Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tiny Unknown Fort – Rayakottai

Rayakottai Fort an one day trek on 12.01.13 was my 3rd event with Bangalore Ascenders.  This is a very special for me than the previous treks. Firstly my daughter [SINDHU] accompanied with me; secondly the event was organized by Mudassar, BASC founder member. 

Registered for Tadiyandamol/4 event whereas my luck did not knock and I was in waiting list.  When my cousin (Chandrakanth) called me and informed about one day event organized by Mudassar to Rayakottai registration is opened, did not delay and registered immediately along with my daughter participation.  I am happy that my daughter is more interested in the treks and earlier she did few small treks with me decided to accompany her for this event.  Always she was reading blogs of BASC and I use to share the experiences of BASC brave trekkers, naturally she was motivated to be part of this event.  Every day she was keep on asking about the short list ‘Appa namma hesaru shortlist ayta?’.  Finally mine and daughter name found in the shortlisted participants on 11 January 2013.  Mean time daughter called me and more curious to know about her name in list, when I informed about her she was so happy.  At last she was engaged in preparation and given a big list to buy it while coming back from office.

When opened the eyes, the time was 5.50 am, alarm did not ring at 5am.  I was more worried about reaching the Baiyyappanahalli railway station at 7.40 am and moreover I need to start from Kolar (around 70 km away from Bangalore).  I am a daily traveler from Kolar to Bangalore.  Both got ready within 20 minutes and rushed to bus stop.  Luckily we got bus immediately and reached Baiyyappanahalli in-time.  On the way my daughter keeps on asking so many queries about BASC.  She was more worried about missing the train and getting name in Do Not Consider list.

We required to board 56514 Bangalore-Nagore Passenger train which leave Bangalore City Railway Station at 7.15am and reach at Baiyyappanahalli around 7.40am.  Well in advance informed Mudassar about the boarding point in the mail and understood few more friends joining us at the same station.  The Railway station welcomed with huge crowd!!!!!!!!!!!  Due to Pongal season and Saturday, the station was fully crowded and expected the journey will not be so smooth.  On Platform-2 we met Patrick, Santosh, Ambika & Raveendhrian We had brief introduction and later joined Chandrakanth & his wife (My cousin).  

We all boarded train and warm welcomed by Mudassar.  As expected the train was very crowded and luckily we could able to make seat to my daughter and cousin (Triveni G), thank you friends. After few more stops rest of the event friends joined us.  The team size is become 22 including very young trekker just 3 years old cute Nisha.  Journey was pathetic due to fully loaded bogies.  People were going native to celebrate the Pongal.  We had good and tough time in the journey.  All were waiting to get down as early possible.  At last we reached the Rayakottai station around 10 am, the train was delayed by almost one hour as per schedule. 

The Rayakottai fort is visible from the railway station and it’s very close to town.  Everyone was very hungry and decided have breakfast and get packed lunch.  The team divided into two groups, few had parotha and others Dosa.  Got little delayed getting packed lunch, by the time we asked to move the base point.  Understood from Suresh that, in Tamil Nadu, small towns have specific timings of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.  We were in odd time for ordering the lunch, so need to wait.

The ascending of the fort started around 11 am with great enthusiasm.  Rayakottai is a small town with beautiful view from the top.  On the way we had multiple photography session.  Surprised to see many more camera and DSLRs.  The passionate about the photography is really crazy.  They all aligned us in different pose and took many group photographs. We can find a temple on half of the way to peak.  Relaxed some time and moved further.

Reached the top by 12.30 Noon.  Now the entire Rayakottai is visible 360 degree.  The panorama of the valley is really beautiful.  We can see the snake curve railway track which one of the attraction from the top.  Now the time for lunch, we all had yummy food and shared among all of us.

The friends split in multiple groups and engaged in photography.  The cool breeze gave relaxation to mind and body.  My daughter was more interactive with other trekkers and trying to get more tricks about the trek.

Now we started to turn back to Bengaluru.  The descending part took hardly half an hour.  On the way we had tender coconut.  Reached the railway station well in advance to avoid any mischief.  Mudassar briefed about the BASC plans and how it grown up.

Train was in time and we all boarded comfortably.  We are enough lucky to get seats and the journey was pleasant.

The one day trek was really wonderful and met many new friends.  Their passionate about photography motivated me to go for DSLR.  My daughter got more benefit from this event, she is decided to take two days trek challenges.

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