Saturday, November 9, 2013

Green Carpet – Kuduremukha Trek

Not getting words how to describe the view, entire valley is carpeted by green grass.  Each one of the hill is looking like decorated for wedding, awesome valley of Kuduremukha in the Monsoon. It was one of the to-do lists for this year.  Planned October last week, due to bad weather condition around the region postponed to 2nd week of November.  This trek was very special for me since 70% new friends and the entire team was from different sector.  This time the team leader is my good friend Shanthi Prasad.  We decided to stick 12 group members and booked the Tempo Traveler.  After 3 members drop out the final team count was nine.

The itinerary is:

Bangalore – Balegal – Kuduremukha [Night halt]

Kuduremukha – Balegal – Hanumanagundi Falls – Sringeri - Bangalore

Prasad sent the detailed itinerary mail well in advance.  The common assembly point was Shanthala Silk House, Majestic.  The entire team members were in-time and two were boarded from Yeshwanthpura.  Left the majestic around 9.30 pm. The journey was comfortable since 3 seats were vacant.

Reached the Balegal at 5.00 am.  Already we have arranged the Forest Entry permission, Local jeep travel, Stay at Satish Home, Kuduremukha.

We have to travel by Commander Jeep from Balegal to Kuduremukha since normal vehicle is difficult to travel on the mud/terrain road.  Our guide was already arranged the Jeeps and we boarded in two separate jeeps to Kuduremukha.  The stretch is around 6km with challenging drive.  Only expert regular driver can take this route.  You can feel the beauty of the Kuduremukha region from here itself.

The breakfast was ready and finished our morning itinerary.  Everyone decided to have the bath after the trek.  We loaded our tummy with spontaneous Idly & Wada.  The guide was ready; the entire team was enthusiast to conquer Kuduremukha.  Guide informed about two paths, the one which directly goes to Kuduremukha [around 22 km from and to] and another one which takes you multiple mountain ranges [around 30+ km from and to] of Gomukha is one the popular peak.

The beauty of Kuduremukha trek trail, ascend gradually take you to peak.  The entire valley in monsoon looks like a green carpet entire hills.  

Taking many small big breaks reached the peak by 4.00 pm.  You can view 360 degree from the top.  The weather was wonderful and spent good time over.

Now we started to descend the hill, need to cover almost 13km beautiful stretch.  The guide was pushing us hardly since it was slowly getting dark.  It is very difficult to descend in the night.  The descend path was not so easy in few place.  The slippery path is more difficult in rain.  

The sky was turning into the dark clouds.  Guide was pushing hard us again and again.  Descending path not taken much breaks, however it become dark.  Started our torches and started the journey.  With great difficulty we all reached the base camp.

In the Kuduremukha range camping is not allowed on peak, one has to come down.  The hot bhajji served with tea.  Something hot was required really, we all had unlimited bhajji’s.  Got refreshed with hot water and settled in front of camp fire.  Dinner finished around 9pm and settled in our sleeping bags.

The morning was very chill and got up as usual early.  Shanthi Prasad & Mallikarjun invited everyone to enjoy the nearby water falls.  Nobody was dared dip in the cold water; however both have enjoyed the falls.  We packed up our things and waiting for Jeep.  Few of us decided to go by walk enjoying the valley till Balegal.  Finished the breakfast and left out enjoying the path.

Later we joined to jeep nearby Balegal.  TT was ready to pick up, boarded all and said good bye to Kuduremukha.

On the way we visited the Hanumanagundi Falls.  The crowd was much in the falls.  Spent couple of minutes and headed to Sringeri.

Reached the Sringeri around 12.30 pm paid darshana to Sri Sharadambe.  The Prasad was ready and finished our lunch in the Prasad Nilaya.

The next target is to reach Bangalore at the earliest.  We all shared our experience of the trek and watched two Kannada movies in the TT

Reached Bangalore safely by 9.30 pm and adieu to all to meet next another trek

Kuduremukha is the first place where I did not find a single wrapper of Chocolate or any other human being litter.

1. Monsoon or post Monsoon is best time to visit
2. You have to trek minimum 22 – 24 KMs in a day
3. Very good stay, food & friendly Satish family
4. Spotted black bear