Saturday, December 8, 2012

Maiden Night Trek to Makalidurga

Another event with Viru (Bangalore Ascenders ) on 8th December 2012 at Makalidurga. This times its little change; it’s Night Trek.  Makalidurga is a small hill very close to Doddaballapur (parallel to Ghatisubramanya), on top of it you can find a Kaadu Malleshwara temple.  Over all we were 24 passionate friends, most of them were ‘First Night Trekking’.  The word itself made lot of humorous while introduction in the event. 

Thanks to Viru, who organized the event so perfectly and also thank to rest of 22 friends who successfully completed the event without any hitch/ditch.

We left the Bangalore City Railway Station around 6:50 pm by Hindupura Express.  Journey was quite well with making new friends of BASC.  Always Cricket topic engages people more serious; it happened the same.  Friends were busy in giving suggestions / complaints / compliments / comparison to INDIAN CRICKET TEAM.  The train stopped at Makalidurga around 8:50 pm, everyone came out and say good bye to the station.  The team headed towards the base point.  Mean time we signed ‘INDEMNITY BOND’ which is mandatory as per BASC rules.  The distance from Station to base point of Makalidurga Hill is around 2 – 3 km (approximately). Need to walk on ‘U’ turn from station, since we have no permission to walk on Railway track (its short cut route).

Started the trekking around 9:30 – 9:45 pm.  On the way we met a green Baby Snake.  The journey was little tougher than Brahmagiri (around Nandi Hills, my last event) however friends were in more enthusiasm to reach the peak.  Initially we struggled little to find out the way, as we could not find the path or sign boards on the way.  Viru & Ashwin went for expedition to search the way to reach the peak.  We tried 2 -3 ways which was collating with big 80 – 90 degree rock.  At last our brave leaders succeeded to find the trail and reached the peak around 12 am (mid-night).  On the way we have to climb two small rocks with support of other friends.

The cooking team was getting ready to prepare the dinner (you can say early breakfast too).  We all collected the small branches of trees, dry leafs etc for fire.  However our friend S2 (Stove Suresh – named by Shruthi2(Shruthi BK & Shruthi S) brought the portable stove which helped us to prepare the Maggie fast.  There were two teams for preparation of Maggie. 

One team was heading by Suresh and another by Sound Chandrakanth (named by again Shruthi2). We had lots of fun while preparation of Maggie and struggled a lot to light the fire.  Around 3.00 am finished dinner and searched place for fire camp.  

Now we had introduction part among each member; by the time we all were well known to each other’s, just it’s refreshed the memory.  

Poet (Dinesh MG) shown some different styles steps of dance (don’t know what to name it) and helped other new trekkers to dance accordingly.  We all danced around the fire and played ringa ringa roses…….Thanx Shruthi serving the Jamoon’s…..

The fire camp was around one hour.  Later Viru took us around the top of the hill to show few more places viz., small pound, sun rise view point, old rest house of the emperor (may be rest house or what else don’t know) etc.  We had group photo session and started to descend around 4:30 am.  

The downward journey somewhat could be able to find out the path and reached the base point at 6:30 am. We reached the Railway Station at 7:15 am and train was delayed.

Viru shared the expenses and it was just Rs.50/- (unbelievable).  Caught the train by 8:15 and reached Bangalore by 9:30 am. 

Most of the friends were already tiered and went to sleep while in the journey.  Chaitanya took some memorable snaps of the other friends who were in deep sleeeeeepppppppp.

Highlights of the Event:
Viru shared the details the event step by step to all friends like POC, what needs to bring etc.

Chaitanya constantly engaged capturing the event end to end in his DSLR camera

Dinesh MG (Poet) introducing new steps of dance

Shruthi2, S2, Chandrakanth great cookers serving the delicious Maggi

Thanks one and all………..

Saturday, November 17, 2012

17th Nov 2012 - Brahmagiri One Day Trek - Adjacent to Nandi Hills

BRAHMAGIRI – 17th November 2012

Hi All,
How to start the words and what to say not getting any words. Guys am neither a good writer nor good a blogger, neither am good in English nor effective in communicating to you all.  Am trying to express my experience, feelings and thoughts and sharing my unforgettable and memorable first trekking on 17th November 2012 at Brahmagiri Hill, Near Nandi Hill with you all BASC friends.
Firstly; would like to thank and many more thanks to one of my close friend, ex-colleague (almost 4 years back) and BASC active participant SURESH BABU who introduced me such a wonderful BASC friends group (don’t like to say the word Organization).  Suresh shared few experiences of trekking with BASC and shared photographs which made me crazy and motivated more and more to read BASC blogs and get registered to such fabulous BASC Friends group. Thanks Suri…..
Secondly; would like to thanks Virender (Viru) (event organizer) who organized the event and given me opportunity to become a part of the trekking member for Brahmagiri.  As soon as I seen my name in the shortlisted, just irritated with lot of queries to Viru in the mails.  Believe me guys not only replied my queries also personally called over phone and briefed about the trekking. Thanks Viru….
Thankful to all 20 BASC friends who were part of the event and treated me very friendly within a short period.  Last but not least I am very lucky to meet in the first event itself one of the founder member of BASC none other than Muddassar Khan…
Thank you one and all….Now would like to share my experience….Guys doesn’t think that my introduction itself is two paragraphs.  Yes!!!!! Being it’s my first event and something different trekking hence made you all bored little more!!!!!!
I wanted to be part of Kumara Parvatha trekking team which was also on the same date, unfortunately it was too late hence could not able to be part of it.  After few days when I got invitation from Virnder for Brahmagiri trekking on 17.11.2012; just registered myself and waiting for short list names.  I was so curious about to know about shortlisted names.  Did not leave Viru, sent a mail asking when will be release the list.  Luckily I was one of the participants in the Brahmagiri trekking and felt so happy after seeing my name.  Am felt so happy to see each and every instruction and journey time table explained so clearly in the mail.
Information about the Place

Team boarded the Bangalore – Chikkaballapur Passanger train No.76551 which leaves 8.40a.m. from Bangalore City Railway station. Being I stay in Ramamurthy Nagar and train run through Baiyyappanahalli station, informed well in advance that board at here.  Train was on-time reached at 9.15 a.m. to B Halli.  Patrick, BASC friend was waiting for me who was also boarding from this place, mean time we exchanged about our self, event, BASC etc. As soon as train reached to platform Chaitanya & Viru warm welcomed us (me & Patric) with showing their hands from last compartment.  I had many more internal questions about myself in the mind about trek.  How the journey will be, no-one is known, how they accept in the group, all IT techies and am belongs to non-IT etc…..It’s so amazing that in the first instance of meeting to BASC friends, within short time become a part of team and comfortable myself to everyone.  This is a beauty of BASC that, you never feel un-known or individual when you meet the BASC guys. I feel very lucky that, I could able to interact the great guy Mudassar (one of the founder member of BASC) who was also organized a one day event at Nandi Hills.  The team [5 members] was also travelling in the same train.  Around 10.45 a.m. we get down at ‘NANDI’ station and waiting for Auto rickshaw to reach the trekking point.  In mean time we had small introduction among all BASC friends. The friends were from different professional backgrounds.  Auto took dropped us to Sri Nandini Hotel where we need to collect the packed lunch which pre-ordered over phone.

Everyone is ready to start the trekking; briefly explained the terms, safety measures, do’s & don’ts by Viru. Sun was very sharp and no compromise about heat. Initially everyone felt tough except few regular and expert trekkers. I would like to appreciate Chaitanya, Viru and Dinesh who were really taking care of Naveen and a lady BASC friend (really friends forgot her name…sorry).  At some point of time they had lost their confidence to complete the event whereas these super guys made them and motivated to complete with us.  Crossing the bushes, rocks, we made our own way to reach the peak of the hill.  Few friends shared their past experience of the trekking at different place throughout the journey.
At last we all reached the peak around 1.30 Noon.  We can find Shanimahatma temple above the hill.  Everyone was tiered and eager to attack the Lunch.  The beauty of trekking again is that we all shared the lunch among us and few friends brought from home.  After lunch we went to side of the hill where we had photo session.  All friends whoever had the camera busy to capture the beauty of nature.  Unfortunate that I don’t have the Camera.  I personally thanks to Patrick who took my solo photographs and voluntarily invited me to take it.  Now the time to pack up and roll back to the down.

Downward journey did not find anyone tough except few who were tiered a lot.  We all had a short dance in front of Camera. I forgot the name of dance which somebody mentioned it.
The train timing was 4.10 p.m. back to Bangalore.  The leader gave dead line us to reach the down by 3.30 p.m.  Everyone could able to reach in-time however due to strain and tiredness few could not.  We called well in advance Auto guys to take us Railway station and they reached in-time.  Again a beauty of the BASC rules that, until everyone reach back can’t start the journey.  We have decided to leave the train and go by Bus to Bangalore.

While reaching back to the Hotel it was around 4.45 p.m.  We had small refreshment at Hotel and boarded Auto to reach the Nandi Cross [NH 7].  Around 5.15 p.m we got a bus to Devanahalli as the direct busses to Bangalore were fully crowded and we were 21 friends which was very difficult to travel.  Finally we got into a bus to Bangalore and the sweet memories were around Brahmagiri……

Friends, would like to mention highlights and beauty of the event:
ü  Event organizer Viru was suffering from fever, even though he organized superb. He was so care taker
ü  We all met a BASC poet Mr. Dinesh MG who was sharing his poems
ü  Chaitanya, Viru and Dinesh care taken completely from beginning to end for the co-friends who were tiered in the trekking and it’s really appreciating.
ü  Everyone become so friendly during the event
ü  The trek was very very very economy which nobody will believe it