Saturday, December 21, 2013

Re-visit to Kumara Parvatha [KP]

Kumara Parvatha [KP] is always trekker paradise.  Most of the trekkers started their journey from this beautiful place.  I had been this place in last May 2013 “Full MoonNight Trek” in the summer.  Fortunately it is become monsoon trek.  I could not able to see much beautiful valley last time, since the rain, mist and fog.  This time decided to organize a trek with our own friends on 21 – 22nd December 2013.  My best friend Shanthi Prasad initiated the plan and it got executed by a wonderful team of 10 members.

It was very special for me, my daughter joined with me. This is first two days trek in her life, she was more enthusiasm about this.  The preparation of trek went well.  Decided to take the same route which I did in May 2013 Somavarapete to Kukke Subramanya.  Shanthi Prasad was not sure about my daughter stamina since the total trek is around 24KMs steep ascending.

Hired the Tempo Traveler, started our journey around 10 pm.  All are known friends; there were no any new person.  The journey was excellent.

Bangalore – Somavarapete – Mallahalli Falls – Bidahalli – KP Peak [Night Halt]– Bhattaramane (Girigaddemane) – Kukke Sumbramanyam – Bangalore.

We reached the Somavarpete in the early morning.  Finished our morning duties near to the Bus Stand.  I and Shanthi had been this place last May, so we were knew to this place.  Already called to Homestay which is very close to Mallahalli falls for Breakfast and parcel Lunch.

Finished our breakfast and left to see the Mallahalli Falls.  In the May month, the falls was dry, however very small amount of water were flowing.  This time it was something good, but we could not able dip into water.  Spent good time in photography and returned back to Homestay.

Now we have started the real trek from Bidahalli check post.  This time everywhere it was complete greenery compare to my last visit.  The disappoint thing is the crowd was more.  Could not able to image, it was just like a weekend market.  People were carrying the chicken, wine, and smoking without any hesitation.  No one was to control their indecent desires.

Taking multiple breaks and enjoying the nature, we all reached the peak comfortably by 4 pm.  We had enough of time settle a good place.  The KP peak was fully crowded, the experienced friends Malli, Vijay, Shanthi engaged to find a good place for night camping.  Rest we were assisted them to bring the fire wood, water, cleaning the camp site etc.

Firstly we prepared the yummy Bhelpuri followed by coffee.  By the time our tent was ready, dumped all luggage.  The peak was become fish market, everywhere people were busy to form the tents to settle for the night.

Sun was down to west, we have captured many photographs.  The beautiful sun set I ever seen before in my life. 

Now the part is dinner, before that we have prepared the hot soup.  Fire wood was not took much time to light it, prepared the hot yummy Puliyogare.  One side a fire-camp another side dinner preparation along with old songs, the atmosphere became very beautiful.

Finished our dinner and spent lot of time around the camp fire.  This trek was one of the coolest ever, we had enough of time to chitchat each other.  The stars were twinkling, adieu to the night.

The sleeping bags were completely wet, the fog made it everywhere wet.  One by one woke up get ready to witness the beautiful sun rise.  We went to a view point and waiting to sun come up.  The beauty can’t be described in my words, we were above the clouds.  The clouds were looking like Milk Ocean.  The sun slowly coming up from the milk, the view was really spectacular one.  Took many photographs and came back to camping site.

We started to prepare the breakfast Awalakki.  Shanthi Prasad brought the readymade paste and taste was really awesome.  Other friends were busy in packing our tent, cleaned the camping site.  Finished the breakfast and headed towards Kukke Subramanya.

Very soon we reached the Shesha Parvatha, halt for photograph.  Had the snacks and relaxed some time.

After spending good time headed towards Girigaddemane [Bhattaramane].  The valley of KP is very beautiful.

Bhattara house was filled with trekkers, since it is the lunch time.  Finished the lunch and relaxed sometime in their field.

Now the time to move ahead Kukke Subramanya, descending we did very fast.  Soon reached the Kumaradhara river, finished the holy dip.  

The temple was again crowded by devotees, decided to take darshan from outside. Prasadam place was too very crowded, so took dinner outside.

Return journey was also good, soon early morning reached to Bengaluru.

1. Since it is my second visit to KP, I could able to enjoy the beautiful Sun Rise & Sun Set
2. Camping was awesome, we had delicious breakfast, dinner and snacks.  It is one of the perfect trek.
3. The crowd was disappointed me, the people were not having the common sense and making dirty such a holy place.  Request someone has to take initiative and stop these nonsense things.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Green Carpet – Kuduremukha Trek

Not getting words how to describe the view, entire valley is carpeted by green grass.  Each one of the hill is looking like decorated for wedding, awesome valley of Kuduremukha in the Monsoon. It was one of the to-do lists for this year.  Planned October last week, due to bad weather condition around the region postponed to 2nd week of November.  This trek was very special for me since 70% new friends and the entire team was from different sector.  This time the team leader is my good friend Shanthi Prasad.  We decided to stick 12 group members and booked the Tempo Traveler.  After 3 members drop out the final team count was nine.

The itinerary is:

Bangalore – Balegal – Kuduremukha [Night halt]

Kuduremukha – Balegal – Hanumanagundi Falls – Sringeri - Bangalore

Prasad sent the detailed itinerary mail well in advance.  The common assembly point was Shanthala Silk House, Majestic.  The entire team members were in-time and two were boarded from Yeshwanthpura.  Left the majestic around 9.30 pm. The journey was comfortable since 3 seats were vacant.

Reached the Balegal at 5.00 am.  Already we have arranged the Forest Entry permission, Local jeep travel, Stay at Satish Home, Kuduremukha.

We have to travel by Commander Jeep from Balegal to Kuduremukha since normal vehicle is difficult to travel on the mud/terrain road.  Our guide was already arranged the Jeeps and we boarded in two separate jeeps to Kuduremukha.  The stretch is around 6km with challenging drive.  Only expert regular driver can take this route.  You can feel the beauty of the Kuduremukha region from here itself.

The breakfast was ready and finished our morning itinerary.  Everyone decided to have the bath after the trek.  We loaded our tummy with spontaneous Idly & Wada.  The guide was ready; the entire team was enthusiast to conquer Kuduremukha.  Guide informed about two paths, the one which directly goes to Kuduremukha [around 22 km from and to] and another one which takes you multiple mountain ranges [around 30+ km from and to] of Gomukha is one the popular peak.

The beauty of Kuduremukha trek trail, ascend gradually take you to peak.  The entire valley in monsoon looks like a green carpet entire hills.  

Taking many small big breaks reached the peak by 4.00 pm.  You can view 360 degree from the top.  The weather was wonderful and spent good time over.

Now we started to descend the hill, need to cover almost 13km beautiful stretch.  The guide was pushing us hardly since it was slowly getting dark.  It is very difficult to descend in the night.  The descend path was not so easy in few place.  The slippery path is more difficult in rain.  

The sky was turning into the dark clouds.  Guide was pushing hard us again and again.  Descending path not taken much breaks, however it become dark.  Started our torches and started the journey.  With great difficulty we all reached the base camp.

In the Kuduremukha range camping is not allowed on peak, one has to come down.  The hot bhajji served with tea.  Something hot was required really, we all had unlimited bhajji’s.  Got refreshed with hot water and settled in front of camp fire.  Dinner finished around 9pm and settled in our sleeping bags.

The morning was very chill and got up as usual early.  Shanthi Prasad & Mallikarjun invited everyone to enjoy the nearby water falls.  Nobody was dared dip in the cold water; however both have enjoyed the falls.  We packed up our things and waiting for Jeep.  Few of us decided to go by walk enjoying the valley till Balegal.  Finished the breakfast and left out enjoying the path.

Later we joined to jeep nearby Balegal.  TT was ready to pick up, boarded all and said good bye to Kuduremukha.

On the way we visited the Hanumanagundi Falls.  The crowd was much in the falls.  Spent couple of minutes and headed to Sringeri.

Reached the Sringeri around 12.30 pm paid darshana to Sri Sharadambe.  The Prasad was ready and finished our lunch in the Prasad Nilaya.

The next target is to reach Bangalore at the earliest.  We all shared our experience of the trek and watched two Kannada movies in the TT

Reached Bangalore safely by 9.30 pm and adieu to all to meet next another trek

Kuduremukha is the first place where I did not find a single wrapper of Chocolate or any other human being litter.

1. Monsoon or post Monsoon is best time to visit
2. You have to trek minimum 22 – 24 KMs in a day
3. Very good stay, food & friendly Satish family
4. Spotted black bear

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Revisit to Dudhsagar & Tambdi - Surla Falls

ಅದೇ ಭೂಮಿ, ಅದೇ ಬಾನು, ಈ ನಯನ ನೂತನ 

ಅದೇ ದಾರಿ, ಅದೇ ತಿರುವು, ಈ ಪಯಣ ನೂತನ

(The same earth, the same sky however the view is different)
(The same path, the same turn however the journey is new

I have been reminding myself many times that ‘Why am going the same place
again within 2 months’.  Even many friends asked me same question; ‘Why you going the same place again’?  Honest answer from my side is Mother nature, certainly the glory of the Monsoon.  I am again back to Dudhsagar in this monsoon while going to one more hidden falls ‘Tambdi-Surla’ near Kulem (South Goa).  Last time I was more disappointed due to huge crowd at Dudhsagar who littered the whole place.  This trek is one of the most memorable and remembered long time.

There are mainly 2 reasons made me to do this trek. Firstly, this trek route was little varying from the previous one and my friend Sudhakar insisted me to be accompany to him.  Always, Dudhsagar is more demanded event in BASC (Bangalore Ascenders). Thanks to Raveendra extending the team size from 12 to 24 and giving us opportunity to be part of this wonderful trek.

Bangalore – Hubli – Dudhsagar – Railway track trek to Kulem – Tambdi Surla (Night Camp) – Tambdi Surla Falls – Kulem – Londa – Bangalore


Well in advance we had received detailed information mail from Raveendra.  We 22 enthusiast trekking friends (2 drop out at last moment) boarded Bangalore – Solapur Express train.  I, Sudhakar and Chandrakanth joined them at Yeshwanthpura. I am more happy that, after eight months we all three together in the trek. Few of them repeated faces and rest were new.  I had opportunity to make new bunch of friends.  Appreciate to BASC as always unknown trekkers become friends within short span of time, this journey was too.  We have settled down with our trek gears to the respective seats.  Now the time is to enjoy the journey.  The whole group divided into two team and played UNO card game.  Most of us were new to this game however it is very interesting and everyone enjoyed a lot.  Our mentor of this game is Megha, thank you so much to introducing this game.  The whole compartment is disturbed by our scream.  The time is to say good night and we slept around 11.30 pm.


We have to get down at Hubli and need to catch Vasco – Chennai express train to Dudhsagar.  Reached the Hubli railway station as per right scheduled at 4 am, the next train is at 6.45 am.  Enough of time to get freshened up and finish the breakfast.  

Team Relaxed at Hubli Railway Station
Took permission from Raveendra and headed me, Sudhakar and Chandrakant to our cousin house which was very close to Railway station.  Finished morning duties and had yummy Upama breakfast at Railway station and rejoined to the group.

The train was arrived right time we all got in the train and everyone got seats.  From Hubli to Dudhsagar is around 3 -  4 hours journey.  Continued the team with Antakshari, UNO and Dumb shade games.  We were attraction to the whole compartment.

Reached the Dudhsagar around 10.30 am.  Comparatively the crowd was very very less to my previous visit.  May be now the monsoon coming to an end or might be its Saturday noon. We all geared up in trekking mood.

Mean time one of friend Ashok offered his shoes to Monkey and which he did not expect it take away from him.  Tried and tried at last monkey understood nothing eatable item inside and left the shoe cover hanging to branch.  With great difficulty Ashok could able to get it back and this incident is become so popular whole trek.  

After half a km walk on the track we had the first view of the glorious Dudhsaagar.  

In fact the falls was not roaring like my last visit in July but the beauty it remains.  

We spent around one hour at falls.  Friends were busy in taking photographs with different poses.  I felt its worthy again visiting the Dudhsagar as I could able to enjoy the falls without much crowd.

After many group photographs we moved further on the track towards Kulem.  

Hope I am the one person who was repeatedly visited this place.  Walking till Sonalium on the track need to take right diversion into jeep track.  The sun was on our straight head; people wanted to take a break for lunch.  I suggested Raveendra that we get a Temple after the Sonalium which is perfect for Lunch.

Due to some misunderstanding the place the group split into two.  One in which I was found a stream beside the temple and we were relaxed some time.  

After long time when the other group not reached decided to find out where they are.  Understood from the villagers and few bikers they headed further and relaxed at stream.  With great unhappy we decided to join the main group and take the lunch as the relaxed place was perfect for lunch.  Everyone brought delicious homemade variety of foods.  Shared among and good tasty lunch.  Couple of minutes relax at stream and headed towards Kulem.

Due to more humidity everyone wanted to jump into water.  I was earlier to small falls which is just a km before the Kulem and ideal to have good time in water.  The team was agreed and moved towards falls.  Everyone jumped into the water and had enjoyed lot.  

The time was around 4 pm; now the team is headed towards Kulem.  Raveendra pre-booked the Tata Sumo’s (TS) to drop us to Tambdi-Surla.  Reached the Kulem at 5 pm and relaxed near track. 

Dumped our luggage on top and headed towards Tambdi-Surla.  Ordered the dinner at Kulem hotel who delivers the parcel in the evening at our base camp. Distance of Tambdi-Surala is around 18 km from Kulem.  Reached the base camp at 6 pm.  

The location was really so beautiful.  Its around 4 km away from the village and so calm and beautiful place.  Around you can see big hills covered with green everywhere; divine Mahadev Temple which maintained so well; whisper of stream and birds and last but not least a beautiful haunted house.

We all were busy to choose the night camping site.  The haunted house is ultimate for night stay whereas the other trekkers group or drunker made completely dirty.  Need lot of efforts to bring it to back and few of our friends (especially girls) did not wish to stay here.  Our next choice was Temple; the temple is covered with well built by compound and locked the gates.  Getting inside we need to jump the compound which Raveendra not at all ready because it is against the law.  The sun was completely shut-down and dark covered everywhere.  The last option was to sleep on the bridge.  Appreciate and thanks to Raveendra choosing this place; never spent such a wonderful night whisper of stream.  Dumped our luggage and everyone got refresh.

Raveendra asked me to bring the soup at last moment as at least we can have hot soup in the night. Wanted to prepare the dinner for all; during monsoon getting the dry woods is very difficult and the team size 22 which required big vessels so dropped it.  Our great friend Shanthi Prasad (SP) who always ahead and volunteer for food preparation busy to light the fire.  

Everyone contributed to light up; with great difficulty SP could able to prepare the soup with co-volunteer Chandru (HR).  Soup was ready and gave relief to tiered body.  One more gang engaged to light up the fire for fire camp.  

Struggled a lot; they could able to get smoke rather a fire.  Now the time of introduction to each member.  We all settled in circle around the smoke (not fire).  

The introduction part was very interesting; given different assignment to all members based on their skills.  Many hidden talents came out and helped us to understand more about the friends who were with us since 24 hours.  Few are great singers; poets; musicians; cyclists; organizers the list goes on.  This part took almost 2 hours and we all were feeling hungry.  Everyone was waiting eagerly the dinner parcel.  Reached the hotel guy with parcel of Palav & Jeera Rice.  All finished the dinner and singing Antakashari continued till 10 pm.  

The night was most memorable; all taken out their sleeping bags-mats; sleeping under open sky and stream.  Great experience !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As usual woke up so early at 5 am; followed by Vijayanand & SP.  Finished our morning duties and next destination is to conquer the Tambdi-Surla Falls.  Night I was not had yummy dinner; feeling so hungry.  Bread jam and chapatti supported me and followed by biscuits.  Vijayanand, SP, Sudhakar and other friends also joined with me.  Everyone got ready and we left to the falls. 

The falls is around 4-5 km away from the base camp.  Need to take left deviation into the forest before the Mahadev Temple main gate.  The path is well defined and the thrown plastic bottles, biscuit and chocolate wrappers lead you till falls.  It is a dense forest and need to cross few streams.

Walking into nature is thrilling and so much delighted by Mother Nature.  There is no confusion in the path just we need to follow the trail.  We get one big stream; hope in swing monsoon difficult to cross it.  The only difficulty on the path is thrones.  

Most of the trees are thrones and very difficult to take support of them.

The good pace of walk around one and half hour reached the falls.  On the way we met a baby viper.

Looking the first view of the falls everyone just said ‘Woooooooooooooooow’.

The Tambdi-Surla falls roaring with glory and nobody not like stay away without dipping in it.  All jumped into the water and enjoyed a lot. 

Visiting the place is very worthy; you enjoy the glory of the Dudhasagar in your eyes whereas Tambdi-Surla invite you to dip in it.  Everyone had only one word ‘it’s worth to visit here’.

Spent almost 2 hours at falls and now the journey back to base camp.  Descending pace was fast and few of friends wanted to take a break and finish the breakfast.  Now the drizzling started and few of us not wanted to take break and headed towards base camp.  Now the rain started pouring heavily; can easily recognize the water level up in the streams.  Reached the base camp around 11 am and had good time in the stream. 

Later one by one joined with us and took many beautiful photographs.  

The rain was pouring heavily.  Raveendra warned us to come out as the water level may get increased suddenly.  All walked towards Mahadev temple.  The temple is maintained so neatly and devotees are more.  

It is protected under National Monument by Archaeological department.  We become child in the rain; remembered our childhood play ‘Train’. 

All enjoyed in the rain and each bit of atmosphere.

Our great singers Sudheendra and Abhishek sung many songs; Sudheendra like Yesudas devotional songs whereas Abhished like Hariharan all rain songs.  The Jugulbadi continued till 1 pm and rain took little break.  Changed the wet cloth at haunted house.

As agreed the TS came at 2 pm to drop us back to Kulem.  All dumped luggage and said good bye to beautiful place Tambdi Surla. 

The time was 3 pm and rats were running in everyone stomach.  There was no other option of food except the one hotel from us ordered the dinner.  The food was not tasty and quality; everyone finished the lunch and headed to railway station which is just 100 meters.  Enough of time ahead us and easiest way to kill it is UNO.  All friends again busy in the game and train arrived right time 5 pm. 

Need to travel in Nizamuddin express till Londa; last visit experience was very horrible if we not boarded in the reserved compartments.  This time also I put proposal to Ravee; but he said not ready to take risk. 

When train reached the platform; saw a goods bogie which very closes to engine and few were travelling in that.  I suggested all to get in the goods bogies so that we can have the comfortable journey.  After reaching the Dudhsagar station, we cannot imagine the crowd.  All agreed and we boarded in the goods bogie.  Few were occupied the top place (small shelf in bogie) and few on the door.  

Couple of co-travelers in the bogie suggested to close the doors when it reaches to Dudhasagar else crowd get into this and cant travel comfortably.  It happened the same; when reached the station the crowd was more.  People were trying to open this bogie and were not known we are inside. 

Had good time in the bogie; Abhishek, Pooja, Ashok enjoyed and entertained us with their songs.  Really Abhishek rocked the whole journey by his songs!!!!!!

Reached the Londa at 7 pm and had another one hour time to Rani Chennamma Express which we need to catch towards journey to Bangalore.  All had their snacks and dinner in the station.  Now again the entertain part; Megha leaded the Mafia game.  

Train arrived right time and everyone boarded; few of us said good night so early; and few enjoyed again dumb share game.


As per scheduled the train reached Yeshwantpura at 7 am and said good bye to all buddies hoping to meet in the next trek again.


The whole team was rock and Raveendra well organized; thanks to all.  Many new friends added into my list, thanks to BASC.

Night camp Tambdi-Surla is ideal for Dudhsagar trekkers

PC: Megha, Chandru, Chandrakanth, Vijayanand, Sudheendra, Nitin, Ashok, Susan, Manoj, Johnson, Gautham

Thanks to Sudhakar who literally insisted me to join with him
After Sharavathi trek again we all together me, Sudhakar & Chandrakanth