Sunday, July 8, 2018

Daughter Bicycle Ride to Agumbe

Monsoon was on peak, everywhere the nature was on glory, rain festival across the valley. Non-stop rain around Muniyalu was made heaven on the earth.

Sindhu, my daughter back from two years boarding school. She insisted me to take her bike ride around Agumbe. We had option of ONLY ONE bicycle. I was not sure about her peddle, since she is totally away from adventure activities. However she made me confident to ride whatever it is.

As usual, home minister was not ready to permit in this peak monsoon. But we succeed to convince and venture for a ride. I decided to follow her on scooty.

We started early morning ride from Muniyalu. Rain was pouring continuously. I just followed her on scooty.

The rain was tempting me to bicycle ride, but I was helpless. Scooty ride was not disappointed, just enjoyed the ride.

First we visited the Varanga, a famous Kere Basadi. Spent sometime for photography and continued the journey.

Passing through Mudradi, entered into Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. This stretch around 4-5 KMs is very dense forest. I had little worried about the wind which may cause falling the tree branch.

Very soon we hit the highway of Shivamogga - Udupi. Due to lack of practice, she felt little tiered. The Agumbe was another 4 KMs. Decided to park the Bicycle near Sitanadi Restaurant and continue the Scooty ride to Agumbe.

Daughter agreed, placed the bicycle near hotel and continued the ride in the rain. The atmosphere was very scary, but mean time it was green festival to eyes. Everywhere the streams are on full zhoom.

The Agumbe Ghat was fully misty and fog. Enjoying the Ghat reached the sunset point. Spent some good time and returned journey.

I was not quite sure about peddling back to Muniyalu. She is fine by the time, started the return journey towards home.

Taking multiple breaks, reached the Muniyalu. She was quite happy and confident about this ride.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunrise Trek to Skandagiri

Always sunrise and sunset are unique to trekkers/nature lovers. Many of our treks, literally ran to view this glorious nature moments. It may not be so great to others, but sure it is one of the most precious moments to trekkers.

I did very rare ONE day treks around namma Bengaluru. We Prakruti Payana guys decided to witness the sunrise on the Skandagiri. There was a restriction to venture this hill, now the forest department is offering with permission. Either you can book online or can get the permission at venue. Permission at venue is subject to condition of the crowd.

We finalized the date on 1st July 2018 with 16 members team size. Booked online not to taking the risk. Decided to vehicle pooling is the only option to manage the time.

In three cars we left the Bengaluru midnight around 2 am, reached the base point by 3.30 am. Our perception was wrong, there was huge crowd welcomed us. Not sure, may be around 200 – 300 people were gathered to venture the Skandagiri.

Certainly, it was disappointment to the nature lovers, however we have to through this crowd to reach the peak. Finished the forest permission formalities, team is ready to start the trek.

It is easy trail marked by people foot print. Overtaking the crowd, making our own way continued the hike. The day was near full moon, we not needed the torch.

Cool wind was making chilled on the top of Skandagiri. Slowly mist was covering the valley. We settled down to witness the beautiful sunrise. Crowd slowly getting to mount, the entire range become fish market.

Clouds were not much, sun rise was not so beautiful as we expected. However we not let down to enjoy the nature. Spent some good time with photography. Now the time to head back, very quickly descended and said adieu to the team.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Bicycle Solo Ride to Home [Muniyalu] from Hosanagara

When planned journey get abandoned due to non-availability of reservation, it’s provoke me to do solo cycling ride to home. The unplanned maiden SOLO journey peddled to home Muniyalu on 23rd June 2018. I had been rode to home on bicycle couple of trails; Kalasa – Muniyalu, Chikkamagaluru – Muniyalu, Shivamogga – Muniyalu. I was in search of new trail. This time decided to peddle through Hulikalghat, from Hosanagara to Muniyalu.

I had been to Hosanagara last ride of ‘Hosanagara to Jog falls’ last year. During that ride, we covered surrounding Hosanagara places viz., Savehaklu – Chakra Dams, Nagara fort etc. I am little aware about the trail and, we had been this route on CAR trip of around these places.

There is an interesting story to do this solo journey. While booking the Tatkal train ticket to Bengaluru – Shivamogga, unknowingly booked in reverse ‘Shivamogga – Bengaluru’. Later I realized the mistake. Thought passed in the mind, who not to try Bicycle ride to home? So, the trail is chosen Hosanagara to Muniyalu. Booked the Airavat a day before, luckily got a seat. Without any hurdles, journey went smooth.

I got down at Hosanagara around 4.30 am. It was perfect weather for cycling; already wet bus stand shown indication about the peak monsoon. As usual got refreshment at public amenities. By the time, Bus stand hotel was serving the morning breakfast. Considering the darkness, wanted to spend sometimes. Finished the yummy breakfast and ready to ride.

Journey is begun with selfie; the cool breeze with drizzling gave an additional encouragement to peddle. Solo journey is always self-decision, you can stop wherever you want, you can keep pace whatever you want, there is no dependency. Very soon reached the famous Ganesh Temple on the way to Nagara.

Last time, I could not able to visit the Ramachandrapura Math. This is very popular for largest cow protection. They are taking care the different breeds of across country. I was very curious and eager to visit this place. We have to take deviation around 2 KMs from main road.

Soon reached the Math, taken permission to enter the premises. It was very proud and appreciation moment for the noble cause. The in-charge person explained about the place and cows.

Journey is continued towards Nagara Fort. I had been at fort twice before this visit. Last year monsoon cycling and family visit. Abounded fort walls look very beautiful in the monsoon. Nothing much left, but it’s looks more beautiful in the monsoon.

When I entered the fort, I am alone. It was drizzling all the way. Spent sometimes on photography and continued the journey.

I took the next pit stop at Masthikatte for snacks and relax. People were more curious to know about my journey. Similar repetitive questions ‘From where you are coming? Why you riding? Do you not get tiered? Why you take a risk in the rain?’ etc. I just replied it’s my hobby and passion.

Journey is continued towards Hulikal Ghat. Prayed at Chandikamba temple which is on the way of Ghat. View of the Ghat is very panorama.

Everywhere the streams are become falls, enjoying the ride reached Hosangadi.

Again, taken a break for snacks, my target is to reach the home by Lunch. I had enough time to cover the distance. While having the snacks, asked the hotel person about any inner route to reach Hebri. Surprisingly, he mentioned about inner forest route which connect to Amasebailu. And also mentioned about the forest permission.

Finished the snacks and thanked him, decided to check the luck. After couple of meters ride, got a police check-post. Police personnel stopped and inquired about my journey. Initially they refused to permit and also mentioned about the missing the route and restricted region. I made them to get confidence about my journey, finally they guided the route and allowed me to continue.

After two KMs ride, I entered the forest trail. I was the alone with gorgeous river flow, bird whisper. Just stopped for a photograph, suddenly got a siren of Monkeys. For a moment got scared, I had no option except continue the journey with courage.

Of course, it was scary, but at the same time it was so beautiful trail. It was almost 3 – 4 KMs inside the deep forest, finally got a hope about the civilization.

Far away I seen some building, and it was Amasebailu ‘Anti-Poaching Camp (APC)’. Guards stopped me; inquired about trespassing the territory. I briefed about my journey and permission obtained at police check-post. They thoroughly checked my ID proof. After confirmation they allowed me to move further. Please note that this route is not meant for public.

Enjoying the inner route, spent good time across the journey. Passing the Amasebailu continued the journey towards Hebri. I felt the inner route is most beautiful trail of this journey. All the way rain was pouring taking multiple small breaks.

Journey was coming to an end, reached the Hebri by 2.30 pm. Now the remaining 12KMs was well known to me, taking small break peddled towards home Muniyalu. Reached the home at 3.45 pm.

This is again memorable for me due to the maiden solo journey. Certainly it motivated me to take more solo challenges.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Photography Workshop at Neenasam [Heggodu]

Neenasam - Heggodu
Surprisingly who is having a patience to sit three days in the same place; listen the continuous lecture about different topics. But again, it depends on the subject, experts, interest of any individuals. And also matter the event organization. Indeed, I was the participant for unforgettable and most memorable Photography Workshop on 15 - 17th June 2018 at Neenasam, Heggodu.

Neenasam - Heggodu
My beloved friend, Vijayanand shared his experience and thoughts about his last year participation at this workshop. He was again wanted to join this year, due to exigency he could not. His feedback motivated me to join this workshop at any cost. Vijay has taken entire process to enroll my name along with other 7 friends. Thank you so much Vijay!!!!!!

I had been at Neenasam Heggodu, two months back during our bicycle tour. The place, location, surrounding environment is away from city. Very good place to relax and enjoy the nature. It is very close to Sharavathi Backwater.

Sharavathi Backwater
Every year this workshop is jointly conducted by Sagar Photographic Society (SPS) & Youth PhotographicSociety (YPS). It is three days practical oriented workshop.

Photography Practical Session - Sharavathi Backwater
Ever, I have participated this kind of workshop. I felt it was completely non-commercial; well managed; different subject experts, very simple soul, interactive with each one of the participant, and happy to help anyone who approach to these experts.

Yakshagana Artist
I had totally different approach in the mind about the photography. As we granted unlimited clicks of digital photos either in Camera or mobile. Randomly click some photos, little bit edits white balance and post on the social media. Keep counting the number of likes I get on it.

Practical Session
This workshop indeed changed my way of thinking about photography. Photo should not be a just click, it should tell some story. How many we click is not an important, but how many remain in the people mind is more important.

There was no choice to like the clicks by experts, all are excellent and outstanding. I never seen such photography skills in person, could be on internet. I understood, how much the dedication and patience is required to do the photography. I was stunned seeing a desired click took 11 long years to Sri Nagendra M. 

Got thrilled to know how he struggled to capture the flying squirrel shot for 3 years. How the experts spent years together become so perfect. I am so glad to meet many experts i.e., H Satish, Gautham Ramesh, Murali Santhanum, Krishna Bhat, Nagendra M, TS Gopal, G Venkatesh, KS Rajaram.

Bharathanatya - Artist
Three days practical session was involved shooting of Yakshagana, Bharathanatya, Tribal dance, village painting, outdoor photography at Sharavathi Backwater, architecture photography at Ikkeri temple etc.

Participants were around 70+ with mixture of profession, place, age; however, they all bonded by photography hobby. We all become a family members in three days. I was feeling like NSS camp where everyone enjoys it.

Temple Photography - Ikkeri
I am very thankful to entire expert team, organizers, volunteers for organizing such a wonderful workshop in the nature. I am definitely looking forward to join more and more workshops in future.

Practical Session - Background Lighting
Personally thankful to Pramod & Hemanth Kelkar for accommodating me and a special thanks to Vijayanand who introduced me such a wonderful workshop.

Our Palace During Workshop - Night Camp