  This time, the team size was restricted to 13 members.  The journey begun with introduction part and went till mid-night.  The team was super with many young and energetic trekkers.  The youngest trekker is Sachin who is studying MBBS.  Multi-talented such a nice person, he become popular as Doctre during entire journey!!!!!!!!

The route we chosen

Bengaluru – Sagara – Mavinagundi – Kattinakaru – Basavana bayee – Meghane [Night Halt]

Meghane – Kattinakaru – Gudanagundi Falls – Sagara – Bengaluru


The Mavinagundi is the same place where we had our morning breakfast during last time visit to Sharavathi valley.  We had enough of time to get refreshed and spend casual time at Mavinagundi.  Finished our breakfast and few of us got parceled Lunch.  The guide and starting point of the trek is from Kattinakaru.  Please note that any range of Sharavathi valley trek, forest permission is mandatory.  Guide Dharma arranged permission part; we all got ready to explore the valley.

We took the group photograph and headed towards the valley.  Initial path itself was awesome, crossed many beautiful paddy fields.  Dharma explained briefly about today's trekking trail; understood we need to cover around 15+ km.  

The grassland was dry even though the trail was attractive.  After few kilometers trek reached a small hallimane (village home).  They offered cold water and relaxed some time.  The home location was awesome.

Now, the sun was on our top and slowly our journey become difficult.  The path was mix-up of grassland and jeep track. 

We reached a Basavana bayee place.  You can find a small temple where water gushing from Bull.  That’s become Basavana Bayee. 

Behind the temple there is a small falls.  We all completely sweated with humidity, one by one started to jump into the water.  Believe me, the water was dam cold.  Enjoyed couple of minutes in the falls and took many photographs.

After couple of kilometer trek on jeep track, we reached a village Onibagilu.   Dharma asked us to finish the lunch.  The small hotel served delicious food, buttermilk and curd.  Each one of us loaded fully and relaxed sometime.  No one was in the mood to move further since the sun was attacking merciless. The lunch made us to settle in the shade.  Guide asked us to move forward else we will be late as per schedule.

Now the real tough part of the journey started.  The steep ascend made very difficult to all of us and everyone struggled a lot to cross this range.  This stretch taught me a lesson, never over load your stomach during the treks.  Many of us really struggled hard to complete this stretch.

We finished the difficult part and entered into the beautiful world of paddy fields.  The landscape was more colorful across the range.  Dharma took us the Meghane a small tribal village.  

I am very happy to see that, the village has a nice Government school and people are cultivating the entire stretch.  He took us one of the house where we suppose to night camp.

The time was around 5 pm and we all get ready to rush towards the Meghane Peak to witness gorgeous sunset.  Few of friends did not like to take risk and stayed back at base camp.  We left towards peak taking mandatory items viz., Torch, Snacks and water bottles.

Ascend was not so easy, it was reminded the afternoon trail. We had very less time; all of us literally running all the way.  The peak ascend was multiple layer of hills.  Two kids guided us to the peak.  One point of time, Sudhakar wanted to go back.  He had some pain on his legs since afternoon.  Crazy trail pushed him hard to enjoy the sunset. Running and running!! the last stretch was again very steep.  We were enough lucky, the sun about to say goodbye for the day.  

Not let him to leave until we capture him in our camera.  The beauty of the sunset is really amazing; it was one of the most beautiful sunset witnessed by me.  Gradually sun took off in the Arabian Sea.  We all took multiple pictures and had the snacks over a top.

The entire peak become dark, the distance from the village to peak is around 3 – 4 km.  Switched on our torch and started to descend the peak.  Few of did not reach the peak, witnessed the sunset at mid of the trail.  Back to the base camp around 8 pm; hot water was ready for bath. Rekha G prepared Bhelpuri and it was yummy.

I and Sudhakar were volunteered for cooking; prepared the Puliyogare Rice. The dinner was awesome along with fire camp and played dump charades.

The home was very beautiful; there was enough of space in the yard.  Everyone opened our sleeping bags – mats and settled to relax. If I am not mention the crazy about photography by Dr. Sachin & Abhishek; the trek write-up will not be complete.  They took their cameras and tripod; settled on mid of the road to capture the stars.  Appreciate their patience and passion; I and Sudhakar spent some half an hour and decided go back and  sleep.  The guys back in the mid-night; great guys!!!!!


Whispering birds woke up in the early morning.  One by one we all got refreshed; I and Sudhakar prepared Soup.

We took out our snacks of Biscuits, Bread-jam and Chapatis.  Finished the breakfast and ready to move forward.  As per schedule the TT will be waiting the other end of Kattinakaru.  The trail was completely jeep track which is around 5 kms; however it was very scenic.  We could see the Meghane Peak from this trail.  We all enough happy and proud our self to ascend such a tall hill.

TT reached to the respective location and we all headed towards next point Gudanagundi Falls. The falls is very close to Kattinakaru around 5 – 6 kilometers from the main road.  After parking the TT, we have entered into the dense forest.  Need to cross few small streams and reached the less explored hidden Western Ghats Gudanagundi Falls.  We all were already sweated and eager to dip into water.  The falls will be more glorious in the Monsoon.  The other end of the falls valley was really scary. 

We had enough of time to spend at falls.  Enjoyed a lot and finished our Lunch.  The second day was very casual.  Now the time is to pack-up and turn back to Bengaluru.  Few of friends casually going ahead of Guide while being inside the forest, lost their way.  Guide was little furious by this attitude and put some efforts to bring them back to the group.  It was not so easy to come back to civilization without guide.

Its time to abide Dharma, our guide. TT is turned towards namma Bengaluru.  On the way enjoyed Antakshari in the vehicle.  Sachin was shown his talent in Carnatic music skills, Abhishek in Hindustani music and as usual Sudhakar in Kishore Kumar songs.  The music competition went on till long time.

We reached the Bengaluru in the mid-night and said good bye to each one of us.  One more Sharavathi Valley exploration added to my memories.  On the way to home we have witnessed a big Indian Flag roaring in the park.


PC: Abhilash & Dathathreya Bhat

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