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Bike Trip to Biligiri Rangana Betta (BR Hills) & K Gudi

After three years gap once again the time to go on Bike trip to a long ride around Veerappan territory Chamarajnagar District.  Since long time I wanted to go solo trip on my Splendor+ , however my always companion to most of the trip & trek Sudhakar joined me at last moment. 

You can get detailed information about any places through various website, my main objective of the blog is to share my experiences throughout the journey/trek.

Initially my friend was not comfortable on my Splendor+; he wanted to travel on Pulsar.  My decision was clear and succeed to convince him. We finalized our route map and decided to leave early morning on 11.05.2013.

Yesterday night I could not able to sleep properly. Mobile alarm rang up at 4.15 am.,  got up and get ready by 5.15 am. Called Sudhakar and informed about my leaving whom I need to pickup from HMT Layout.  Left the home at 5.30 am and reached to his place at 6.15am.  Had hot tea at his home and left at 7.30 am.

Initial Reading
Our itinerary:
Bangalore – Maddur – Kollegala – Biligiri Rangana Betta – K. Gudi – Biligiri Rangana Betta (Night Halt) – Kollegala – Mysore – Bangalore

Mysore highway was busy with weekend traveler vehicles.  The journey was pleasant and reached Maddur around 9.00 am. 

Decided to have breakfast and take a small break at Maddur.  Morning was cool and not felt so tiered. We had breakfast at road side hotel Poori and coffee.

Maddur to Malawalli road was horrible and very difficult to ride two wheeler.  The road was looking like a earthquake area where we need to struggle to find good portion part on the road.  The 30 km journey took almost one hour and at last we reached a good road.

Malavalli to Kollegala road is excellent.  It’s a single road but you can enjoy the ride.  The greenery paddy fields, open grass land gives you pleasant of journey.  

Reached Kollegala around 11 am and proceeded towards Biligiri Rangana Betta.  From Kollegala to BR Hills is around 30 km and its again single road.  Pass through many small villages narrow road and reached to Forest Check Post. 

The entry into BR Hills is allowed between 7 am to 6 pm.  The main forest gets start from this point.  Splender struggled little to ride double on this hilly road however we could able to reach BR Hills at 12 Noon.

Almost 7 years back once I visited this place.  There is lot of changes around the temple. The crowd was more and understood that, last week annual car festival took place.  Had darshan of Ranganath Swamy and relaxed some time in temple premises.

We are become a good friend to one of small shop keeper who guided us around the places. He suggested to go K Gudi which is around 20KM away from BR Hills and can enjoy the forest ride and safari. 

We left the next destination to K Gudi.  Really the forest is awesome greenery. 

In the mid of summer you can find a thick green forest.  We enjoyed the ride and Sudhakar brought Roti from his home and had in the middle of forest and relaxed some time.

Reached K Gudi around 1.30 pm and enquire about the Safari. 

The Forest Ranger Officer assured us that, the safari begin at 4pm.  We had no option to wait another 2 ½ hours at K Gudi.  Other people too were waiting for the Safari.  Just roam around the camp and the place is really very beautiful.  Jungle Lodge & Resort run a resort and apart from this you can find forest department quarters.  Nothing is there to get anything.  Beware! get loaded everything before reaching that place.

Most disappoint moment fact is, after 4pm also not even single forest officials turned up for Safari arrangements.  You can find a big building named as 'Information Centre', unfortunate that, you will not find anyone to give information. After inquiring with guards understand that, there are only 3 jeeps which use for public safari.  Due to some higher official visit, all vehicles are booked hence no arrangements for aam public.  With painful heart returned back to BR Hills.

We have to make arrangements for night stay.  We were hungry very badly, the time was almost 5.30pm.  Luckily we got tasty Rice & Sambar (ofcourse it was not hot). at Akas Getaways Hotel.  

Enquired about room and it was full.  Somewhat the same hotel manager arranged a small old out house for night out.  Due to weekend all hotels were house full. Most of the hotels hire on package trip basis.  Charge from 1200 to 2500 per person which include stay, food, outing and safari.  We are happy that he arranged it for Rs.500/-.  Dumped our bag and freshened up and relaxed some time.

Reached back to shop wala and asked him the place to spend the evening time. Went to sunset point and chitchat almost two hours and spent memorable evening.

And also suggested us to go early morning safari on our own bike towards K Gudi forest and if luck, can view wild animals which we missed in the K Gudi.

Had dinner at 9.00 pm and reached our heaven to rest for the night.  The whole night was good rain.


Woke up at 5am and finished our morning duties.  As suggested left 6.30 am to K Gudi road.  The K Gudi road connect to Chamaraj nagar which operate morning 7 am to 6pm.  The forest guard asked us the reason and we repeated “going to Chamrajnagar due to some urgent work” as suggested by shopwala.  He warned about the wild elephant.

Morning ride was really very beautiful and the nature turned up so lovely.  Birds whispering made special effects.  Drove almost 4-5 km and we were talking about our unlucky.  Luckily we find the 3-4 gour, deer, plenty of peacocks.  Thanked to nature at least we could able to see something and our visit was not waste.

Reached back BR Hills around 8.30 am and had bisibelebhat in the breakfast and left to Kollegala.  The bike trip had two reasons. One is experience Splendor for long ride and attends relative marriage at Kollegala.

Finished the marriage at 11.30 am and left to Mysore.  Kollegala to Mysore road is excellent and within very short time we reached.  Finished some personal work and left to Bangalore at 2.30 pm.  The journey again super and taking a single break at Channarayapattana reached back to Bangalore at 6.00pm

1. Total from and to journey was 560kms.
2. Night stay in BR Hills is ideal however more expensive
3. Own vehicle is convenient to visit K Gudi
4. Get confirm well in advance about availability of Safari at K Gudi
5. Rainy and winter is ideal time to visit

Bike Trip to Biligiri Rangana Betta (BR Hills) & K Gudi Bike Trip to Biligiri Rangana Betta (BR Hills) & K Gudi Reviewed by Vidya S on May 11, 2013 Rating: 5


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